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Okay first things first, The Bachelorette aired at 12:05am this morning because of stupid baseball. I turned on the TV, prepared for an amazing 2 hours of drama and was foiled by America’s “favorite” pass time. Bleh. Needless to say I was not happy. I imagined myself getting up early to watch before I came to work, not sure why I thought I would do that. It would really say something about my instability as a person if I was able to get up to watch The Bachelorette at 5:00 in the morning when I can almost never force myself out of bed for any other reason at that hour. Thankfully, I’m not as crazy as all that (huge relief for me) and I did not wake up early to watch. I did catch up this morning and finally it feels like the show might be back on track, I’m so glad that Chris Harrison stepped in to force Kaitlyn in the right direction.

One-on-One Date with Ben H.
Kaitlyn was sad about the past week and Ben could tell but he helped pull her out of her funk. She said that he seems like husband material and asked if she was wife material and what that means to him to which he said aside from physical attraction he looks for joy/hope and being better and happier together even when times are tough. Good answers Ben, I think I like you.  Kaitlyn’s idea of husband materials was someone not giving up on her when times get tough.  He’s falling in love with her but he needs to tell her about his biggest fear (that he is unlovable), which blows her mind because she feels like he is a very lovable person that she could and is falling in love with.

When discussing the fantasy suite he mentions that he feels like it’s more than just sex and wants to spend the night talking to her, so she asks him if he is a virgin. What a weird thing to ask, just because he doesn’t want the whole fantasy suite to be “about sex” she thinks he’s a virgin. In case you were wondering, he is not.

Group Date – 3 on 1
A group date!? I thought she was supposed to have a bunch of one on ones to help her decide which 3 guys to take in to overnights. I guess I misunderstood the convoluted new rules.

Shawn is first up and they are trying to get back on track after the rough cocktail party last week where Kaitlyn said they needed to take a step back. Kaitlyn is preparing herself to tell Shawn about what happened with Nick because she realizes that Shawn questions her a lot and has insecurities and trust issues so she knows she needs to be honest with him. Just when she is about to tell him, Nick interrupts them.

Kaitlyn asks Nick how he feels about what happened and he says he doesn’t regret it and feels good but can tell that she has some reservations. She tells him that she thinks it was too fast, but then of course he uses his conversational wizardry to help smooth things over for her. This guy is so manipulative. He might be the best “actor” to ever be on this show.

Next up Joe gets some time with Kaitlyn and she asks him if he would be ready to be engaged after the show. He gets super romantic with her and tells her that he’s in love with her. She doesn’t respond very well, obviously flattered but she’s really not feeling it and decides that she needs to “address it immediately”.  She tells him that they are not on the same page and he completely shuts down, kind of turning in to a jerk asking her “what he should do now” and makes it really awkward for her. She just wanted to hug him and say good bye and he gets pretty pissed at her so she just walks away.

Kaitlyn doesn’t feel right about giving out the rose during the date so she tells Nick that she will see him at the rose ceremony and tells Shawn that they need more time together so she will see him later that night. Nick doesn’t feel good about this, he feels like Kaitlyn is choosing Shawn over him. He knows he came in late and has had less time with Kaitlyn and feels like he needed that time with her.

One on one time with Shawn
Shawn thinks they need a night to relax from the stress of the week, little does he know what is about to happen. Kaitlyn tells him that she does just want to hang out and have a good time but there is something on her mind that she hasn’t talked to anyone else about, and only wants to tell him because she wants to be honest with him and doesn’t want him to find out later. She tell him that it went too far with Nick on their one on one date in Dublin and that they had sex. Shawn is visibly upset when she tells him this. He asks if she regrets it and she said that she felt guilt and couldn’t stop thinking about what it would do to their relationship. He excuses himself to take a minute to regroup, basically it seems like he just doesn’t want to look at her in that moment.

When he returns from the bathroom (where he was “so tense he couldn’t even piss” – not sure why that was necessary to include in the show), he thanks her for her honesty and tells her that he is upset about it, but doesn’t want to make it about Nick and that at the end of the day he is there for her and he will man up and try to get past it. He says, “What am I gonna do? Storm out of here? No, because I want you.” He thinks she is worth all of it, otherwise he wouldn’t still be there. He actually handled it with her WAY better than I expected him to in that moment.

