Bachelor Blog: "I literally can't even" and more Corrine (Week 4)

Starting right where we left off from the To Be Continued last week, Vanessa confronted Nick about his intentions and his actions with Corrine. She let him know that if he’s really looking for a wife, she’s it, and if he’s looking to screw around he might as well just let her go and she’ll give him the rose back. He assured her that he’s there to find his wife and that he doesn’t want her to leave. He thanked her for letting him know how she felt and asked her to be patient with the Corrine situation. This is a clear sign that she’ll be around for the long haul if it’s up to Nick. Asking someone to be patient while he weeds out the crazies is always a good sign.

So because of the commotion surrounding Corrine, and the fact that she bailed on the rest of the pool party to take a nap, all the girls thought Corrine would be going home but Nick (or the show producers) had something else in mind and she was the last one to get a rose at the ceremony. Which left Christen and Britney without roses (and don’t forget Dominique got sent home during the group date).

After the rose ceremony, Corrine gave a super awkward, really fake speech to everyone and it was the worst. All the girls looked incredibly pissy while she gave the speech. I don’t know how Nick could possibly miss what’s going on. Before Corrine started her speech, Nick noted that it meant a lot to him that the women in the house were getting along so well and that they were friendly. If he really means that, he needs to figure this out soon. I actually think we’re close to the end of Corrine but more on that later.

This week, Nick and ladies started their round-the-world journey for love, starting with a trip to Nick’s hometown in Wisconsin. This seems early to give his family a sneak peek at some of the girls but I think he’s hoping that his wise younger sister, Bella, will help steer him in the right direction.

Let’s just take a quick moment to appreciate Nick’s mom. I love her, every time I see her, I just can’t get enough. She’s too sweet! Not to mention his sweet dad. That guy has a great (and unfailingly supportive) family. Nick told his parents that he came in a little guarded and worried that this might not work out in the end but as the week’s progress, he’s becoming more hopeful that there is one relationship that will outshine the rest. He’s more ready than he’s ever been to settle down and wants the ladies to love his hometown because he loves it so much.

Sometimes I don’t really buy that the Bachelor/Bachelorette really loves their hometown that much but I actually think Nick does. He’s obviously very close to his family and Waukesha isn’t that far from Chicago (about 2 hours), so it’s likely he gets up to visit regularly. Especially, with such young siblings.

The Waukesha dates started out with a one-on-one immediately following Nick greeting all the women, so there was no card. Nick just stole Danielle L. away to have a fun date and left all the other girls to head back to the hotel and wait for a date card, luckily all the girls got dates this week so at least there wasn’t any reason to worry that they wouldn’t have some amount of time with him.

One-on-one date (no card)
Danielle L.

After whisking her away from the group, the couple walked around town and Nick gave her the tour of probably every spot he ever made out with someone (weird). They went to a local deli/bakery and decorated cookies with their faces. Then Nick smooshed their cookies together like paper dolls to make them kiss. I guess we know what’s on his mind around Danielle. Later they “happen” to run into one of Nick’s exes (Amber). Danielle asked her why she thinks Nick is still on the market and she said that she thinks he’s very “heart driven” and that if his heart isn’t in it 100% he won’t settle. Lucky for Nick she was complimentary, cause that could have gone a lot differently.

Nick knows that he’s had a good physical connection with Danielle from the beginning and feels like they have an “effortless connection”, but he wants to get to know her on a deeper level. Danielle told him about her parents getting divorced when she was 17 and how she has had a fear of not finding the right person. She remembers her parents being very in love when she was young and it was hard on her when they decided to get divorced but the experience matured her. She doesn’t want to rush into a marriage because she wants to find the right person, but she’s open-minded about the process on the show and didn’t research Nick before coming because she wanted to get to know him on her own.

Nick is very excited about Danielle and said that he sees a lot of potential in her as a wife. Bodes well for Danielle! After dinner, Nick has an extra surprise for Danielle, a concert where they can dance in front of everyone again. I think this must be their thing, they had to dance in front of an audience at the Backstreet Boys concert too. These moments would make for an excellent montage during the finale… just saying.

Say Cheese
Rachel, Alexis, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jaimi, Sara, Whitney, Kristina, Astrid, Taylor, Josephine, Danielle M., Corrine

“I want to be in a spa being fed a nice taco, preferably chicken.” – Corrine 
Because they are in Wisconsin, Nick thought it would be fun to get everyone (including himself) out of their element and do some dairy farm chores. Even though he’s more of a city boy, he figured this would be a good chance to see how the girls respond to dealing with getting dirty and outside of their comfort zones. And boy do they. The group fed the cow, milked the cows and even shoveled the cow poop. This was an epic amount of cow poo. That poop looked really gross. I like to think I could roll with anything but I may have gagged in that situation.

“I can’t escape the poop, it’s like everywhere I look… poop.” – Corrine (She may be a brat but she’s funny!)
After a little while of scooping poop. Corrine gave up like a little whiney baby.

