Bachelor Blog: Will Nick Finally Get a Happy Ending?

Monday marked the first night of Nick Viall's journey as The Bachelor! As many of you may know, I've been waiting for this all fall! After Nick's third "Bachelor" attempt to find love this summer, when he was announced as the next Bachelor I couldn't have been more excited! In case you've been living under a rock and don't know Nick's history, here is a very quick re-cap.

Nick was on Andi's season of The Bachelorette. He made it to the top two but Andi's heart was with Josh and Nick's heart was broken. Prior to Kaitlyn becoming the Bachelorette, Nick had met her briefly and they became flirty text friends. Nick really liked Kaitlyn and wanted to see if they could make it as a couple so he crashed her season of The Bachelorette and she very willingly let him stay and vie for her heart. Unfortunately, he was runner-up yet again when Kaitlyn chose Shawn. Then this summer, Nick joined the cast of Bachelor in Paradise and I thought finally he would find love and live happily ever after. This guy seriously deserves it. He hit it off with Amanda pretty quickly but when former rival Josh (Andi and Josh didn't work out in the end) came to Paradise, Amanda was swept off her feet and Nick was left trying to find another connection. When Jen came to Paradise, it seemed maybe his luck was finally changing. Jen did fall in love with Nick, but in the only two weeks that they spent together on the show Nick was not yet in love and wasn't ready to take their relationship outside of Paradise. So for the third time, he left a Bachelor franchise show without finding love. But now, he is the Bachelor and instead of competing with several other dudes for one girl's affection, he's got 30 (that's right 30) women itching for a chance to give him his happy ending (cough).

I'm really hopeful that this works out for him. He is a great guy who is obviously in this for all the "right reasons". He keeps trying and I'm pretty sure this fourth time will be the charm. Now let's get on with things! As mentioned, there were 30 girls on the first night. That's the most there have ever been, and honestly, it was way too much! Nick was desperately trying to get small conversations with each of them and barely scraped the surface before having to send people home. Still, he's left with 22 girls going into the first week of dates which is madness. Here is what you need to know about the remaining women.

Alexis (23, Aspiring Dolphin Trainer
First impression: Alexis came in a shark suit but insisted that she was a dolphin. Okay, it's kind of weird but makes for a lasting impression. If you remember, JoJo came out of the limo wearing a Unicorn mask and she made it to the final two and became The Bachelorette, so sometimes I guess it works. The best part about the dolphin girl is when she started making dolphin noises and got in the pool. Then Nick told her she was absolutely going home if she couldn't commit to wearing the suit the rest of the night. He was teasing her, but she did end up sticking it out and accepted her rose dressed as a dolphin/shark. Let's be honest, that was a shark costume.
Staying power: Once she gets the costume off, I think she's got decent chances. She's obviously fun and up for anything so this should be a good environment for her.

Brittany (26, Travel Nurse)  
First impression: One of the many women in red (like half the women showed up in red dresses, obviously their plan to stand out backfired). I don't have much to say about her except she had an exceptional bitch face the entire rose ceremony until Nick called her name.
Staying power: Uncertain, I'll reserve judgment until I see more of her but that bitch face alone gives me a bad feeling about her chances.

Christen (25, Wedding Videographer)
First impression: Christen was really cute, albeit a little star struck by Nick. She told him she felt like she was meeting a celebrity but quickly recovered by teaching him some basic ballroom dancing (the waltz). She stood out in her yellow dress and seems very sweet.
Staying power: Possibly a little too sweet, I think she'll stick around for a few weeks but probably not in it for the long haul.

Corrine (24, Business Owner - except it's really her dad's business)
First impression: This girl is crazy. She is the Olivia/Lace/Michelle Money type where she's in it to win it and no one better get in her way. She described her life as glamorous, lives with her parents while "running" her father's business and is regularly served sliced cucumber snacks by her nanny. Yep, she's a grown woman who has a nanny to bring her snacks.
Staying power: She'll be here a little while I think. Nick said in an interview that he didn't know about the "nanny red flag" until a few weeks in and even then it wasn't a deal breaker. But I just can't see this working out in the long run.

Danielle L. (27, Small Business Owner)
First impression: I like Danielle L., first of all, she's not too terribly young and is a business owner (salon) so she's probably mature enough to be taking this seriously. Nick's first impression of her was mostly physical attraction (the ladies were out in that dress) but I think there's enough of a connection there that they could grow it into something more over the course of the show.
Staying power: I like her and I'm hoping she around for a while!

Danielle M. (31, Neonatal Nurse)
First impression: Cute, cute, cute. She's super sweet and down to earth. She may be a little shy and quiet but seems like a good egg. She's a neonatal nurse and loves her job, not sure how that would fit into Nick's life but initial impression is good on this one.
Staying power:  I think she'll be around for a bit, I get a similar personality vibe from her as I did Jen on Bachelor in Paradise.

