Bachelorette Blog: HOMETOWNS! (Week 7)

Good morning Bachelorette lovers! Last night was hometown dates and it's looking like JoJo is in for a difficult decision. Let's get started!


First up was Chase and I've got to say it was a game changer for him. Chase has been slower to open up to JoJo than the rest of the guys left and his hometown date completely explained why he is a little more guarded. His parents had a very messy divorce and it made Chase scared to open up in past relationships. He knows he doesn't ever want to get divorced because of what it did to his family but he's also seen both his mother and his father bounce back with better relationships. JoJo got to meet his dad separately and then met Chase's mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece/nephew (I can't remember if it was a boy or a girl) and his step-dad. His family is really wonderful and very supportive and admiring of Chase. It seems like JoJo has helped him to open up and this "journey" has made him more receptive to love.

Chase has never told a girlfriend he loves her, it's something that is more than words to him and something he is wary of. That being said, he knows that he does love JoJo and that if he doesn't tell her, he could lose her. He makes a smart move telling her and I think he may have solidified himself as a top 3 contender.


Jordan first takes JoJo to his high school to show her where he grew up. She got to meet his favorite coach and he got to feel what it's like to have a "high school sweetheart" because he never did back then. It's fair to say that Jordan is very different than what is projected on him by the media and the other guys in the house. He seems to be down to earth, and has worked hard to get where he's been professionally and personally. It doesn't seem like he's had any unfair advantages because of who his brother is, on the contrary he's had to work harder to overcome the shadow of his brother. Either that or he's a really good actor, but I hope not.

Aaron was a major topic of conversation during the hometown date. You can tell that Jordan and the rest of his family don't really want to talk about it, but that Aaron is missed. They aren't close to him but they wish they were.

Jordan is "crazy about" JoJo and ready to propose. I think JoJo is head over heals for him too but really scared of getting hurt. I think this is telling because she's not nearly as scared of anyone else at this point breaking her heart. She is scared that Jordan will. This means she is more invested in him than anyone else and if it doesn't work out she knows she'll be hurt. She either needs to trust him and dive in head first, or decide that it's not worth the worry and go all in with someone else. I don't think that will happen though (see my predictions below).


Robby's ex is the focus of most of this hometown date. JoJo talks to Robby before meeting his family about her concerns and he reassures her yet again that his ex will never be a factor for him moving forward and the he is all in with JoJo. Then they went to meet his family, which is large and loud and really fun and loving.

JoJo had great talks with his mom and sisters. In particular, she disclosed to Robby's mom that she is falling in love with him. She does not say this to any other parents AND she tells his mom that she has told no one else about this. All seemed to be going well, and then Robby has a chat with his mom. His mom tells him that there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Apparently, the roommate of his ex girlfriend is spreading a rumor that Robby only broke up with the ex to go on the show. This really upsets Robby. He has been trying very hard to put that behind him and the fact that it keeps coming up makes him uncomfortable because he knows that it just gives JoJo more reasons to doubt him.

He decided that the best approach is to just tell JoJo what is going on and face it head on. Good approach if you ask me. It does upset JoJo but it's much better for them to have these conversations now than for it to come up after the fact and ruin everything. Unfortunately, it did put a bit of a damper on the date and they left things kind of on a sour note, but she wouldn't be upset if she didn't care. And remember, she is falling in love with him so she needs to work this stuff out now.


On Luke's hometown date JoJo got to meet not only his immediate family but 50 of his closest friends. Um, that's got to be somewhat overwhelming. When they pulled up to his house she was like "why are there so many cars?" Luckily, that part of the day didn't last forever and she end up getting some quality time with just his family. We didn't get to see a whole lot of 1 on 1 action between JoJo and his parents but Luke did have a sweet conversation with his dad.

After dinner, Luke took JoJo to have some alone time. They rode horses to a private area and chatted and he told her how much he was looking forward to their future. She started to cry and told him that she didn't want their time to end and that she didn't want to say good bye. At this point I started getting a little worried for Luke because it seemed more like a "final" good bye than a "see you soon". But then he took her on a walk with a candle lit path to a heart made of rose petals and told her that she had his heart completely. He didn't however tell her outright that he loved her.


Heading in to the rose ceremony, JoJo says that she feels she has to let Luke go. And that's when I gasped and threw my remote at the TV. Just kidding. I was upset but not all together super surprised but my initial, gut reaction was fury. I might have mentioned before that I'm obsessed with Luke. Also, I hadn't seen the first 2 hometown dates yet so I didn't know what happened with Chase and Jordan. I was bad and watched the second hour first because I was traveling home from a business trip and missed the first hour but didn't want to wait to watch. Watching back, I see that she did have better hometown dates and deeper connections with Chase than with Luke this week.

But not so fast. Before JoJo can start to dole out the roses, Luke chimes in and asks if he can talk to her first. He tells her that he had wanted to tell her he was in love with her and really regretted not saying it during their date. He felt he needed to tell her before it was too late. She told him that she had really wanted to hear that from him. He went back in to wait for the rose ceremony and JoJo had an emotional breakdown.

To be continued....


I think it's safe to say that Jordan and Robby are going to be in the final two. Now, she might surprise us but of all of the guys these were the only two she actually said she was falling in love with. I think she really wanted Luke to be up there but unfortunately, his profession of love came a little too late. I know it's throwing her for a loop right now but she's progressed too far with Robby and Jordan at this point and even though she wanted things to work out with Luke, she has to follow her heart. If he manages to pull through next week, I think it will be Chase that goes in his place. But in all honesty, and as much as I don't want to see it happen, I think she's going to let Luke go at the beginning of next week.

We saw a while back in a preview that JoJo confronts one of the final two about lying to her. I think it's going to be Robby. They are setting it up too perfectly though so they could just be manipulating us into thinking that Robby is going to break her heart. I could be wrong but right now, my gut is telling me that Robby and Jordan are the top guys, Robby's past relationship will get in the way again or he'll give her a reason not to trust him, and she will end up with Jordan. We'll see if my psychic powers are on point in just a few weeks!

Next week, we'll get the overnight dates with the top 3 guys (probably Jordan, Robby and Chase) and then A BONUS EPISODE on Tuesday with the Men Tell All. Then, in just 2 short weeks the epic finale! Do I sound like Chris Harrison yet? It's my goal in life. Just kidding, but not really.

What do you all think? Am I wrong about the top 2 prediction? Who do you think JoJo will end up with and do you think it will last?

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