They all got cleaned up and the evening portion of the date commenced with them all fresh and clean! Nick doesn’t wait for someone to steal him first and he asks Kristina to go chat. Kristina lets him know that she really wants to tell him more about where she came from and how she grew up but wants to save it for a time when they won’t get interrupted. He appreciates that and assures her she will have that chance.

The rest of the girls sat around between their times with Nick and complain about Corrine. I love how even the girls are tired of talking about her. I think it was Astrid who said, “How many more times can we have a group conversation about Corrine?”

Of course, Corrine overheard and she didn’t appreciate what the other girls are saying about her. She confronted the women and told them that she hasn’t felt welcome lately. She also said (again) that if anyone has a problem with her they should just come tell her. The problem with this is that whenever anyone does try to bring up a problem they have, Corrine gets really defensive and acts like a child before deciding she’s done with the conversation. Which is exactly what happened when Sara asked her why she thinks she’s ready to get married and if she’s really mature enough to handle what comes after the show. And then it becomes all about her taking naps. Corrine doesn’t fully answer this and asks if they can just move on. So yeah, that was a productive conversation.

That conversation happened while Vanessa was giving Nick a really cute book that her students made for him, so when she gets back to the group she tried to explain to Corrine that it wasn’t just about her taking a nap during the rose ceremony but Corrine won’t listen. She’s got a bunch of excuses for her actions.

Apparently she almost had to go to the hospital because she lost circulation in her hand while scooping poo and she had a panic attack which is why she didn’t come to rose ceremony (not true, she was happily napping). Let me just tell you that if either of these things had actually happened, we would have seen it. There is no way the producers would have let either of those things go unseen. Those things make for great TV. But Corrine felt attacked so during her time with Nick, she was going to try to get some sympathy but instead plays it like she confronted the situation and that she feels better and thinks t there won’t be any issues with the women moving forward. So basically she lied, but Nick thinks she’s being really mature. WTF.

Another interaction of note was with Rachel. She told Nick that she feels like the situation is harder for her, and Nick tells her that’s it's totally normal to feel that way and to hang in there because he really wants her to be there.

True to his word, Kristina will have more time because she’s safe with the date rose this week.

Let’s kick it

Raven is pretty cute, after realizing she would get the one-on-one she was giddy and says she sees no reason why they shouldn’t fall in love.

Nick takes Raven to Bella’s soccer practice and then they stay for her game and Raven gets to meet Nick’s parents! It’s a lot of pressure to meet someone’s parents on your first date but he knew that Raven would handle it really well.

After the game, Bella invites Nick and Raven to go roller skating, where Nick shows off his mad roller skating skills. Bella also gets a chance to sit down with Raven and chat. It was very sweet. Raven seems real down to earth, smart and funny. She fit in nicely with Nick’s family so far.

But then she let her crazy out a little on the dinner portion of the night. She prefaces her story with “I’m ashamed to say…” and then revealed how she found out her previous boyfriend was cheating on her, drove to his house, kicked down the door and proceeded to beat up the boyfriend and the girl he was sleeping with. Then she walked away, having learned a lot about herself from the situation. So, she’s got a crazy ex-girlfriend side, hopefully, she’s matured since last February when this all went down.

Luckily Nick wasn’t scared off by her crazy story and gave her a rose.

Cocktail party

The cocktail party started off on the dramatic site, the girls are all a little on edge it seems. Danielle L. stole Nick first (claiming she’s not worried about offending the girls and the she’s just going to take any opportunity she can with him). Taylor decided she wasn’t having that (since Danielle already had a rose) and stole him back right away. It seems like there are sides in the house, some people don’t really like Taylor and others agree that Corrine is the worst. It would be great it Taylor and Corrine just both went home and cancelled each other out. Josephine seems to be on Corrine’s side (or really wants to see her self-destruct) because she encourages Corrine to confront Taylor.

When Corrine talked to Taylor, she said (again) that if Taylor has a problem with her to just tell her. Taylor says that every time she tries, Corrine interrupts her but she tried again and said she has concerns about Corrine’s maturity, emotional intelligence (in regards to self-awareness), and her coping skills. Because she is counselor and can speak to this intelligently I think it intimidated Corrine so, of course, she acted out and said she didn’t appreciate Taylor treating her like an idiot, to which Taylor said she didn’t think Corrine was an idiot and then we left with another To Be Continued with Corrine saying...

“I literally can’t even.”  
Ah, maturity. If you’re looking for a mature show about finding love, The Bachelor is not for you. But lucky for me, I’m in it for the shit show and I love it. I think we’ll see this all come to a head next week with a two-on-one between Taylor and Corrine. Me thinks Taylor will win out in that scenario, although maybe they’ll both go home.

Before we go…

Why are we not seeing more of Alexis’ craziness? The very end “outtake” where she tells Nick that her two biggest fears are Nicholas Cage and aliens is too funny, I need more of this.

My favorites remain the same: Vanessa, Danielle L., Rachel, I might be questioning Raven but I think she’ll make it pretty far.

Until next week!

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