Bachelorette Blog - Count Down to Hometowns (Week 6)

This week on The Bachelorette they changed things up! In order to avoid having a rose ceremony at the end of the week, Rachel decided to do three one-on-one dates and a single "group" or three-on-one date with roses at each date. It wasn't hard to figure out that the two dudes (Adam and Matt) who have't even had one-on-one dates yet would be on that group date and heading home this week. But we'll get to that. I like that Rachel didn't want to do a rose ceremony. At this point in the show, it's always really awkward. I know we'll have to have a rose ceremony next week because everyone will be coming back together after hometowns but it would be great if she just didn't have any the rest of the season!

Date #1 - Bryan

This week the group traveled to Geneva, Switzerland, and because Geneva is a city of luxury, Bryan's date was filled with everything high end. Starting with a drive through the city in a Bentley, followed by shopping for expensive watches. Rachel decided to "treat yo man" to a nice watch, and Bryan thought this was symbolic of their connection. To him the fact that they now have matching watches is an indicator that she's going to choose him in the end because that's a "forever gift". Um, okay.

After watch shopping they took a romantic boat ride and then had the customary dinner date. Rachel and Bryan have great chemistry and she really likes that he is quite, strong and confident. She also likes that he calls her out on her weaknesses. During the date we got a little background on Bryan's last relationship. Apparently it was pretty hot and heavy but then he invited her to a wedding in Columbia with his family. I guess she wasn't ready for that and also butted heads pretty hard with his mother Upon returning from the trip she broke things off with him and his mother felt really guilty for being the reason a woman he loved left him. But he told Rachel not to worry and that he knows they will love her.

Another interesting thing that happened while Rachel and Bryan were on the date is that we saw Dean mention again that he doesn't see Rachel ending up with Bryan. He thinks that Bryan is a player who knows what to say to get what he wants from women and that Rachel will figure this out in the end. This is Rachel's main concern with Bryan as well, she's always saying he's too good to be true. I just thought it was interesting that this is the second time Dean has brought this up, maybe we should pay more attention to that.

In the end, Rachel gave Bryan the first rose of the night and will be heading to Miami to meet his family!

Date #2 - Dean

I was actually kind of surprised that he wasn't on the group date. I thought that between him, Eric and Peter that the other two were more solid with Rachel. But I do really like Dean, I'm glad he got the date. Unfortunately, he was really weird the whole time because he is worrying about brining Rachel home. Finally, at dinner he opened up to her about the situation. He worries because everyone else has families they are excited to bring her home to and value their family's opinion of her. He does not have a good relationship with his family and his father has become eccentric since his mother's passing. He doesn't want her to judge what their future family would be like based on his family. She told him that she understood where he was coming from and gave him the rose! So Dean joins Bryan in the top four!

Date #3 - Peter

For Peter's date, they took a helicopter ride over the Alps and then had a dog sled ride. Peter opened up to Rachel about how this has been a hard journey for him and there have been moments when he wondered if he even wanted to stay. However, every time they are together he is reminded of why he is there and that it will be worth it in the end. They also talked about his last relationship and his guilt over breaking things off with his last girlfriend. He broke her heart and felt awful doing it. Rachel wonders if Peter will be ready to get engaged at the end of this but she really likes him a lot so she's willing to take the risk. I hope if pays off!

Date #4 - Group Date - Eric, Adam, Matt

Sadly, Matt was let go early on in this date and it really upset Rachel to have to send him home. Of all the guys, he was the one who reminded her most of herself and she didn't want to waste his time when she knew that her other relationships were further along. So then the rest of the date the producers had to make it seem like there was a chance she might not pick Eric. It was dumb. I don't know how Adam could possibly be so confident. I felt like most of date he was talking out of his ass and it seemed over produced to me.

However, Rachel did get some information about Eric that did make her worry (not enough to go to a hometown of a guy she's barely interacted with though). Eric has never brought a girl home before. His upbringing was hard in Baltimore. Most of the men in his life are associated with crime and drugs, including his father. Growing up he witnessed drugs, abusive relationships, poverty, and he uses positivity to mask his pain. Everything he saw growing up has made him want to help people, but coming on the show is a way for him to help himself find love. Seriously, Adam had no chance. Rachel "went with her gut" and will be joining Eric in his hometown next week.

So basically, we sat through a two hour episode only to see the two guys we all knew would go leave. Kind of a waste of time but at least we got to see Rachel interact with the four remaining men. Rachel is "feeling very strongly" about multiple men so I think we're in for a great few weeks of hometowns, over-nights, and the final rose!

On next week's episode: everybody cries. See you all then!

Bachelorette Blog - Deep Cuts (Week 5)

This week was a double feature week for The Bachelorette with two nights of dates and a decent amount of heartbreak. Let's jump right in!

A Perfect Match?

The week started with a one-on-one date with Jack who on paper seems like a perfect match, they're both from Dallas, they're both attorneys and they are the same age. Unfortunately, it was easy to see from the begin that Rachel was just not that into Jack. They took the day to explore the city, eating oysters and taking dance lessons, but it was clear that Jack was more invested than Rachel. I can't believe he couldn't tell that the date wasn't going that well. When he first tried to kiss her Rachel pushed back, claiming to be sick/contagious and only after he said it was worth it did she go ahead and let him in for a smooch. Throughout the date, Jake notes that he feels a strong connection and things are easy and comfortable. Rachel recognized that things were pretty easy but she felt no passion with Jack and sow he was sent on his way.

