Bachelorette Blog: Before the Final Rose

Hi friends, I hope you are all looking forward to an epic Bachelorette finale tonight! Before the final rose is (or isn't) doled out I wanted to give my final two cents about what I think may happen tonight.

There have been a lot of rumors that Kaitlyn ends up with neither of the guys. I think this is plausible, at least during the regular season. This does not take in to account the "After The Final Rose" show. Going in to this week, I think that Kaitlyn is completely and utterly torn between Shawn and Nick. She may decide at the last minute that she's not ready to choose one of them and reject both proposals. I don't think there is much doubt that the guys are going to propose. That being said, it is possible that after deciding she wasn't ready to be engaged to one of them, after the show wrapped production she could have pursued a relationship with one or both of them to continue to figure out who she wants to be with.

I know there have been rumors surrounding a certain quickly deleted SnapChat that Kaitlyn posted near the start of the season which leads me to believe that she may be with Shawn in the end. Either way I do think that is is unlikely that Nick ends up with Kaitlyn. Perhaps the show will completely shock me, but that rarely happens.

We'll see what unfolds tonight and I'll be blogging all the details tomorrow! Happy Bachelorette Finale Day!

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