Bachelor Blog: Emerging Front Runners (Week 3)

 And so we continue from the cliffhanger last week…

When last we left the Bachelor, Nick was telling the girls on the group date why he let Liz go and filled them in that he slept with her at Jade and Tanner’s wedding. So instead of showing what happened, the show jumped to the next day where the women from the date tell all the rest of the house what happened. But apparently Christen got the date rose, so there’s that.

Wow, they skipped forward pretty quickly to the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. Personally, I think that Nick handled it very well. He was straight forward and honest. He talked to each of the women individually at the cocktail party, which was a good way to clear the air and move past the situation.

One interaction of note was his time with Danielle L., he was concerned about her reaction because he likes her a lot but Danielle was not worried about it and thought he handled the situation well, so no worries there.

And then there was Corrine. I don’t want to be super judgmental but that girl is really slutty. She says that she has what guys want, then why does she need to go on a reality show to find a husband? Clearly, this isn’t working for her outside of the show, unless she’s only there to be on TV which I think is likely.

Going into the rose ceremony the girls that had roses were: Corrine (she didn't even go to the ceremony, instead she went to bed), Christen, and Danielle M.

Leaving this week: Hailey, Lacey, and a blond girl I’ve never seen

Danielle L., Christen, Kristina, Whitney, Taylor, Jasmine, Corrine

Holy balls! The Backstreet Boys showed up at the mansion and the girls lost their shit. As they should. Even a tried and true NSYNC fangirl can appreciate the gloriousness of this situation. This may very well be the best thing that has ever happened on The Bachelor!

It’s pretty hilarious watching some of these girls dance. But Jasmine (who was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader) and Danielle did really well! The winner of the dance challenge was Danielle and she and Nick got to be serenaded by the Boys. It was super weird to watch them dance on stage in front of everyone, but that’s pretty typical of this show so whatever.

After the concert, Corrine grabbed Nick first again and got the validation she needed. Then she promptly took a nap, one of several naps she takes this week. At least she can’t interrupt other girls if she’s sleeping. After her nap, Corrine tells everyone about her nanny, Raquel. I love how the other girls reacted and my favorite part is when Corrine says she needs to prepare Raquel for when she has kids because she can barely take care of herself, let alone a child. Poor little Corrine misses her nanny and doesn’t like having to be a big girl. Barf.

Nick and Danielle are definitely connecting, I have a good feeling about that one. She seems like a sweet and genuine girl! Unsurprisingly, Danielle gets the group date rose!

“You make me feel like I’m floating”

They get to take a Zero G plane to see what it feels like to be in space. What a cool date! I would probably pee myself on that date. I hate losing my stomach and the whole time I watched that I felt like if I were in that situation, I would throw up.

Apparently, I’m not the only one. Vanessa got sick and Nick stuck by her side while she puked in the barf bag. Embarrassing, and kind of sweet. Good thing they had gum to rid themselves of vomit breath. You might think throwing up on the first date would put a damper on things but in this case, it was oddly romantic.

For dinner, Nick and Vanessa went to the top of a building for an amazing view. They talked about their families and Vanessa told him that she respects his relationship with his mom. She also told him about her grandfather who passed very recently and how she questioned coming on the show but that her family encouraged her to come. Nick told her about his past experience on the show and why he would want to do it all again. He wonders if he can trust his own emotions. He’s been in love on the show twice before and it didn’t work out, he’s scared that it won’t work out but he’s hopeful that it will. It’s really sweet and he even cries.

Vanessa is a major contender if she can stick through it and hold on to their connection.

“I’m done playing the field”
Rachel, Alexis, Astrid, Jaimi, Sara, Britney, Dominque

This group date is a track and field day. Nick wanted to see the girls embrace the day and have some fun. The challenges were fun and Bachelor themed.

Alexis’ catchphrase appears to be “Move, bitches.” She said it at the rose ceremony, and I thought it was kind of quirky and funny but then she said it again during the race and it didn’t seem like as much of a joke, she wants to win.

Rachel, Alexis and Astrid made it through to the track and field “finals”. Astrid does a good job despite having a much-unsupported chest. The slow-mo action is amazing and she pulls off a win in an upset.

After a disappointing performance during the games, Dominique is downtrodden and thinks that she’s getting overlooked, so she decides that she’ll take him first. However, Nick beats her to the punch and he steals Astrid away first thing. Rachel pulls Dominque aside because she can tell that Dominque is upset. She’s getting way too much in her head.

When Dominque finally gets her time with him, instead of making the most of it and trying to make a connection, she called Nick out for not giving her a fair chance. Based on this conversation, Nick realizes that he doesn’t have a connection with her yet and she’s not really giving him the chance to get there with her either so he felt it was best to send her home. This is the second group date of the season so far that he has sent someone home unexpectedly!

Rachel ended up getting the date rose for the night after a great one-on-one.

Pool party

It’s time for a pool party in place of the cocktail party! This happens a lot when there are still so many girls left. To make things “special” Corrine gets a bouncy house for Nick. How in the hell did she pull that off? Unfortunately, her very overt sexual advances were witnessed by the other women. Not that Corrine cares. This prompted the other ladies to seek Nick out to let him know that they have concerns about Corrine, and more importantly about his reactions to Corrine.

Is he really looking for a wife, or does he just want to mess around with girls like Corrine? This could potentially damage his stronger relationships so he really needs to think through whether he sees a future with her or if he should let her go and focus on his other relationships. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’s quite ready to let her go but I honestly don’t think she’ll last much longer. This situation is just ready to implode.

In particular, Vanessa was really pissed off about the situation. She had a great one-on-one and thought she knew what he wanted. If he’s not really looking for a wife, she’d rather go home. And here we are left with another to be continued…

We’ll see what happens but I really don’t think that Vanessa will leave. Nick can smooth this out. I am excited to see shit go down between Taylor and Corrine next week though!

My favorites so far: 
Danielle L., Vanessa, Raven (we haven’t seen much of her yet but I like her more every time I see her), Rachel

Until next week everyone!

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