Bachelorette Blog: Country Girls Like Country Boys (Week 6)

This week on The Bachelorette...

It was a jam packed week with three 1-on-1 dates and the always weird 3-on-1 group date. JoJo has a strong connection with most of the guys left so it's going to be a rough couple weeks for her until the finale! It's getting harder to "break up" with each guy as she starts to let go of people she has strong feelings for. But before we get to the heartbreak, let's talk dates!


Finally Alex got a 1-on-1, and all the guys verbalized what we were all thinking when they said that maybe now he can stop bitching about how he hasn't had a 1-on-1. He basically begged JoJo not to let him go last week because they hadn't had the time to see if they had something real. JoJo took that to heart last week and decided to let him stay and immediately gave him a 1-on-1 to figure out if they had anything worth keeping him around for.

They actually had a really great date! This week they were still in Argentina but drove out to the countryside. While the rest of the guys took a bus, Alex and JoJo road tripped and made a pit-stop at a ranch where they dressed up and trained up as gauchos. Alex in his gaucho costume was pretty hilarious. JoJo even said it was "the best thing she has ever seen" and that he was a "cute little gaucho". I feel your pain mini-marine. It's hard sometimes to be thought of as the "cute little one".

The couple did some horseback riding and then watched as an actual gaucho (which equates to basically a rancher/cowboy) horse whispered the hell out of a horse. It was amazing and reminded me of Aragorn from Lord of the Rings (because I'm a nerd). Then they got to spoon with the mighty beast. That could be kind of scary but it actually looked super relaxing.

So all seemed well for Alex, and with no roses on the 1-on-1's this week it seemed like he would be sticking around for a little bit. That is until he told JoJo that he was falling in love with her. Her face when he said that was priceless. She looked like she might throw up. Poor guy. She had just told him how she had had the best time on their date and felt like she saw a different side to him and then as he confesses his "love" she soured. I don't actually think she believed him when he said that. He didn't seem very genuine to me. This whole time I've felt like he's just saying the right things and making himself think he's falling in love because he's supposed to.

In the end JoJo explained that she just didn't feel as excited as she should when hearing that a guy she was with was falling in love with her. She should feel happy and giddy, but she didn't. And in that moment she decided it was best to let him go. He was shocked and very unresponsive when she tried to console him and then he was gone.


No surprise, Jordan got the first second 1-on-1 date. All the guys know he's a front runner (a term that was thrown around a lot last night). For their date, Jordan and JoJo took a private jet to Mendoza where they stomped grapes and then drank their foot wine. It was kind of funny. They have a very fun relationship and seem to be really at ease with each other (those are terms JoJo used when describing their relationship). She is super into him.

After they stomped the grapes they took a nice dip in the hot tub and relaxed a little. During that time, Jordan started to tell JoJo that he was excited to potentially bring her home next week to meet his "mama". At dinner they dug more into what might happen if he gets a hometown date. JoJo already knew most of the names of his immediate family, so they must have talked about this possibility previously or Jordan has just talked about his family a lot and JoJo cares enough to remember. Regardless, things are looking pretty locked up for Jordan (at least for hometowns).

Jordan took this opportunity to mention that Aaron (Rogers, his famous football player brother) will not be at the hometown date and that they aren't all that close. Aaron didn't even know that Jordan was doing the show at that time. So that's an interesting tid-bit. Jordan seems to have a good relationship with the rest of his family and has always felt like he was being compared to his brother. This actually made me like Jordan a little more. The past few weeks I've felt like he was a little over confident. I like that he's humble with her here. JoJo understands that the other guys probably don't know this side of Jordan but she's gotten to know him over the last 6 weeks and trusts him. Let's hope that's a good judgement call.

Jordan ends the evening by telling JoJo that he is "so in love with her". And JoJo lights up. This is how she should feel when someone she's dating says that, as opposed to how she felt when Alex said it.

Robby during Truth or Dare

Group Date - James, Chase & Robby

Back in Buenos Aires, the group date got rained out so JoJo had to make a quick change of plans. They ended up having a rain day/slumber party at the hotel. They ate greasy junk food, had an awkward massage train, played games like Pictionary and Truth or Dare, and watched the Argentinian version of The Bachelor while they snuggled in bed (all together). It was weird, but surprisingly not as weird as the typical 3-on-1 date.

During the date James tried to stir things up by poking Robby (metaphorically) and dropping hints to JoJo that Robby had wandering eyes for the pretty Argentinian women. Robby was kind of a baby about it but it could have been worse. During Robby's alone time with JoJo he told her about his last relationship which lasted for 4 years and only ended a few months before he came to the show. JoJo asked him if he's really over that relationship and if at the end of this he would honestly be ready to get engaged and he tells her that he is ready.

During Chase's alone time he told her that he can't wait to introduce her to his family and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He didn't tell her that he loves her, that's kind of hard for him but this was basically his way of saying that.

James mentioned to JoJo that he feels they have a very strong emotional connection and a great foundation for their relationship but that he hopes she's not overlooking him because she has a stronger physical connection with the other guys. She tells him that she loves their relationship and that he has everything she wants in a husband and father of her children. That's all well and good but honestly, the other guys have those qualities too and she can't keep her hands off them so things aren't looking great for James in my book.

That being said, it was really hard to tell based on this date who she would send home in the end. She did end up giving the only date rose of the week to Robby and so he's the first person with a secured spot during hometown week!


Okay guys, I'm totally obsessed with Luke. Though his date was short it was great! Luke is originally from Texas and grew up on a ranch so he was completely in his element. He taught JoJo some basics about horseback riding and coached her on skeet shooting. Basically, he's a manly man and a good looking one at that. It was super cute when JoJo hit the target when shooting, he's a good coach!

After that they hung out and talked about what will happen during hometowns and you can just tell that their relationship is very natural and real. Luke has a great attitude and is an all around cool person. If he doesn't win JoJo's heart at the end of this I'm campaigning for him as Bachelor. I need more Luke in my TV viewing life.

When Luke returned from his date the other men were confused because they figured he would be gone all day. Then Luke lowered the boom on them that they were going straight to a rose ceremony that night with no cocktail party. At this point cocktail parties are pretty useless anyway.

Rose Ceremony

The rose ceremony was short and sweet with no surprises. James was sent home and he and JoJo shared a teary, emotional good bye. It was very sad, he's a sweet guy. But he handled it very respectfully, it was a breakup on par with Ben's season and we all know that Ben is the best at breaking up with people.

Speaking of Ben. Does everyone know that this October he and Lauren are getting their own reality show on Freeform? I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. FOR. THIS. It reminds me of when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson had that Newlyweds show, which was the best show ever. This should be pretty exciting!

Anyway, next week is hometowns! Woot Woot! Here is are a couple variations on how the top 2 could shake out in my opinion:

Best option (but really unlikely) - Luke & Robby are in the finale and Luke wins!
Another option - Luke & Jordan are in the finale - who knows who wins!
Yet another likely option - Jordan & Robby are in the finale - Jordan wins!

Regardless, I'm thinking Chase is out next week. He's a great guy but he's not as open as he needs to be with his feelings to get JoJo to feel confident in their relationship. The other guys are all declaring undying love for JoJo and while Chase might be feeling it, he's not saying it.

Until next week everyone!

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