The Bachelorette: Better Late Than Never (Week 5)

It's Bachelorette day and I know I still haven't posted from last week. I was traveling for work and just didn't have a chance so I thought today would be a good day to catch up! It's also Independence Day, so unfortunately I won't be watching tonight because I'll be enjoying some festive fireworks! But I promise to catch up first thing in the morning! So let's get in to what happened last week.

Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?

1-on-1 with Wells

It's about time that Wells got a 1-on-1 date, this poor guy has been waiting around for weeks making little to no progress in developing a relationship with JoJo. The other guys were all very surprised to find out that of all of them there, Wells is the only one who had not yet kissed JoJo. And the pressure was on with this date. JoJo knew that she has a good friendship with Wells but was looking to see if there was anything more there. Wells did have the right idea, he wanted their kiss to be special but the longer they waited the more he built it up and no moment seemed perfect enough.

They start the date by enjoying the city, doing a little street fair shopping and then finally ended up at their destination. I'm not sure what it was called but basically it was performance art where Wells and JoJo stood under a glass ceiling (like an aquarium) and above them mostly naked ladies gracefully moved around in shallow water. That's a really terrible description but it was actually kind of pretty. Then Wells & JoJo got to be the performers and FINALLY Wells planted a kiss on her. After he kissed her JoJo exclaimed something to the effect of "We did it!" Like it was this major accomplishment. It was real weird.

At dinner, JoJo finds out that Wells had been in a serious relationship that ended when he and his ex determined that they were really just best friends living together and not in love. This gives JoJo pause because she's been there before and she's recognizing that same thing with Wells now. She ultimately decided not to give him the rose and he was the first guy on a 1-on-1 to get sent home. The guys back at the house pretend for half a second that they are surprised but really no one was.

I'm sad because I really like Wells but it was clear that he and JoJo weren't a couple the way she already seems to be with some of the other guys.

Group Date

Alex, Robby, Luke, Jordan and James

Going in to the group date Luke had an amazing attitude. He's just really psyched to get to spend some time with JoJo and to have some fun. He's not all whiny about not getting a 1-on-1 (he had one last week so he's probably still riding that high). He's also got the right idea about making each moment count and each week takes advantage of the alone time that they get together. Seriously, those two have some chem-is-try. In JoJo's words it's CRAY-ZEE.

The rest of the date was pretty uneventful until James talked to JoJo about an incident that happened with Jordan, he says that he'd never seen that side of Jordan and it made him uncomfortable. Basically James & Jordan were playing cards and Jordan was acting "entitled". I think James' heart is in the right place. He sees that Jordan feels like he's a front runner and it's starting to bring out an uglier side of him. Jordan has I guess, sort of, been in the public eye before and in James' opinion this makes Jordan act like he's better than everyone else sometimes.

JoJo confronts Jordan about it, not in a super negative way just trying to have open communication with him. Jordan dismisses it and makes her feel better but upon going back to the guys makes things really weird. He confronts James about it and James tells him that he was going to talk to him about it but planned to wait until they were back from the date and alone.

It was super weird. In the end Luke got the date rose which should have surprised no one, but of course "Little Bitch" Alex was pissed.

Another 2-on-1!!!

Chase v. Derek

For the first time in Bachelorette history we had another 2-on-1 date this season! What is happening? I had both of these guys pegged as Top 5! Going in Chase felt really weird about being put in this situation and acted really stand-off-ish the whole week. JoJo chated with each of them separately and things seemed to go really really well with Derek. Which made Derek feel very confident that he was going to get the rose.

Then, JoJo spoke with Chase and he told her how this date made him put a guard up because he thought they had made a good connection so he was surprised to be in this predicament. She told him that she likes him a lot but that she didn't feel like he had reciprocated. After he reassures her that he is in this for the long haul and is falling for her, she was super happy and I was really confused because at this point I had no idea which of these guys she' was going to let go! She had a great connection with both of them, on this date alone!

Unfortunately for Derek got the boot. I thought for 2 seconds that maybe she wouldn't give the rose out at all and would let them both stay through the week but alas, farewell Derek.

Cocktails & Roses

The cocktail party was largely uneventful. She talked to everyone left and seemed to have good interactions with each and every one of them. Going in to the rose ceremony only Chase and Luke were safe. That left Alex, Robby, Jordan and James (it's really getting down to the wire here!) When JoJo was down to 1 rose she excused herself and made a run for it! Really, she was just going out to tell Chris Harrison that she didn't feel right giving out the last rose. Through the magic of editing it looks like she's going to let both Alex and James go. But then in a surprise twist, she kept them both and no one had to leave.

Alex acted all happy to accept the rose but then to the cameras claimed it was a pity rose and he doesn't want to be pitied. Well, Alex, you should have declined the rose if you felt that way. You big douche.

Tonight we're down to the top 7. If she's able to cut 3 we could be down to hometowns already next week! I hope that's the case and I hope that at least Alex (and maybe James) go home this week. I'm actually starting to dislike Jordan as well, but I think he's solidly in the top 2 so we'll have to deal with him until the end. The more I look at that guy the more he bugs me. At this point Luke is my guy but I know that JoJo is really into Jordan so I wouldn't be surprised if it goes that way but I kind of hope it doesn't.

Compared to the last few weeks, this week was a lot less dramatic. Here's to a crazy episode tonight!

Until tomorrow everyone, have a great 4th of July holiday!

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