Bachelor Blog: Bachelor High & Scientific Experiments (Week 2)

It's the second week of Bachelor Ben's journey to find love, so we're in the midst of dates with a ton of girls who are all trying to be friends but super jealous of each other. Also, the dumb competition based dates. But before I get in to the nitty gritty I just want to say that I am super happy that we got an entire episode with NO to be continued cliff hanger. Yay!

"Let's Learn How to Love" - Bachelor High

Group Date: Jackie, LB, Lauren H., Becca, Amber, Mandi, JoJo, Jubilee, Jennifer and Lace

On this date Ben took the ladies to a high school, dubbed Bachelor High with Principal Chris Harrison, to compete in a few games. They competed in teams of two until the last two had to do hurdles to win the honor of being Ben's Homecoming Queen. Things of note during the competition 1. Lace forgot about "communication" and lost the first round, to the horror of her partner Jubilee; 2. Team JoJo and Becca had an embarrassing geography moment when they had to find the state shape and location of Indiana. They put it sideways around where Pennsylvania should be. The winners of the games were Amber and Mandi, but Mandi smoked Amber on the hurdles and won Homecoming Queen. Yeah, I know this all sounds super stupid. It was fun though.

During the evening portion of the date we got to see one-on-one time with Becca, Jennifer, Lace, Jubilee and JoJo. This was pretty much the only camera time that Becca got this week but Ben said she's cute, kind and easy to be around so she's obviously solid. Ben went in for kisses with a few of ladies (Jennifer, Jubilee and JoJo). Lace rubbed everyone the wrong way by taking a second turn with Ben because she incorrectly presumed a kiss was coming during the first session and wanted to get her chance. Unfortunately, she just came off crazier and got no kiss.

JoJo was obviously the girl Ben was looking to get some quality time with because he took her to his "special location" on the roof. Later he gave her the date rose! (Psst - JoJo is my favorite so far).

A One-On-One with Two Extras

Date: Caila
Extras: Kevin Hart & Ice Cube

For the one-on-one date Ben let Chris Harrison do the planning, which is always risky. Chris recruited Kevin Hart and Ice Cube who decided to take Ben and Caila on the perfect cheap date. They took off in a classic car for a "Ride Along" (no pun intended indeed). It started off cute when Ben stopped for a flower salesman on the side of the road to get Caila a bouquet, then took a turn for the cheap with a visit to the liquor store (where Ice Cube wanted Ben to buy hard liquor and condoms), and then to a hot tub store where they took a dip with a "naked" Kevin Hart.

Caila was a good sport and was rewarded with an actual romantic date with Ben in the evening. They had great, normal date conversation and asked each other really good get to know you questions. Ben likes that Caila is fun and bubbly but also has depth. Basically they are just super cute together. On the way home from the date they stopped at a theater and got a private concert by one of Ben's favorite artists, Amos Lee, and danced to Ben's favorite song while smooching it up. Very promising start to their relationship.

"Are We a Perfect Match?" - Love Lab Chemistry

Ben giving Olivia a sniff.
Group Date: Emily, Sam, Olivia, Haley, Amanda, and Shushana

This was a really tense and awkward date. Ben took the girls to see a scientist who did some tests regarding compatibility based on physical reactions. First, the girls were shown pictures to see if they looked more at Ben vs. other guys. Next was a smell test where the girls had to get sweaty then Ben put on a blind fold and smelled them to see who's scent he liked more. Unfortunately during this experiment Ben said that Sam smelled "sour". In the final test they used thermal energy to see how their body temperature reacted in different "close" poses. After all of this Olivia scored the highest (in the 75th percentile) and poor Sour Sam scored the lowest.

Neither Ben or Olivia were surprised by her high score because they are obviously very attracted to each other. Unfortunately for Olivia, this in combination with the first impression rose last week, and the date rose on this date put a huge target on her back with the other girls. Well, that and her over confident attitude around the others. In the words of Chris Jenner, Olivia needs to "slow her roll".

Ben took some time during the evening to try to make Sam feel better about the "sour" thing. He smelled her again and said she smelled like passion fruit.  He also got a chance to learn about Amanda's two daughters.

Cocktail Party Notes

Poor Lace - she came off even crazier. It's pretty clear she has some insecurity but is trying to present confidence. Either way, she's not adjusting to this situation very well.

Even though Lauren B. didn't get a date this week, Ben made sure to get some QT with her as well and even gave her a gift! He had a picture of them from the first night printed up and gave it to her in the same spot where they were sitting in the picture. This was a pretty romantic gesture and Ben obviously really likes her. You can also tell that he's feeling her out to see if she likes him as much as he likes her. It's pretty cute. It looks like Lauren B. gets a one-on-one next week so we'll see how this progresses!

Ben also wanted to take a minute to make Amanda feel comfortable. They made rose hair clips for her daughters. She's basically the cutest. I don't think she will win but I think she'll go far and could even be The Bachelorette in the future.

Lastly, I just want to have a short vent about Amber. Amber is being super passive and really annoying. She's constantly complaining about girls getting "extra" time when she has not had any time with him. Well guess what Amber? Those girls who are taking initiative and getting their time with Ben are going to make it further than you. So basically the only conversation Amber has had with Ben was at the cocktail party on the first night, even though SHE GOT A GROUP DATE THIS WEEK and was the ONLY one not to seek him out for a conversation this week at the cocktail party. Seriously? Take a lesson from Olivia, you have to go after what you want! Luck for Amber, LB decided to leave on her own, so Ben had an extra rose this week and she got it. Step it up Amber!
"The Mouth"

Out this week: Mandi, Sam, LB (left on her own), Girl I didn't recognize (turned out to be Samantha)

My front runners: JoJo, Lauren B., Caila, Amanda and Olivia (aka "The Mouth")
Others to watch for: Jubilee, Leah and Becca

Next week it looks like Olivia is going to cause more drama and Jubilee has a melt down. So something to look forward to!

Until next week everyone!

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