Emmy Fashion Recap 2015

It is with horror that I have to tell you that I completely forgot about the Emmy Awards last night. I was kind of absorbed in reading and then watching my current obsession (Veronica Mars). So I missed all of the live red carpet coverage and the show itself but I did catch up on the highlights this morning.

First, I know it might not seem like that big of a deal that I missed it and honestly it's really not hard to catch up with the internet. But I love award shows. There's something really great about feeling so invested in the actors that bring your favorite shows to life, and I always cry. It's silly but I do, every damn award show. And who doesn't love a good happy cry? So, in missing it live where I can happily tear up in the comfort of my home, I was forced to embarrassingly choked up at my desk.

Second, I really do prefer to watch the red carpet and get a genuine first impression experience when it comes to the fashion but the sites that do a really good job of recapping and showing the red carpet arrivals are E Online and Huffington Post. They are my go-to sources for pictures of red carpet fashion.

With that here is my favorite look of the night:
Zoe Kazan was nominated for her role in Olive Kitteridge, but I know her from a cute little movie she made with Daniel Radcliffe called What If, it's on Netflix and it's super cute so you should check it out. I love the pattern, the accessories, her make up and hair. Just in general this is all around my favorite.  

Going a little more classic, I also really liked Emma Roberts' look last night. 

One thing I really didn't love was this look on Nazanin Boniadi, I see where she was trying to go with this, and she is SO beautiful, but the flesh colored part did not work at all for me, and it doesn't fit her.

To wrap things up, I just want to say how excited I was for The Voice and Game of Thrones last night. It's about time Game of Thrones wins Best Drama Series. It is the best. No joke. 

And, happy premier week, enjoy new episodes of your favorite shows! I am so excited for the start of The Voice, Modern Family and Grey's Anatomy (to name a few). 

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