Bachelor Blog: Vegas Baby (Week 4)

First, sorry this is so late! I'm in Orlando for a trade show this week for work which is just one of two reasons I was not able to watch The Bachelor as it aired. The second reason is that there was an ISU basketball game on that was, in the words of my co-worker, "the biggest game of the year". In case you're wondering ISU won, and it was a good game so I guess it was worthwhile. But because of this and the late hour at which I'm writing this blog, I'm going to keep this one short and sweet!

Before we start in on the dates, the beginning of the show set us up for what to expect this week. A lot of crazy Olivia. Chris Harrison announced that they would be going to Las Vegas and Olivia was legitimately the most excited I've ever seen anyone be for a Vegas trip with a bunch of girls she's not even friends with. The Mouth was out in force during that bit. 

Viva Las Vegas

Date: JoJo

The first one on one of the week went to JoJo, which is great because she hasn't had a date in over a week. Ben took JoJo to the top of a building first thing to have a little champagne while they waited for their ride. It so happened that the roof top they were on was within sight of the hotel suite that the other girls were in so they got to spy on the couple a little bit. When the helicopter arrived, the wind was so strong it actually flipped the cocktail table they were standing by, which they then used to take cover and smooch behind. At that point the other girls were like "wait are we watching them kiss now?" and then walked away awkwardly. Their initial excitement for JoJo and her date disappeared in an instant.

So basically, Ben and JoJo had a pretty normal date, they talked a lot and had good conversations but the main thing to note is their insane chemistry and body language. These two are super into each other. I'm fairly confident that JoJo is top two material. I would be pretty shocked if she's not in the final. 

Bachelor Talent Show

Group Date: Amanda, Jubilee, Lauren B., Caila, Haley, Emily, Olivia, Amber, Lauren H., Jennifer, Leah, Rachel

For the group date the girls had a talent show for an audience of about 1200 people. Ben really just wanted to see who handled it well and had a good time (obviously because if he was judging by real talent this competition would be over). The talents ranged from everything from river dancing (the Twins), to cello playing (Jubilee - of course Jubilee plays the cello... she's so serious), and recitation of poetry in a chicken costume (Lauren H.). But the worst of the worst was Olivia, who after determining that she had no talent dressed up in a show girl costume, popped out of a cake and danced awkwardly. Later, she "had a panic attack" over her embarrassment. 

At the evening portion of the date, Caila went in for some quality one on one time. She hadn't been on a group date before so she wasn't used to having to share time but didn't want to be rude to the other girls either. She's stinkin cute. When she got her time, she "went for it" and immediately made out with Ben. Ben enjoyed that because he thought she was kind of shy before but liked that she has a "quiet confidence". 

"She's like a sex panther!" - said Ben about his one-on-one time with Caila.

The group date rose went to Lauren B. (more proof that she's another front runner, she is also so cute!). 

Going to the Chapel

Date: Becca

Ahead of Becca's date Ben sent her a wedding dress to wear, and then she was picked up in a pink Cadillac by an Elvis impersonator and taken to a wedding chapel. But don't get too excited, the couple didn't prematurely tie he knot. Becca and Ben performed marriage ceremonies because Ben was ordained! 

These two are a pretty good fit. The date was really natural and they have a lot in common. I could see this going a long way. Basically, this week is the week of calling out the front runners (all those going in to the rose ceremony with roses from dates are totally going top 4 at least). 

Twin on OneDate: Emily & Haley

Turns out the twins are from Las Vegas, and Ben is a nice guy who thought that when he finally rejected one of the two that this would be the place to do it so their sweet mom could console the loser. This two on one (aka twin on one) was sprung on the girls but was necessary at this point. Ben needed to differentiate between the girls and decide which one to try to date for real. In the end it turned out to be Emily. He was of course very nice about all of it because he's turning out to be the "Perfect Ben" that the show promoted. 

Cocktail Party Notes

The cocktail party was mostly about Olivia again. She wasn't feeling good about her time with Ben this week and wanted to get back on track. She basically had been flip flopping between extreme confidence and self-doubt the whole week. Then in all her alone time with Ben she'd try to apologize and he would tell her not to apologize. This apparently was a declaration of love in Olivia's eyes. She told JoJo that she was falling in love with Ben and that he reciprocated which kind of upset JoJo. Don't worry JoJo, Olivia is batshit and making stuff up in her mind. You got this JoJo. 

At the rose ceremony, Olivia got the last rose again. If the previews for next week are accurate, she might be on the way out. If not next week probably the week after. We also get to see Jubilee get even more erratic. Looking forward to that hot mess next week! 

Out this week: Rachel, Amber and Haley 

My front runners (same): Lauren B., JoJo, Caila, Becca, Amanda

Until next week everyone!

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