The Naked Mole Rat - Hours of Entertainment for the Whole Family

Last night I happened upon a little game that literally had me crying from laughter for a solid hour if not longer. First, let me tell you about how I came across this. I was having dinner with my family and my sister and I got to talking about weird people in high school and she mentioned someone who we used to refer to as "the mole rat". I know that is so mean. I definitely don't advocate calling people names but it happened and he is forever known as "the mole rat." My mom did not know what a mole rat was so we decided to Google Image search it and here is what we found:

These photos immediately hit my funny bone and I wanted to send one to everyone I knew to bring them some joy as well as terror (basically the emotions I felt when I saw it). So I saved the image below to my phone and started weeding through my contacts to see who might enjoy it. That's how the game started. Basically, I chose a few friends and sent them some variation of this:

Most of them either didn't respond right away or just laughed and that was it. With the exception of my husband who I almost legitimately convinced I had adopted a mole rat as our new pet. Here's how that went down:

Where the game got REALLY fun was when my sister started giving me phone numbers of her friends that I knew and would know me but who probably didn't have my phone number saved in their phones. This completely made my night. First, just thinking about how someone would react to getting that picture from a number they didn't recognize made me giddy with glee, and then when they started responding I was shrieking with delight with every new text! Here is the best example of what happened:

He finally did figure out who I was, my sister was Snap Chatting this business the whole time.

All in all, this was a very fun experiment/game that I would recommend to any one looking to fill their night with laughter and gaining a few new text friends along the way, because I totally saved my sisters friends phone number in to my phone. They should beware of any further mole rat strikes in the future.

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