Bachelor Blog: Obsessed with Nick (Week 2)

It’s the first date week and we started with two group dates and a single one-on-one. There was so much Bachelor drama and ridiculousness they couldn’t even fit it in to the regular two hour episode and we were left with our first “To be continued…” of the season. While this usually annoys me because I hate having the format messed with, I’m not at all surprised. There are just too many girls! How can they possibly adequately cover the actions of 22 girls over the course of a week? 

Before we jump in, I just want to note that I love Nick. He’s like a real person and he cracks me up. I love that he’s super awkward because the situation is super awkward. Okay, now on to business. 

“Always a Bridesmaid…”
Corrine, Vanessa, Sarah, Alexis, Hailey, Jasmine, Elizabeth, Raven, Danielle L., Taylor, Lacey, Britney

For the first group date of the season, Nick and the ladies had a wedding photo shoot. Kind of a weird thing to do on a first date but it was meant to be silly and to see if the girls would have fun with it and for the most part everyone did. They were assigned themed wedding dresses (80’s bride, Princess, Traditional, apparently Adam & Eve…) and the based on the photographer’s opinion the girl with the most chemistry with Nick won a “special prize”. 

But really this date was all about Corrine. Corrine got the “sexy bikini bride” costume and she thought she was pretty hot shit. Until Britney came in and stole her thunder as “Eve” wearing nothing but leaf bottoms. 

Corrine’s response? “She better not steal my thunder or I will literally punch her in the face.” Look at her making friends already!

So, Corrine took it upon herself to be ultra-sexy. Her shoot with Nick was in a pool where she undressed him and then took off her top and made him cup her boobs for the photo. Let’s just say it was really awkward that this was all happening with the other women sitting poolside. 

Honestly, Taylor (princess bride) probably had the best interaction and chemistry with him during the photo shoot. I thought he looked mildly uncomfortable with Corinne but apparently the photographer saw something different and Corrine was awarded the special prize which was getting to wear a pretty wedding dress, ride off in a honeymoon car with Nick and I assume they had probably 10 minutes together without the other girls. 

During the evening portion of the date Corrine continued to rub the other girls the wrong way. She was the first to steal Nick away from the group, then she wanted more time so she interrupted him with 2 other girls. So in all, she got a lot of time with him. Fortunately, Taylor decided to steal him right back and came back after a few minutes to get the rest of her time (which Nick appreciated). 

Let’s just say Corrine did not appreciate Taylor’s “bold” move. Her so-called confrontation with Taylor was pretty pathetic. Basically, she pretended to clear the air about stealing him away and Taylor told her it was fine and that she was happy with the time she had with Nick. Corrine didn’t believe her and got weird, then made a soap box speech to the group about how it’s just going to get harder and they just need to all deal with not getting all the time they want. She said you have to look out for yourself and be fine with it no matter how rude it gets. Too which all the other girls rolled their eyes. 

It’s obvious that Corrine goes for what she wants and is used to getting exactly what she wants. She’s a spoiled brat, but I wouldn’t expect much more from a grown woman with a nanny. 

For having so much time with Nick, they didn’t really talk about much. Just “I like you so much already”, “how’s the night going for you”, and then making out a lot. The girls who did seem to have solid, relationship building conversations with him were Raven, Alexis and Taylor. Unfortunately, her antics did pay off and she got the date rose. Really not sure why Nick made that choice, it made the girls question what kind of girl he’s looking for and if all they have to do to get a rose is take off their top. 

“Our relationship is about to take off…”
Danielle M.

Aw, Danielle M. is the cutest. Good for her for getting the first one-on-one date. They took a helicopter ride and then spent the day on a yacht just hanging out. Unfortunately, we saw very little of this because the show decided to show Liz telling Christen all about how she slept with Nick. Maybe the day portion of the date with Danielle was really boring?

They did show more of the evening, which is the good stuff anyway. Danielle and Nick talked about their past relationships and how what’s happened to each of them has shaped them and helped them figure out what they really want. Danielle confided that she was previously engaged and that her fiancĂ© died from a drug overdose. This is not something she usually feels comfortable sharing because in general she’s found that guys she dated didn’t respond well and the relationship fizzles shortly after. 

In all, I think this was a pretty good first date. She did get the rose (obviously) but I think we need to see Danielle open up a little more. She’s pretty quiet and while she’s very sweet I think Nick will want to see a more fun, outgoing side of her if she’s going to make it in the long run. 

“We need to talk…”
Christen, Josephine, Astrid, Jaimi, Kristina, Liz

“Yeah we do,” says Liz. 

So Liz has been struggling with her secret that she and Nick met (and slept together, which she has said like a billion times) prior to him becoming the Bachelor. She did tell Christen because she felt like she needed to get it off her chest but has been waiting for an opportunity to talk things over with Nick. In my opinion, she was being a little impatient. They have been there for just a few days and he’s been on non-stop dates (as he should be, he is the Bachelor)!

The group date takes them to a museum of break ups, interesting choice. They walk around looking at things that people have left behind after break ups, even Nick contributed to the exhibit by displaying a dried rose and his rejected engagement ring to Kaitlyn. As part of the break-up museum experience, couples were invited to act out a break-up scene. So poor Nick (who’s already been dumped so many times) had to be broken up with by each of the girls on the date. 

Most of the girls had fun with this and were light-hearted about it but Liz, feeling slighted and as if Nick was avoiding her, took it to an uncomfortable level. Basically, re-writing their past experience as though Nick didn’t fight for her. Most of the girls didn’t catch on that what she was saying was little too real, Christen knew and felt how weird it was. I thought for a moment that Liz was going to walk out on the show after her break up speech but instead she laughed and they sat down. 

Nick talked to all the other girls on the evening portion of the date before talking to Liz because he wanted to find out if she had been telling the whole house lies about him. To his relief none of the other girls knew, and he was feeling more comfortable until he talked to Christen and she told him that Liz had confided in her. 

It’s not that Nick doesn’t want to tell the other women about what happened. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. They weren’t on the show, this happened during a time when he was single and dating outside the show. However, he wanted to figure out why Liz was there and wanted to tell them all at once, which he hadn’t yet had an opportunity to do. 

After talking to Christy, he pulls Liz aside to chat. Their talk doesn’t go that well, and in the end, he can’t really see a future with her so he asks her to leave. And off she goes. 

He then returned to the other women without her and told them he asked her to leave, they are shocked and he starts to tell them why he let her go. Then we get the “To Be Continued…”

So next week we can find out the reaction, the previews lead us to think there is a big fall out over this but I don’t think there will be. Nick didn’t do anything wrong and I think he communicates well enough to explain why he didn’t tell them all on the first night or why he let her stay that first week. 
What will start to become an issue in the house is the situation with Corrine. She’s making enemies fast. 
My favorite quotes from the peek at next week were:
“Are you really looking for a wife or jus someone to f*ck around with?” – Vanessa

“If he’s just looking for someone like that (Corrine), no wonder this is his fourth time.” – Raven [paraphrasing because I didn’t write this one down] 

So far, it’s still too hard to tell who the main connections are with and not all the girls got dates this week. I think we’ve got several weeks of Corrine left but she won’t be the one in the end. I really liked Raven this week, I just think she has a really great personality and is super real and honest. Also, liked Taylor a little more that my first impression of her. And Josephine seems perfectly normal so far, so I might have been off on my prediction of her craziness. 

Looking forward to see what happens next!

Until next week!

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