Bachelorette Blog: The rise of #TeamShaitlyn (Week 5)

So unfortunately I missed the first 40 minutes of The Bachelorette last night and the internet will not allow me to watch what I missed. Technically it could allow it but it requires my cable info which I don't know because I live in an apartment that covers internet... anyway, I do know that Shawn expressed to Kaitlyn that he wasn't really happy about the Nick situation and Kaitlyn was nervous he was going to bail because she likes him a lot (I'll get in to that more later but I'm fairly confident that Shawn is the front runner at this point). I also know that she sent home Corey, Ryan and Jonathan. 

One-on-One- Date #1: Honky Tonk

When I came in Kaitlyn and Ben H. were on a one-on-one date in San Antonio where they did a country dancing competition. They didn't make it to the end but they held their own and had a good time connecting on the dance floor. At dinner afterward they had a really awkward "past relationship" conversation and it was pretty obvious that it is hard for Ben to open up. Really hard, he could hardly formulate sentences. Lucky for him Kaitlyn is like a conversational wizard and was able to pull the info out of him. She did ask him if he was ready to get engaged at the end of this, because he is only 26. He convinced her that he is and was able to open up more so she gave him the date rose.

Group Date - Will You Mariachi Me?

For the group date Kaitlyn asked 10 guys (Justin, Joshua, Nick, Ian, Jared, Chris, JJ, Ben Z., Joe, and Tanner) to write and publicly perform mariachi style songs for her. I can not wait until these group dates are over, these displays of public embarrassment are getting a little old with this group of guys. On this date we see a first glimpse of the narcissism of Ian. Turns out he thinks he has a good singing voice but this is the second time he's had an opportunity and totally choked. He's not a good singer and he didn't take it well. Later in the episode he went even crazier but we'll get to that. The best thing about Ian on the group date was when Kaitlyn said "I would love to see his sense of humor, if he has one." He's definitely not a fun loving guy.

Some of the guys really don't like Nick, but others are kind of over it. One guy who is not over it is Joshua. And Nick can totally tell that Joshua hates him. Anyway, Josh pulls Kaitlyn aside during the evening portion and said since she was a "barber" he wanted her to cut his hair. Which turned out to be a total disaster! First she accidentally cut a bald spot, then when she tried to fix it to give him a Mohawk the trimmer crapped out on her after one side of his head. So he's left with a half mostly shaved head. Poor guy. So then after that  he had a conversation with Kaitlyn about his feelings about Nick (which he apparently thought all the guys were having and implied that all the guys were lying to her). This did not go well, and she called him out on it in front of everyone. In the end she gave Nick the date rose, but I honestly think she might not have if Josh hadn't pushed the issue, she just wanted to prove a point.

Side note: Is it me or does JJ seem like less of a tool this week? Maybe it's because they were so focused on Nick. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of douchey JJ. 

One-on-One #2 - Shawn B.

Finally! Shawn B. get's a one-on-one! So Shawn is my favorite and I'm pretty sure he's Kaitlyn's too. She took him kayaking on the River Walk. On the evening portion he opened up to her about a bad car accident that he was in a few years ago. He had spent a few months in the hospital from his injuries and the police told him they had never seen someone survive a crash like that. So this made him open up about how he felt lucky to be alive and to be having this experience with her, then came the big boom. He told her that he is falling in love with her. Which made Kaitlyn very very happy. She said "What I'm feeling right now is that I'm hearing my husband tell me he loves me for the first time." Then she told him that she feels the same way and reminded the audience that she gave him the 1st impression rose. Now are you seeing why I think he might be "the one"? Regardless I'm #TeamKawn (?), or is #TeamShaitlyn better? Yeah, I think that's better.

Going in to the cocktail party there are just a few things to note. First, Jared also told Kaitlyn he's falling in love with her. So I'm thinking Shawn and Jared are both at least going to hometowns. Second, why is Josh still hanging out with that horrifying hair cut!? He should get that fixed. Finally, the downfall of Ian.

Before the cocktail party began we get some footage of Ian starting to tell the other guys that he thinks he's going to leave. First of all he's a spoil sport for being a bad singer. So now he's feeling really insecure and talking himself up, to himself. Basically, he said he's a "great catch" and would make an excellent Bachelor because he's a Princeton graduate, former model, has defied death, and been "around the world" a few times. Typically when you start hearing a guy talk about how he would be a good Bachelor, this is not a good sign. He clearly came on the show to position himself as the next Bachelor which is a dick move. Now let's play a little game of guessing which quote is real!

Quote #1: "She's not half as hot as my ex girlfriend."
Quote #2: "I meet chics, and I have a lot of sex."
Quote #3: "I see you as a surface level person and I wonder if you could really be that shallow."

This is Kaitlyn's "I'm about to lose my shit" face.
If you guessed that all 3 were real quotes, you are correct! There were some others as well but I couldn't write them all down fast enough! Personally, I hope that Kaitlyn flips her shit on him next week and I'm excited to see it!

Guess what??? Next week we get our SEX SCANDAL! What we've all been waiting for right? Except, oh no! I really hope Shawn doesn't end up leaving over this, although I can see why he might want to. #TEAMSHAITLYN!!!!

Front runners: Shawn, Jared, Ben Z.

That is all. Until next week!

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