Bachelorette Blog: Week 3 (Night 2) - Don't Poke a Chad-Bear

Last night was the second part to this two night event. And in the end we were left with another cliff hanger and the format is all screwed up. So we left Monday nights episode with Chris Harrison telling Chad that he needed to go and settle things with the guys so they could move on. Then we got a bunch of clips that implied that things were going to take a turn toward the violent but as usual this was all just clever editing, nothing really happened and all those "injuries" were completely unrelated to the Chad situation.

Since the show isn't following traditional format, my blog is going to follow suit and I'm breaking with my traditional format for this post. Instead of going date by date I'm just going to focus on a few key players in last nights episode, and because last night focused heavily on Chad that's where I want to start.


I have a bunch of mixed feelings about Chad. I don't actually think he is such a bad guy and I may be the only person who was rooting for him against Alex in the two on one! At the beginning of the episode when Chad confronts the others about all the drama that's been happening in the house he openly says that he doesn't have a problem with any of them. It's really the other guys who have targeted Chad and because of this he's been reacting in the only way he knows how which is threats of violence. True, it's not great that this is his go-to for dealing with stress. But let's just get a little perspective here, he hasn't actually hurt anyone. Sure, he pulled on Evan's shirt (I think we should call him a waa-mbulance), but has he punched any of them? Has it ever actually come to blows? No. He's all talk. And it's really just a result of him being a bad communicator, not a bad person.

After that initial conversation at the start of the episode, Chad decides to keep to himself. He manages to be pleasant and have a good time at the pool party. That is until his alone time with JoJo is interrupted by none other than Evan. This guy is just pushing Chad's buttons and I think he does it on purpose to make Chad act out. Evan's main goal this week has been to try to get Chad out of the house. What does it really say about Evan's "connection" with JoJo that he'd rather spend his time with her making her feel bad that Chad is "bullying" him than to just focus on their relationship.

What made Chad really mad was that other guys are spending their time talking trash about him to JoJo. In particular, he over heard Derek talking about how the security guard was brought in to protect the guys from Chad. Chad confronts Derek and it was probably the most constructive communication Chad has had with anyone but still not great because he doesn't think he's done anything wrong. He just thinks he's defending himself (which he is, he's just going about it all wrong). Just when I was feeling bad for Chad and thinking that the guys were bullying him, Derek makes some solid points about Chad's lack of communication skills.

Okay all that aside, and even though I feel like Chad has gotten a raw deal this season, I do think it was the right decision for JoJo to let Chad go during the two-on-one. Even though I really don't like Alex. But more on the two-on-one later.


The only one-on-one this week went to Luke, finally! So Luke has been on my radar from the beginning, because it is very obvious that JoJo is really attracted to him. She notes that she felt an immediate attraction but wants to see if there is more to him than just being hot. For their date they go to a wood fire powered hot tub, (oh I forgot to mention that they have left the mansion in LA and are now in the traveling portion of the season and for some strange reason their first stop is in Pennsylvania...), anyway JoJo makes Luke chop the wood for the fire and by the time they are ready to get in the water is super hot! JoJo steps a toe in and immediately hops out and says "F**k that's hot!" What was even funnier than that, is that Luke gets right in and is fine, then he has to help her ease in.

Luke is an interesting guy. JoJo comments on his confidence and wonders how he got to be that way and he tells her about how at the age of just 23 he was a platoon leader in Afghanistan and that a close friend of his growing up was killed in action. This experience gave him some perspective on life and made him confident in who he is and what he wants. So yeah, there is more to him than just being hot. He surprised her by talking about how he's a very emotional person and that looking in her eyes gives him chills because he thinks about how her eyes could be the ones he looks into for the rest of his life. Swoon. So basically, he just solidified a spot in the top 3 me thinks!

No surprise he got a rose!


For the group date a bunch of the guys went and did football drills and then faced off with the winning team getting to continue their date with JoJo and the losing team going back to the hotel for the night. Jordan got to be on both football teams as the all team quarter back which meant regardless of which team won, he was getting to continue the date with JoJo. This is kind of telling, sure they had an odd number and he was a freaking football player in life, but the fact that JoJo made sure that he was guaranteed to stay for the evening means she wants him around.

Jordan is frustrated because during his alone times with JoJo she repeatedly tells him that he makes her nervous and that she can't read him. This is also a good sign for him. She likes him a lot but is scared because she doesn't know if he likes her as much as she likes him. In an effort to ease her concerns he tells her that he is falling for her and that makes her really happy. He's very obviously a front runner at this point.

The reason I lumped Chase and Jordan together in this section is because I think they might be the same person... at least they look so much alike, particularly in football jerseys. Also, JoJo mentioned that Chase is high on her list right now so I wanted to give him a shout out.


Chad & Alex

Okay, does anyone else think that it was kind of early for a two-on-one? Oh well. Going in to this both Alex and Chad were really confident. Personally, I think Alex has been a real dick so I was hoping that even if Chad didn't get a rose that maybe she would send them both packing but instead she rewarded Alex for "having her back". I think I'm being too hard on him, I just don't really see anything between him and JoJo and I felt like his sole purpose lately has been to antagonize Chad and start drama (similar to Evan).

Anyway, I did really appreciate what JoJo said to Chad as the reasoning behind why she couldn't give him the rose. Violence (even just threats of violence) is not okay and if that's the way he reacts when he feels like he's backed in a corner, it's not going to make for a great relationship. She did give him the benefit of the doubt a couple times and even considered that he might just be struggling - I mean his mom died only six months ago. But that's even more of a reason to let him go, he might not be ready for what she wants.

After she gave the rose to Alex, Chad wandered around in the woods until it was dark. The men back at the house were psyched when the show staff came to take Chad's bags away.

Meanwhile, somehow Chad has found his way back to the house the guys are staying at and knocked on the door. Heads are gonna roll (or more than likely he'll throw some threats and insults at them and that will be that). And then...

To be continued....

So in the rose ceremony that happened in the middle of the episode after the pool party Christian, Ali and Nick were sent home.

Going into next week we know that Chad is out (but not gone yet) and that Jordan, Luke and Alex have roses.

My favorites: Jordan, Chase, Luke, and Derek - I actually really love Wells but he's had so little time with JoJo that I don't think he's developing much of a relationship with her...

Until next time in 2 WEEKS!

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