Instead of putting it out of his head like he wants to he does what he always does and festers on it, and the more he thinks about it the more he questions whether or not he can deal with it because he feels like if she trusted him she would let Nick go. Of course. More drama. He can’t just let it go, why would he think he could it’s not like him at all.

Rose Ceremony
Chris Harrison announces that Kaitlyn knows what she wants to do and that there will be no cocktail party so they will go right in to the rose ceremony. Jared is the only one who didn’t get a date before this, so obviously he is worried. Kaitlyn tries to give Shawn the first rose and he says “I need to talk to you.” Not a good sign. He doesn’t understand why she would tell him he is “the one” and then go ahead and sleep with “the other guy”. She says that telling him that he was the one  halfway through was a mistake. She is here to explore other relationships because at the end of it she never will again, at the end she hopes to find her husband and he will be the one forever. She understands that she had no business telling him he was the one because it wasn’t fair to him since there were other relationships happening. She loves his honesty and that he cares so much, but he needs to let her figure things out for herself and asks him if at the end of this he will be able to trust her. She doesn’t feel like he trusts her and he has to if it’s going to work out. This was maybe the most real and honest “relationship-like” conversation I’ve seen on this show this season, maybe ever on the show. He does eventually accept the rose. Man, if he is not the one in the end, they have been through a lot for nothing.

Next roses go to – Ben and Nick (DANG IT!). So I’m not that surprised because the show wants there to be a lot of drama and keeping Nick around pretty much guarantees that Shawn will be that source of drama they need. Also, in the previews Shawn confronts Nick so it was obvious he was going to stay. But I’m very sad for Jared. He is a great guy and left in such a nice way. What a little sweetie. This was the most upset Kaitlyn has been yet letting someone go.

So it feels like it should be the end of the episode, because Jared leaves in the limo and normally that would be the end but there’s still like 15 minutes left!!!

Moving right along we jump right in to the overnight dates, starting with Nick.

Kaitlyn is trying to figure out if there is more than just passion with Nick and if she sees a life with him. They share some stories about growing up and she feels really comfortable with him and normal and starts to realize there is more to their relationship. They hang out in a pub and strike up some conversation with the locals and she can’t really understand them with their accents which is pretty funny. She asks if any of them are married and one of the old guys says he’s been married for 36 years so she asks for his advice and he says the key to a lasting marriage is trust which Nick identifies with. Weird that Nick would have experience with trust issues.

Later, Nick starts talking smack about Shawn, because he is threatened by him so obviously he’s going to try to make him look bad. So Kaitlyn turns around and confronts him about how all of the other guys have only expressed concern over him and no one else in the house so why would no one else have anything bad to say about Shawn, it did kind of feel like she was being a little protective of Shawn. She seems to understand why Shawn says things about Nick and Nick says things about Shawn because they are jealous and these things just really don’t matter so this passes pretty quickly.

Finally, they head over to the suite and Kaitlyn feels like she might be falling in love with him too. Lucky Nick, he gets a SECOND “off camera” night with Kaitlyn. Gross. But apparently they spent a lot of time talking as well and getting to know each other better, so that’s good I guess. I think for the first time ever they show “the couple” hanging out in the suite “the next morning”. They were just chilling, eating breakfast together. Dang it, they seemed so normal like a real couple. Why is Nick always so convincing!!! I don’t trust that guy but unfortunately he’s good at making it seem like he’s decent and normal. WTH!

Isn't he cute? Don't you want him to have a chance?
We end this episode with Shawn all up in his head again and deciding that he’s going to confront Nick about the situation and his intentions for being on the show. They basically just fight, it’s pretty clear that they don’t like each other and probably never will. In the previews we see that Kaitlyn is very upset about the tension between Shawn and Nick, hopefully one of these guys goes next week and Ben H. gets a shot at the final rose!

FYI – Update on Britt and Brady, they are going to try long distance. In case anyone cares.

Oh yeah, wanted to give you a heads up that I’m traveling for work next week and won’t be able to watch or blog about The Bachelorette until Wednesday! Sad face, sorry in advance for the delay, I hope you won’t be too sad. 

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