Bachelor Blog: Mean Girls (Week 3)

Okay kids, we're in week 3 of The Bachelor! This week started with Lauren B. and Amanda (who are apparently the only real friends in the house) talking about how Olivia is a mean girl who acts for the cameras. Does not bode well for Olivia this week. We also learned from Chris Harrison that there would be three dates, 2 one-on-ones and one group date. So let's dig in to the dates!

"The Sky is the Limit" 

Date: Lauren B.

Hooray! Lauren B. gets a date! So she's been one of my favorites since week 1 but didn't get a date last week so I'm very excited that we finally get to see Ben & Lauren B. together. I think my husband summed it up when he said that Ben should just choose her now and they should make cute little babies together. So obviously Lauren is my husband's choice for the season! But he's totally right, she's cute and will more than likely be getting a hometown date at the very least!

For their date, Ben took Lauren out in a biplane. Lauren is a flight attendant so she's no stranger to flying but she was really nervous about this tiny plane with only one propeller. Once they got in the air though she completely relaxed and they had a good time. When they landed in a random field, they found a hot tub. Seriously there was a hot tub in a random field. I like that Lauren totally called it out too and was like "I don't even want to know how this got here."

Later, Ben talked to Lauren about his parents and how when his dad got sick he saw just how much his mom loved him and it made him realize what he wants. So basically that was too damn sweet. He's a freakin' catch! After talking about his family Lauren told him that she wants to meet them and then was immediately embarrassed because she didn't mean to imply that she wanted a hometown date. They spent the last part of the date with a private concert from Lucy Angel.

Overall a great first date for this couple. Ben said that it felt like how a first date with his wife would feel like. Good sign.

Winners Take All - Soccer Date

Group Date: Leah, Jami, Amber, Lace, Rachel, Shushana, Lauren H., Olivia, Emily, Haley, Jennifer, and Amanda

Before we get in to the happenings of the group date a few things were going on at the house that I want to mention. First, poor Caila got a little overwhelmed and emotional about watching other girls date Ben but eventually decided that he's worth it so she'll just have to deal. The rest of the girls obviously aren't buddies. It's not like they aren't friendly to each other, they are but generally it seems like when Ben is out with someone else all the other girls are moaning and groaning and generally whining about not being on the date. They're a whiny group. Okay now for the date.

The girls split into two teams and played soccer after being coached by Alex Morgan and Kelley O'Hara from the World Cup Champion U.S. Women's National Soccer Team. The girls were shockingly bad at soccer during the training portion but pulled it off during the game. The two girls who stood out during the game were Emily who played goalie and was making blocks like no one's business and Rachel who even after injuring herself went all in. And let me tell you Ben was all about Emily's goal blocking. He was jumping and cheering and just basically super impressed by her. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts Emily & Rachel's team lost in overtime when Amber scored the winning goal.

The winning team (Olivia, Amber, Haley, Jami, Lauren H., and Lace) got to hit up the after party with Ben. Of course, Olivia pulled him aside first (again) and the other girls were not at all pleased. It didn't help things that Olivia took Ben up to a hotel room where they stood on the balcony and she shouted down to the girls to basically flaunt her time with him. Olivia proceeds to tell Ben that the other girls are intimidated by her. During this time the other girls talk wicked smack about Olivia to each other including how ugly her toes are, the fact that her boobs look fake and that she has bad breath. Jami turns around and tells Olivia about the girls talking about her toes. This is super bizarre.

In a surprising twist, Lace wasn't super weird or crazy on this date.

And finally, after a lot of whining and complaining about not getting time with Ben, Amber sought him out and got a much needed conversation in with him. Which somehow got her the date rose.

"Love is in the Air"

Date: Jubilee

So I guess the theme of the one-on-ones this week was flight related because this one involves a helicopter. But before we get to that let's talk about how (in the words of Jami) Awko-Taco Jubliee was at the beginning of this date. First, when the other girls were out on the group date she complained at length to JoJo about how she didn't think she was Ben's type. That he had been going for a lot of perky and sweet girls and that's not how she is so she didn't think she would get the one-on-one. (PS JoJo had RBF for the majority of this conversation). But then Jubilee did get the date and she was totally shocked and excited.

Then, when she was ready and waiting for Ben she developed a super weird attitude where she was trying to be too cool for it all like it was NBD. Which rubbed the other girls the wrong way. When Ben showed up she informed him that he was 20 minutes late. Then when he took her out to see their ride (the aforementioned helicopter) she asked "Does anyone else want to go on my date?" because she's scared of heights. That also was not taken well by the rest of the girls.

Here's the thing. Jubilee is clearly an analytical person and has dealt with a lot in her life. She doesn't necessarily know the "right" way to act in this situation and so she's coping the best she can. The date turned out to be really great, Ben is super intrigued by her and she opened up to him about the survivors guilt that she feels being the only living member she knows of in her bloodline. Her family died in Haiti which is why she hasn't been back.

She ended up getting the date rose, which none of the other girls expected.

Didn't get dates this week: Becca, Caila, JoJo (but it's cool because they are all solid)

Cocktail Party Notes

At the beginning of the cocktail party Ben informed the ladies that two family friends had died the previous day in a plane crash. He wanted them to know because he was upset and it would impact the way he interacted with them. 

To no one's surprise, Olivia took him first. But instead of consoling him, she jumps right into how she has insecurities. I think she was going to tell him about the other girls making fun of her toes, but instead talked about bloggers writing about her cankles and started to cry. He did not appreciate this. He was upset about his family friends and the last thing he wanted to do was console her about her cankles. 

Amanda and Jubilee made a point to ask him how he was doing and try to make him feel better. Unfortunately since Jubilee already had a rose the other girls went in to mean girl mode and hated her on principle for giving him a massage which "was his favorite thing". 

These girls went a little far in hating on Jubilee. When she walked into the room and said hi, they turned around and left. Then they said that she was secluding herself when she went and sat alone. She was pretty quite but I think she was probably just saddened by Ben's news and could 100% relate so she was melancholy. Somehow this combined with Jubilee's attitude before the date upset Amber and she decided to confront Jubilee (and also mock her to the other girls). Which made Jubilee upset and she went upstairs to be alone. Ben caught wind that she was upset and went up to see what was wrong and then Amber came up to clear things up and basically attacked Jubilee in front of Ben. That ended with Ben defending Jubilee which I'm sure was not what any of the girls wanted. Amber was lucky she already had a rose because after that stunt he probably wouldn't have given it to her. 

After all of that Ben looked exhausted. He sat on the couch and said "The drama is over" and then came Lace. Lace asked if she could speak with him and then walked outside in tears. Outside she told Ben that she was ashamed of how she had represented herself so far and that she had a lot of work to do on herself before she could be in a relationship and that he deserved better so she decided to go home. Which was actually super mature of her. 

At the rose ceremony, Olivia received the final rose. She took that to mean that Ben knew that she could handle it, I took that to mean that she rubbed him the wrong way with her cankle whine and he wanted to let her know she screwed up. 

Out this week: Lace (left on her own), Shushana, Jami

My front runners: Lauren B., JoJo (even though she was kind of mean this week), Caila, Becca, Amanda

Slipping in the ranks: Olivia

Next week we get the first travels of the season when Ben takes the girls to Vegas! Looks like Becca is going to get a date so we can see where that's going!

Until next week everyone!

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