Cocktail Party? Nope.

Rachel decided that she knew what she wanted to do and therefore cancelled the cocktail party. She does this on night two as well which makes me think we probably won't be seeing any more cocktail parties this season. I did like to see Peter talking with the other guys about how he noticed how much pressure Rachel is under and how she was really stressed this week. I like that he's really in tune with how she's feeling because he was spot on.

The guys who left on Monday's episode were: Jack (from the date), Iggy, and Jonathan

Too good to be True?

The first one-on-one date in Oslo, Norway went to Bryan. It's about time Bryan got a one-on-one. He's been eating Rachel's face since night one. Obviously, they have a strong physical connection but Rachel wanted to find out if they had an emotional connection as well.

For their date, they explored Oslo and then discovered the best view in Oslo by repelling down the Olympic ski jump which is 187 feet high. The best quote from this date was between Rachel and a producer:

Rachel: [paraphrasing] Does no one else worry about it being 187 feet?
Producer: What is 187?
Rachel: Murder!

I didn't know that about 187 either, silly sheltered me. But it cracked me up. In the end, Rachel still kind of thinks Bryan is too good to be true but he's doing a good job of convincing her.

I'm looking for a man who's good with his hands
Group: Adam, Anthony, Matt, Alex, Eric, Dean, Peter, Will and Josiah

For the group date then men played handball and it was super entertaining. It's amazing how little drama there is when you remove the two most dramatic men from the situation. Because there was an odd number of guys, Rachel joined in to play and of course her team won. She had some cute interactions with Peter and Dean during the game. And Dean proved that he has a sense of humor by wearing his jock strap on the outside of his uniform.

During the evening date Rachel had a really awkward chat with Josiah, who is super confident and told her that he knows that she's the one because she's really beautiful. He just kept talking about how beautiful she was and he she told him that he never asks her any questions, he didn't really have an answer for that. Then she spent 3 and half hours with Peter including a steam dip in the bathtub together. Imagine Peter's surprise when he didn't get the group date rose, but he's got nothing to worry about. He's top two material.

Lee vs. Kenny

Before the two-on-one began, Lee and Will talked about why Kenny would be offended by the use of the term "aggressive". I'm not convinced that Lee's antagonism toward Kenny is based on race and I don't think he considered the negative association and history of the term aggressive and black men. I think he's just a giant ass.

As the date began, the three of them took a helicopter to the secluded wilderness. She talked to each of the individually and got very conflicting stories. Lee straight up lied to her but pretended that he hates conflict. What? Monday night ended with a cliff hanger of not knowing who she would send packing so the start of Tuesday was when she determined that she really didn't trust Lee and that Kenny seemed to be genuine every time she talked to him. So she sent Lee home. However, she wasn't quite ready to give Kenny the rose and wanted to see how the rest of the date went.

Kenny couldn't get past Lee lying about him and left Rachel in the helicopter while he went back to give Lee one last talking-to. Rachel didn't appreciate that, but she gave him the benefit of the doubt and in the end he got the rose.

I'm Copen for Love

Finally, Eric got his one-on-one date and it did not disappoint. Rachel took Eric to Copenhagen where they played like children most of the day, including fun fair festivities. Eric was so joyful and playful with Rachel which was a side we hadn't seen from him yet. He was really cute and Rachel was happy to see the lighter side of him.

He also opened up to her about his lack of love from his mother and how it affected him. He says that he's never been in love before but that he knows that he is falling for Rachel because he's never felt this way before. Smooth.

I honestly don't even really remember much about the group date on Tuesday. There were so many freaking dates this week! The main thing that I remember was that Rachel respectfully let Kenny go so that he could be with his daughter. It was the most amicable departure in Bachelorette history. And she gave Peter the group date rose (obvi).


The second one-on-one this week went to Will. I have to say, leading up to this date I was starting to get a good impression of Will. He's super cute and I was looking forward to seeing how things progressed with him. Little did I (or Rachel) know that his journey would be short lived. They went to all these beautiful and romantic places and there was absolutely no spark between them. Rachel was willing to give him another chance, thinking that maybe he's just not that into PDA or something but during dinner he told her that he generally is very passionate in his relationships. Which lead her to wonder why he wasn't passionate with her. She asked some probing questions and found that Will has mostly dated white women in the past (it's kind of weird that he would mention that), so basically Rachel determined that he just wasn't attracted to her and asked him to leave.

So Rachel had a pretty rough week, asking Lee, Kenny and Will to all leave before the rose ceremony. She was understandably emotional having to let more people go. After the elimination we're left with only six remaining men: Peter, Dean, Eric, Bryan, Adam and Matt. Seriously, Adam and Matt will be the next to go, neither one has had a one-on-one or any significant time with Rachel, which means we're probably going to see Peter, Dean, Eric and Bryan in the top four. And I really do think it will come down to Peter and Eric but we'll see!

Until next week everyone!