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Guys, I'm so excited! I think my favorite shows know just when I need a pick me up because the return of The Bachelor is just what I needed this week! I'm so glad the season has started because all the promos have been awful. "It's Raining Ben" and "A Perfect Ben" are some of the nerdiest puns I've ever heard. So, thankfully that nonsense is over and we can get down to business!

First things first, let's talk about our new Bachelor! Ben was my favorite last season, if I were the Bachelorette and he was on my season, I would have picked him but Kaitlyn's not me so we're lucky and get to have a whole season of him!

We all know how the first night goes, a bunch of girls whooping it up in the limos, being besties, having awkward first interactions, then getting white girl wasted and turning jealous when the first impression rose pops up. Before we get to the first impression rose, here are my first impressions:

Tiara's bio video was a little weird with her chickens, but she seemed totally normal and cute when she met Ben. Sadly, she was the only one among my first "good" impressions that did not get a rose last night. Sorry Tiara, looks like you don't have to choose between your chickens and Ben after all.

Mandi, the girl who dressed as the first impression rose and gave Ben a dental exam is bat shit. I could tell from the first time she came on screen in her bio video. Speaking of bio videos, how do they decide which girls get a bio?

Lace is legit crazy. And she is super threatened by Becca. Either that or she is in love with Becca who is apparently the only girl there who is as good looking or better looking than Lace and poses the only possible threat to Lace's relationship with Ben. Also, I think it was a little obvious for Lace to wear a lace dress... she should have worn satin. More on Lace in a second.

And since we're talking about Becca... what does everyone think of Becca and Amber coming back? I'm a little over both of them and Becca is somehow rubbing me the wrong way but I actually think Becca and Ben could be a good couple so I think she'll probably stick around for a good long while. Amber? Not so much. Don't really care.

So, I know it's early but here are my favorites so far:

Caila - Fellow software sales rep, she and Ben hit it off right away and she is SO stinking cute! When she first came out of the limo she jumped into Ben's arms. See what I mean about cute?
Olivia - Got the first impression rose, is super fun and cute. So basically she's my new Bachelor friend and I've already started following her on Twitter. But seriously, she and Ben had very natural conversations and seem like they have fun together, hence the first impression rose. Seems like she's going to be the source of some drama in the house and that the other girls will end up thinking she's full of it so it's unlikely that she'll be the one in the end but solid for a while I think.
JoJo - She's my actual favorite. I think she's super real and quirky. I mean she wore a unicorn mask when she came out of the limo so I obviously love her (#unicorn).
Amanda - Single mom of two (actually the only mom on the show this season), she's tiny and pretty. Basically your standard Bachelor front runner. She'll probably be the next Bachelorette.
Lauren B. - Another one that seemed like she had a good initial connection with Ben and probably the most likely Lauren to make it. Oh yeah, there are like a million Lauren's this season.

I put a maybe next to Leah, looks like she gets punched in the face at some point so we'll see what that's about. And I'm sure Becca is safe.

The biggest drama of the first night was Lace and her drunken jealousy. Unfortunately, Ben decided to keep her around, giving her the final rose of the night. And then she confronted him about not looking at her and confused the hell out of him. He'll probably chock it up to drunkenness and give her another chance but I have a feeling she's going to be super posessive a la Courtney or Michelle Money (both were villians in their seasons, although Michelle Money has completely redeemed herself, she is amazing and I love her).

So that's pretty much it for the first night, in conclusion I'd like to leave you with some of my favorite tweets from the night, because my Twitter feed is basically full of former Bachelor peeps:

I agree.

In reference to crazy Mandi and the dental exam.

How did I miss the crazy gluten girl?

Ashley Spivey is my new favorite Twitter commentator, well besides JP.

Another example of how Ashley is awesome.

I agree with Catherine, Ben is wonderful!
Until next week everyone, I have a feeling it's going to be a great season!

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