Bachelorette Blog: All Kinds of All Over the Place (Week 7ish)

What Kaitlyn looks like most of the time now. 
So this show has completely abandoned their traditional format so I'm doing the same with my blog. Honestly, the first hour to hour and a half of this episode basically nothing happened. There was one date and then the rest of the show was pretty much all about Shawn.

Started out with a two on one with Joe and JJ. Pretty much nothing happened here except she finally let JJ go. Honestly, they had some discussions but I don't even care, they seem irrelevant at this point. One thing to note is that she didn't give Joe the rose right away and wanted to spend more time with him before giving it to him, I thought she ended up giving him a rose but I'm not sure because of the new rules which I'll get in to soon.  This was maybe the least eventful two-on-one date in the history of the show.

Okay now on to Shawn. We start with the producers telling Kaitlyn that Shawn is on his way over, to which she rolls her eyes. At first I thought this was a really bad sign until I realized that she was just scared that he had finally found out about Nick and was coming to tell her that he was going to leave. I can't believe she still hasn't told the guys about this. So basically, earlier on Kaitlyn had told Shawn in private (off screen time) that he is the one, which put a bunch of pressure on their relationship. Actually knowing that he's the one has made him freak out and the more reassurance she gives him, the harder it is for him. Meanwhile, the more he questions her, the more she questions him. Seriously, this may not be in the cards. Later, she tells Shawn that she thinks it was a mistake for her to tell him that so early and that she doesn't want to diminish the other relationships that she's making so they need to "take a step back."

Then they had a rose ceremony and I became super pissed. HOW IN THE HELL IS CHRIS CUPCAKE STILL THERE AND SHE SENT BEN Z. HOME!?!? Ben Z. should have made it to top 4 but that's out the window now too so whatever Bachelorette, whatever.

On the way to their next stop Kaitlyn takes the opportunity to have a road trip with Jared like a little mini one-on-one while the rest of the guys take a bus. They stop at the Blarney stone and kiss it for luck, it was a good normal date which she really needed in the face of all the craziness that is this week. After the road trip she's feeling refreshed and good and then Chris Harrison shows up to drop the boom.

Okay so this season has been a hot mess, the top guys have been apparent since the beginning because they are getting all the on screen and off screen time with Kaitlyn. Chris points out that she has had a lot of "off screen time" with those few guys (namely Nick and Shawn) and that she needs to play a little catch up with the other guys. So here's what they're doing:

1. She will get one-on-one dates with the guys left who she hasn't had as much time with, Chris encouraged her to let them go during the dates if she's really not feeling it to save them from the humiliation of the rose ceremony.
2. "This week" (aka next week's episode) she will need to narrow the field down to just 3 guys. There are 6 now so she has to let 3 guys go.
3. When she narrows it down to the 3 guys, they will go immediately in to Fantasy Suite dates so that she can catch up on "alone time" - unless of course 2 of the 3 guys are Nick and Shawn in which case she'll just get even more alone time with them.
4. Only the top 2 guys will get hometown dates.

Guys, this is a huge deal. It is SO different from any other season. I actually think it's probably for the best but it completely blew my mind.

They jumped right in to the first one-on-one date with Chris Cupcake. He is super excited and keeps trying to kiss her and she is super awkward and really not feeling it. Then she takes Harrison's advice and lets him go. He breaks down on the cliffs edge and fake sobs like a little girl. He was seriously right on the edge of the cliff, I'm pretty sure the sound guy was preparing to have to catch him from attempting to throw himself over the edge.

So yeah, this episode was all kinds of all over the place. Here's what I think. Either the top 3 will be Nick, Shawn and one other (probably Jared) or she'll cut her loses with Shawn (or he'll elect to leave when she FINALLY tells them about having sex with Nick) and it will be Nick, Jared, and Ben H., OR neither Nick or Shawn will be in the top 3 and it will be Ben H. Jared and Joe, which wouldn't be the worst thing. I'm still pretty pissed about Ben Z. but so it goes.

It's so hard to predict what is going to happen, which I guess should be a good thing right? Their keeping us on our toes. So we'll see what happens next week. I really hope they get on a somewhat more consistent episode format moving forward, hopefully next week they will take the time for Kaitlyn to fill in the guys about what happened with Nick, have her final one-on-ones before choosing the top 3 and then end with a rose ceremony so that the final couple episodes will be more traditional in format.

Until next week everyone!

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