Liz (29, Doula)  
First impression: Liz actually met Nick about 9 months before coming to the show. She was the maid of honor at Jade and Tanner's wedding (Bachelor in Paradise season two couple). She hit it off with Nick that night and they had a one night stand. Nick actually came across very well in that situation. It could have made him seem like a douche but she was very clear in saying that he asked for her number and she declined. She was interested to see if Nick would even remember her (he did, right away). Nick has some questions about her intentions, she could have gotten in touch with him over the past 9 months and didn't, so why is she here now? But he's giving her the benefit of the doubt for now.
Staying power: I think this depends on how the whole "we slept together before the show" thing plays out. In the previews, it looks like this could cause some drama.

Hailey (23, Photographer)
First impression: One of the first things she said was "I hope I'm what he wants" which makes me feel like she's a little insecure and trying to be someone she thinks he'll want rather than being herself. Which made me sad. I think she's trying a little hard.
Staying power: I don't have a great feeling about Hailey making it much past the first few group dates.

Jaimi (28, Chef) 
First impression: Jaimi has balls. Well, she has balls on her nose ring. It was weird. She seems nice, though, and kind of cool.
Staying power: I don't really see it, probably won't ever make it to a one-on-one date.

Jasmine (29, Pro Basketball Dancer)
First impression: Oh dear. She had a minor meltdown when she tried to pull Nick aside and he had already promised to spend a few minutes with someone else. Not in front of him, luckily. She stepped outside and talked to herself about how embarrassing it was but she seemed really frazzled by the situation. Hate to break it to her, this is going to happen a lot. There are 22 women there, you're not always going to be a priority.
Staying power: Another eh, chances are slim she's the one in the end.

Josephine (24, Nursing Student) 
First impression: Josephine has the potential of being the season weirdo. I could see her getting a little crazy. Her intro video was a little strange, but let's remember that Ashley H. back in the day was a big weirdy too and she made it to top two and became the Bachelorette. So I don't want to discount her just because she's odd, but I'm just saying, she might have the crazy eyes.
Staying power: Probably around for a little bit, might get a fun one-on-one, might cause a little drama. We'll see.

Kirstina (24, Dental Hygienist)
First impression: We didn't see much of her and I thought she was really cute and sweet until the rose ceremony where she kind of lost it. She's a crier already so we'll see how she handles things as they get even harder.
Staying power: Can't decide, I don't think we saw enough of her yet, but I'm a little concerned for her tender feelings.

Lacey (25, Digital Marketing Manager)
First impression: I kind of like Lacey, she came in on a camel and made a humping joke but I found it more clever and charming rather than crass.
Staying power: Her sense of humor reminds me a little of Kaitlyn and Nick liked Kaitlyn a lot so I've got hope for Lacey.

Rachel (31, Attorney) 
First impression: Rachel is a front runner already since she got the first impression rose. Not only that but she's a grown up with a grown up job. She's confident and attractive and very much Nick's type. I think we've got a contender here.
Staying power: I think she's in it for the long haul, I'm hoping to see her with a hometown date in the near future.

Raven (25, Fashion Boutique Owner) 
First impression: Very sweet with southern charm, also cute and owns a boutique so don't let her Arkansas accent fool you, she's no dummy.
Staying power: Could be around for a while, Nick like's her charm and her cute accent.

Sarah (26, Teacher) 
First impression: Sara is a grade school teacher, very cute (perhaps too cute).
Staying power: She's probably too sweet and bubbly for Nick in the long run.

Taylor (23, Mental Health Counselor) 
First impression: Taylor's first impression involved telling Nick that all her friends think he's an asshole and a piece of shit. And then they continued to talk about it during their one-on-one time. Nick obviously can't wait to meet those lovely friends of hers, I'm a little surprised she made it after that. I had a better impression of her before she started actually talking to Nick. She is a counselor (even though she's only 23) and has her masters. So she's obviously some kind of prodigy.
Staying power: I could see her being around for a little while if she can get off of the topic of her friends hating him. That doesn't make for a super strong relationship foundation.

Vanessa (29, Special Education Teacher)
First impression: I think she's my favorite so far. She's so cool. Vanessa lives in Quebec and speaks English and French, she also speaks Italian because her family is Italian and they spoke it in the home growing up. She is a special education teacher, so she's obviously a wonderful person, and she seems very down to earth and naturally charming. She got the first rose (aside from the first impression) at the rose ceremony so Nick has definitely noticed her.
Staying power: Another contender, I'm hoping for a fun Canadian hometown date for her!

Others who somehow made it to the top 22 but have had little camera time thus far: Astrid, Dominique, Elizabeth, and Whitney.

This season is sure to be one for the books, I can't wait to see how it all unfolds and all my fingers (and toes) are crossed that Nick will find his happy ending.

Until next week!

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