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So I was traveling for work and couldn't watch The Bachelorette as it aired but I just got caught up so let's get down to it.  I know the first part of the episode was about Kaitlyn's overnights with Ben and Shawn but I'm going to gloss over that a little bit because I really just want to get in to the two remaining guys and meeting their families. 

First things first, Kaitlyn had a great date with Ben, he's a great guy and seems very different from Nick and Shawn. He's not in to drama at all, doesn't even ask her questions about the other guys because he's focused on them. Basically, he's wonderful. Her date with Shawn started out great, they got back to the fun part of their relationship and just got to have a normal fun day together. Kaitlyn challenged Shawn to a little truth or dare, and being the manly man that he is he chose dare so she dared him to streak on the golf course. When he did, she stole his clothes and he chased her around the course naked. The best part there was when he said "I've always wanted a black box on TV." He certainly got his wish! The second part of the date they did need to talk through some more serious things, but bringing up Nick and the fact that he had talked to Kaitlyn about "concerns" toward Shawn just pissed Shawn off and they decided to take that conversation off camera. 

The next morning, Nick met Shawn outside the cottages and wanted to talk to him which Shawn was not super open to. That conversation was about as constructive as the last. What I find interesting is the way the show is playing more toward Nick in these situations. Every time they get together they make it seem like Nick is trying to be reasonable and Shawn is a hot head. I just thought that was interesting. 

In the last official rose ceremony of the season Kaitlyn lets Ben go (she takes it very hard). Honestly, if I were the Bachelorette, I would have picked Ben but I'm not Kaitlyn and it's been obvious for a long time that Nick and Shawn are her top 2 guys so I wasn't shocked here, but I was sad to see him go. I was hopeful for him. 

Okay now on to the meat of the episode, also just a side note - they don't actually go to the guys hometowns but bring both families to Utah to meet there, and the families have no idea it's down to the top 2 yet. 

Nick's Family:
Before Nick brings Kaitlyn to his family, they have some alone time and he tells her that he is in love with her which makes her very happy.

Nick's family is VERY concerned about Nick. They were really worried about him coming back on the show because they saw what it did to him last time and how heartbroken he was. Here's the thing about Nick, I remember this from last season too, when he is with his family you can tell that he is a real person who is actually a pretty decent guy. He is very close with his family and I think we see more of who he really is around them than any other time and he seems really great. I also think that this time around the show is trying hard not to play him as the bad guy. They beat that drum pretty hard the first go round but after seeing how emotional his family got about him coming back to the show and his interactions with them I think he really does love Kaitlyn and that he is there for her and no other reason. He's convinced me, I wanted to be skeptical but I believe him. 

Watching Kaitlyn with his family and her reaction to him telling her he is in love with her made me think he was the one. She said at the rose ceremony that she is in love (with someone) and this whole interaction made me think it was him. Until she met Shawn's family...

Shawn's Family:
Going in to meeting Shawn's family, Kaitlyn is very excited! All of their interactions were spot on, she meshed very well with the family and it seemed like all their conversations were about how Shawn is the one and has been since the beginning. In fact, Shawn's sisters are very confident that the next time they see him he will be engaged. Everything when perfectly. 

After meeting the family they go back to Kaitlyn's room to talk over the day and how things went and Shawn tells Kaitlyn that he is in love with her and has been for a long time. Here is where trouble in paradise starts to emerge. Kaitlyn's reaction to him telling her he is in love with her was not as enthusiastic as when Nick told her. This could be because Nick got there first and when Shawn said it she realized she was going to break Nick's heart, or when Shawn said it she didn't feel it as strongly as when Nick did. 

This is how we leave Kaitlyn, she's a mess. 
After leaving Shawn, Kaitlyn gets very emotional. I really do think that she is in love with both of them. She said that when Shawn told her he loved her she was "so happy" but I think it hit her that one of these guys is going to get his heart broken and she doesn't want to do that. I'm less concerned about her reaction because I do think that when he said it it made the reality of the situation sink in for her. I think if the guys were reversed in order and Shawn told her first she would have been very happy and then gotten emotional after Nick said it. I think she's really overwhelmed because the guys are so different and she loves them both. 

Basically, both these guys love her. In the end, she'll end up engaged to one of them and it will just come down to whether or not they can make it work after the show. I'm really not sure which way this is going to go. Based on tonight alone, I'd give it 51/49 to Shawn but it's just so close at this point. I will say that I don't think she would have put up with all the ups and downs between them throughout the season if she didn't want to be with him, but I also don't think that she would have invited Nick to stay when he showed up, and then continued to let him stay even though she sees how much it bothers Shawn if she didn't really want to be with him too. It's going to come down to the wire with this one. 

I am nervous for Nick, I think he will take it harder in the end if it's not him (like I said, he's convinced me). 

Next week is Men Tell All. I probably wont do a recap of that one because it's not really worthwhile. It's entertaining to watch but nothing groundbreaking is going to come from that, all the drama (Nick & Shawn) is still on the show. Although I am very curious to see if JJ and Clint ever worked it out. 

So in 2 weeks it's the final rose! Looking forward to seeing how this shakes out! 

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