Bachelorette Blog: SCANDAL (Week 6)

Sorry this post is a bit late, there was no fitting in blogging yesterday but I'm on it this morning! First things first, we left off last week with Ian being a royal jerk and Kaitlyn about to give him a piece of her mind, which she did and then he was on his merry way home telling the cameras all about how if he were the Bachelor women would be desperate for a chance to be on the show. Ah well, c'est la vie. After Ian's departure, Kaitlyn spent a little time with Nick getting cheered up and then we went in to a rose ceremony. The other guys who left us this week were Justin and Joshua. Poor Joshua, we saw this coming, he had little to no romantic connection with Kaitlyn and left with that horrible haircut!

We also got one of those super awkward moments when Joshua is crying at the camera and he hears the remaining group cheering because they are going to Dublin. Always unfortunate when the guys leaving have to hear the other guys celebrating. But hey, they're going to Dublin and that's pretty exciting!

So instead of sending a date card for the first date in Dublin, Kaitlyn visited the guys at their hotel and then whisked Nick off on the one-on-one date. The other guys (in particular Shawn) were not pleased.

One-on-One - SCANDAL (hence the title of the blog this week)

So this is weird picture...
Kaitlyn and Nick just kind of hung around in Dublin, walking the streets and in the park like you would on a regular vacation together. I liked that their date was so normal and it was really funny seeing Kaitlyn freak out again over birds. For serious, she spazzed out over the pigeons being near her and advised Nick on how to act so they didn't start flying around them. During this date Kaitlyn and Nick were "all over each other", to use Nick's words. They are very touchy feely and obviously have very good chemistry. In fact, Kaitlyn said her only concern is that their chemistry may be "too passionate" if that's a thing.

So, Nick is already being positioned as the "bad guy", and now everyone is going to hate him a little more because he stayed the night in Kaitlyn's suite, and they were definitely not sleeping. I could have gone without the noises, I mean is it against the rules to turn off the mics when you're getting it on? It actually made me super uncomfortable. Then the next morning we see Nick taking his walk of shame (not looking a bit shameful) and Kaitlyn having an awkward balcony moment in which she is obviously talking out the situation with someone off camera but it just looks like she's a crazy person talking to herself. First she convinces herself that she's happy with the way the date ended up, then she slowly progresses to concern that Nick will say something to the guys (trust issues), and finally ending with a "What was I thinking, all of this is bad."

Let's just be clear, this kind of thing has probably happened on other seasons and it just wasn't shown like this in the past. In fact, it's pretty clear that most of the Bachelor/Bachelorettes have sex during the taping of the show, it's usually in the final weeks during the fantasy suites and this season it just happened a little earlier. Kaitlyn (as with most Bachelorettes) probably has her top 3 guys picked already and probably didn't feel like she was "cheating" on a large group of men. I honestly don't think this is a huge deal, other than I'm disappointed because I'm pretty sure Shawn is her guy and I don't know why she would do that to him, more on that in a minute.

Group Date - Kaitlyn is Dead

This was the weirdest concept for a date ever. Apparently in Ireland, wakes are a place for celebration and remembrance (which they should be), so Kaitlyn faked her death (badly since she kept laughing and talking in the tiny coffin they fashioned for her) and listened while all the guys on the group date (Tanner, Ben Z., Shawn, Jared, Ben H., and Chris) eulogized her. Very creepy. A few of the guys made up rhyming eulogies, Chris Cupcake wrote a song, and Ben H. was hilarious with his made up death story for Kaitlyn which of course involved birds. Ben Z. however asked to clear the room and delivered his privately, it was very heartfelt and sweet, although a little to serious and real for my taste. Later he told Kaitlyn that he had a hard time with the date given his past, dealing with his mother's passing and given that it's generally harder for him to open up to people, but he doesn't seem to have a problem opening up to Kaitlyn so that's good!

At the after party, Kaitlyn shared another moment with Jared and although Shawn is still brooding over Nick, he tries to forget that and shares some family pictures with Kaitlyn. Shawn feels pretty confident that he's going to get the date rose but unfortunately Kaitlyn chooses Jared and takes him off on some alone time where they dance together while The Cranberries play live for them (you know, typical real-life situations that The Bachelorette is famous for).

Back to Shawn. Shawn does not take Jared getting the rose well. He's constantly in his head about where he stands with Kaitlyn. Apparently she has told him that he is "the one" and that he just needs to be patient. This bodes well for him since every single Bachelorette has said that they know the one early on and they typically do give them an indication to just hang on for the ride. That being said, if she really does think Shawn is the one, I can't wrap my head around why she would sleep with Nick, I get that she was taken up in the moment but Shawn isn't the kind of guy who would take that lying down.

Freaking out that Shawn might leave.
Shaw decides he's going to go talk things out with Kaitlyn because he's seriously questioning whether he can handle this process (keep in mind, he doesn't even know yet about the Nick thing). When he gets to her room, Kaitlyn starts freaking out that he knows about what happened with Nick and that he will want to leave. Again, if she's so concerned that he will leave and she'll be "left with no one" in the end WHY would she do it in the first place. Whatever, I'm trying not to be judgy I just don't get it.

So next week: The Aftermath (oh and also the 2-on-1 which we missed out on this week because there was just TOO MUCH DRAMA to fit in to 2 hours, the 2-on-1 will be between Joe and JJ).

I'm ready to predict the top 4 - It's obvious that Shawn and Nick are currently her top guys, if Shawn can stick it out through this rough patch he'll definitely be there. The other two I think will be Jared and Ben Z. 

Until next week!

Oh I almost forgot, we got another short glimpse of what's going on with Britt and it just me or do all of these segments seem really scripted and unnatural? I guess that makes sense I guess because they aren't getting full time camera coverage but still.

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