Bachelorette Blog: Cruel, Twisted, Irony (Week 8)

As predicted, we started the episode with JoJo letting Luke go home. She was very upset but had to go with her gut and her connections with the other guys were stronger. Very sad indeed. Luke was my favorite but perhaps this wont be the last we see of him (i.e. Bachelor in Paradise, or even maybe, fingers crossed, The Bachelor). After his departure, the rest of the crew headed to Thailand for some Fantasy Suite overnight dates! Starting with....


I'm not gonna lie, I was super distracted during this whole date and didn't pay as close attention as normal. That being said, there wasn't anything all that special or dramatic going on so I don't think I missed much. Robby's family loved JoJo and could tell that he was in love with her. They talked more about his ex, of course.

One thing I wanted to note is that I love that the show has started showing the couples "the next morning". Seeing their interactions after what I'm sure was a very intimate and intense night is interesting to watch. But let's just be real here. How in the damn hell does Robby's hair still look that perfect after a romp in the sack and sleeping on it? There was like one hair out of place. Perhaps he's not what you would call an animal in bed? Just saying.


Jordan and JoJo had their typical wonderful date where they just had a great time together and then talked at length about how JoJo was scared Jordan wouldn't be in it for the long haul. Same story, different week. Boring. Then they had their overnight and things seemed so bright and chirpy the next morning. To be frank, I'm thinking the sex must have been pretty damn good. They both woke up super happy and more in love than ever.

JoJo starts to freak out a little because she recognizes that she's in love with 2 people and can finally empathize with Ben. She wants to be super careful not to tell the guys though so that she doesn't make the same mistake Ben did and completely blindside one of them in the end.

JoJo also talked to Jordan a lot about meeting her parents and he told her that he was ready to ask her dad for permission to propose. So yeah, Jordan is secure for the top two, no doubt.


Chase is pretty much adorable and I got real queasy watching because I was pretty sure he was getting his heart broken this week. They had the best date just having fun, relaxing with each other, and he opened up more than he ever has been able to. During dinner he recognized that it's taken him a little longer to open up and that he's struggled more than Robby and Jordan have but he's really happy with how far they have come.

JoJo invites him to the Fantasy Suite and he accepts. Early in the evening he tells her that he is not just falling in love but is in love with her. And then her face. Oh no. She's really not good at masking her emotions. JoJo excuses herself so she can deal with her emotions in private. At this point, Chase can't think this is going well.

JoJo tells the camera that she was overwhelmed with doubt when Chase told her he loves her. That's not good. So she does the responsible thing and breaks it off.

Whoa. That was a rough break up. Chase felt like an idiot. He's not one to say "I love you" easily and it doesn't help his confidence to be immediately broken up with after saying it for the first time. He basically walks away from her angry and hurt, leaving JoJo heartbroken for hurting him. She told him she didn't want to blind side him and he basically told her that's exactly what she did. Not a great night for JoJo. Or Chase.

Rose Ceremony

Jordan and Robby were surprised to see JoJo instead of Chase and she promptly began to explain what had happened. Just as she's telling them that she sent Chase home, Chase come strolling down the stairs and steals her away.

He didn't want to leave things the way they did the night before. He obviously had some time to get over the shock and wanted to tell her that he still loves her, he respects her, and he wants her to be happy. And also that if things don't work out with whichever dill-hole she ends up choosing, he'll be there waiting. So they ended up leaving things on a much better note. But it still makes JoJo sad because she doesn't understand why she didn't fall in love with him, because he's great.

And another prediction comes to fruition. Robby and Jordan are the top two, and JoJo is in the same position that Ben was in last season. In JoJo's own words oh the "cruel, twisted irony" of it all.

Tonight on The Bachelorette Men Tell All... I hope you're ready for a second night of Bachelorette greatness because the Men Tell All is tonight and it's going to be epic. Chad's back and that's just about the best thing ever. I can't freaking wait to see that dude on Bachelor in Paradise starting next week. Speaking of Bachelor in Paradise, did you see the trailer??? Crazy Lace and Crazy Chad are going to pair up. That's going to be amazing, just you wait! Also, I've heard that something like 3 or 4 of the couples this season get engaged! That's madness! I love it and I can't wait to watch!

Next week on the dramatic season finale of The Bachelorette, Jordan and Robby will meet JoJo's parents, then JoJo will have a complete emotional breakdown. According to the preview for next week JoJo is very conflicted, confused and has a panic attack at the thought of choosing between these guys. Unfortunately for me, I'm traveling for work next week. Boo. Hiss. Luckily, I'm about 90% sure I'll be able to watch and I'll just have to stay up late to blog for you all!

Until next week everyone!

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