Bachelorette Blog: Narrowing the Field Dramatically (Week 4)

The Bachelorette packed a lot of punch last night with 2 rose ceremonies and a full week of dates!

First things first, it's been two weeks since the last episode so in case you don't remember we left things off with Chad getting the ax on the 2-on-1 date and heading back toward the house that all the guys were at. The editing made it look like heads were gonna roll but as per usual a whole lot of nothing happened. The guys celebrated the demise of Chad by having a memorial for him and spreading his protein powder like ashes... it was creepy. Then just when they think they'll never see that dude again, he comes knocking on the door. When he comes in it's like he's just looking for his bag to head home (as if the producers didn't already come do that...). He looks really confused and then the guys ask him how the date went and he tells them he's going home because Alex talked shit about him like he expected. So then it looks like he might get worked up but it's a whole lot of the same, "You guys attacked me" "I was cornered" "I reacted the only way I know how, with violent threats"... you know the stuff.

So Jordan decides to try to bury the hatchet with kind of an apology but Chad wont listen so they leave things without being resolved. Oh except for stupid Evan who asks Chad if he has his wallet on him because he owes him a shirt. Way to beat a dead horse with that one Evan. Get over it already. One thing exciting and completely expected that happened is that it's been announced that Chad will be on Bachelor in Paradise, so that's something to look forward to.

Immediately after this it's time to go in to a cocktail party (where nothing much happened, except Jordan making everyone jealous) and then the first rose ceremony of the night. Somehow fucking Evan is still hanging in there. How is he still there!?! The guys who leave at this point are James F. and Daniel. Man, I was really starting to like Daniel. But he took his rejection in stride, noting that she's obviously not basing her choices on looks if she kept Evan (fair point) and not him and that none of the other guys are on his level... ah maturity.

After the rose ceremony, JoJo announces that they are off to luxurious Uruguay... interesting choice. Now for the dates!

Let's Seal The Date

1-on-1 with Jordan

There are a few guys who haven't gotten a 1-on-1 yet and were pretty upset by this turn of events. To be fair, Jordan hasn't had a 1-on-1 yet either, but it seems like he has because he and JoJo have developed a very clear attraction and beginning of a relationship during the group dates and their small amounts of alone time. The guys aren't blind, they can see that JoJo has tailored a few of the dates to benefit Jordan and that she likes him, so now he must be the enemy. Now that Chad is gone there has to be someone to hate on. In particular, Wells was pretty upset, he feels like he's not getting time with her and yet she keeps him around.

So on to what actually happened on the date. They took a boat ride and watched some Seals (hence the date title). Then they had the typical dinner and relationship talk. Earlier in the day Jordan said he was "falling in love" with JoJo and she wanted to know if that was legit. Turns out JoJo has met someone that Jordan used to date and that girl told her he was not a good guy. She tells Jordan about this and he looks like he feels attacked but I think he handled himself well. He explained that when he played football his whole life was focused on that and he didn't make his relationship a priority, also when his career ended he took that out on his girlfriend. He's not proud of it and claims he has grown since then and knows that he is ready for a serious relationship. JoJo asked him if he cheated and he said no but he did flirt a lot and hung out with other girls so he can see how that wasn't okay either.

I feel like that was a super honest conversation and a good one to have if you're getting serious. Anyway, JoJo was satisfied with his response and gave him the rose. Shocking, I know.

Meanwhile back at the house....

Somehow (meaning the producers probably planted it), the guys got a copy of a tabloid with a story about how JoJo was still in love with her ex  - the other Chad. After the guys read it, they start to wonder if she's there for the right reasons, I honestly feel like this whole situation was manufactured by producers for drama purposes but whatever. So the guys are getting all worked up over it. Then just after JoJo gets back from her date with Jordan, she is presented with a copy of the magazine and is confused as to why they would show that to her, and the producers then say that they feel she needs to address it because the men have seen it.

JoJo is pissed and upset by the situation and goes to the guys' suite to sort it all out. She is visibly upset, crying and shaking and explaining that dating this guy (the one the article was about) was one of the worst times in her life and she is not in love with him. The guys understand and that's that.

Sand Surfing Group Date

Luke, Derek, Chase, Evan, Vinny, Wells, Alex, James and Grant

Robby & Jordan have a spa day while the other guys are
on the group date. 
The sand surfing looks like fun but is short lived because of rain. But before that happens there is enough time for things to start to get awkward. The guys are all starting to have feelings for JoJo and it's super weird to see other dudes trying to woo the girl you think you're dating. This is particularly hard on Derek who had the first 1-on-1 but since then has felt a little disconnected. During the evening portion of the date he talks to JoJo about how he is feeling. This is not new people. It's totally normal to feel weird about your girlfriend dating other people and needing a little reassurance to know that it's worth staying around. Unfortunately, Alex gets wind of Derek's insecurity and decides that he's being calculating and now Derek is the new target of Alex's jealousy.

Alex is the worst you guys. He is a bully. He might seem like a good guy, just looking out for JoJo and I might have bought that if Chad was his only target. Unfortunately he's basically attacking (at least behind their backs) most of the guys that JoJo actually has a connection with. During his alone time with JoJo he tells her that he can see himself falling in love with her, and then just after that he tells the camera that it's always his ambition to get the group date rose. Who's calculating now Alex? He's just saying the things he thinks he needs to to get a rose.

Sad for him, Derek got the rose which Alex decided was a pity rose.

Other thing to note is that Luke and JoJo had a great 1-on-1 time during the group date, he reassured her that the whole article situation was no big deal, it didn't effect how he feels for her and she was so relieved. Super sweet, Luke is still one of my faves.

Love is within our reach

1-on-1 with Robby

For this date, JoJo takes Robby to explore the city, she says that she has a little crush on Robby that feels like puppy love. Meanwhile, Robby is full on in love with JoJo and a little nervous to tell her since it's so early. They go cliff jumping and we're reminded that Robby is an Olympic swimmer. So JoJo feels very comfortable jumping into water with him. And obviously also is a fan of professional athletes. JoJo trusts him and he makes her feel alive so this is a good omen for Robby.

Later we find out that in the last year, Robby's best friend was killed in a car accident. He was texting and driving and drove off a bridge. This made Robby realize that life is too short to not be happy. He wasn't happy in his job and relationship so within a few months he quit his job, moved to a new city and left his girlfriend of three and a half years. Basically, he started over and he knows what he wants in life now. He also tells her that he is in love with her, which surprised her but I guess now that we know his whole cease the day philosophy we shouldn't be that surprised. She gave him the date rose, which Robby took as validation that she is on the path to falling in love with him too.

No Cocktail Party Necessary

The guys are all gathering around getting ready for the cocktail party and before things get started Derek decides he wants to confront the Mean Girls of the house. He pulls aside Alex (Regina), Chase, Robby and Jordan to tell them that they're being cliquey and he's only speaking for himself but he feels that others are feeling it too. Instead of apologizing for making him feel bad, they throw it back at him and say he's just being insecure and that his timing is really bad because they are just trying to focus on what they need to do to get roses tonight (well except Jordan & Robby who have roses already). Jordan called him petty and said it was a non-issue. I think these guys handled that situation totally wrong and should have just been decent guys instead of name calling. Alex was throwing around a lot of "petty little bitch" toward Derek. Alex just needs to go, this situation is bringing out the worst in him.

When they came back in the house, you could tell from some of the faces the other guys made that they agreed with Derek but didn't want to get into it just then. Then Chris Harrison comes in and says NO COCKTAIL PARTY FOR YOU! JoJo already knows what she wants to do and 3 guys are going home.

Going into the rose ceremony Jordan, Robby and Derek have roses. At this ceremony Evan (FINALLY), Vinny and Grant get the boot.

So all in all this week we lost Chad, James F., Daniel, Evan, Vinny and Grant! That's a lot of dudes!

My top 5 (in no particular order) are: Luke, Derek, Jordan, Robby, and Chase

Also, last but not least the blooper after the episode was epic. Luke was trying to have a serious conversation but it was derailed when the guys were distracted by Luke's amazing side boob. Hilarious.

Until next week everyone!

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