Bachelorette Blog: A Big Hunk of A Man (Week 2)

It's the first full week of Kaitlyn being the Bachelorette and we got 2 group dates plus a one-on-one. I think it's pretty safe to say it's going to be a roller coaster of a season with some pretty weird dudes. First things first, the group date.

Group Date #1 - Boxing Day

Okay, I'm not sure who thought this was a good idea. The guys are so competitive and all wanting to impress Kaitlyn so clearly they just all beat the hell out of each other. I laughed so hard when I saw the first match up and there was a 30 lb difference between the guys. Ben Z. is a beast. He's bigger than all the guys at 225 lbs. and really crazy competitive so he put the smack down on all the guys. Then in the final round, he was up against Jared who was like literally half his size. Jared was like "don't take it easy on me" and Ben Z. was like "I wont", then he basically knocked him out. He hit him so hard that poor Jared had to go to the hospital and had to miss the evening portion of the date.

But don't count Jared out yet because during the evening, Kaitlyn received an anonymous note telling her to "come down stairs right now, I need to see you". So that was weird but she went down anyway and it was cutie Jared saying he was on his way back to the mansion and stopped because he had to see her even though they told him he wasn't allowed to join the party. If only he had been allowed to come up to the party I guarantee he would have got that date rose but since he couldn't, Kaitlyn gave the date rose to Ben Z. because he's a "big hunk of a man", which apparently she likes a lot.

First One-on-One Date - Clint

So, JJ was pretty confident that he was going to get the one-on-one date, but ha ha sucker Clint got it! And it was basically my worst nightmare, an underwater photo shoot. Apparently these are all the rage for engagement shoots now-a-days and are a real test of chemistry because the couple needs to feel connected or the pictures wont turn out good. When the photo shoot was done, Kaitlyn and Clint just made out in the pool while the photographer was right there.

Kaitlyn told Clint that she liked him from the first night. This is a good sign for him, he'll probably be around for a while. All the Bachelors and Bachelorettes always say they knew their top 2 or 3 from the first night. Also, she called him a "hunk of a man" too so obvi, he got a rose.

Group Date #2 - Improv with Amy Schumer

If boxing was the worst idea, having Amy Schumer coach these guys on stand up comedy was the best idea. The best part was the interaction between Amy and JJ who she said lacked "charisma, humility, and a sense of humor" (truth) and later she called him a "turd". Most of the guys were pretty funny, with the exception of Tony who is never funny, only metaphorical. The guys who stood out the most to me on this date were Joshua (the welder), Chris "Cupcake", and Kentucky Joe. Unfortunately, during the party portion of the night, JJ got the date rose. Dang it all, this stroked his ego hard.

Going in to the cocktail party JJ stirred things up again when he took immediate initiative to get time with Kaitlyn, even though he already had a rose. This set Tony off and that was a hot mess. But the real drama of the night was Kaitlyn and Koopa. Koopa had felt like he hadn't gotten much substantial time with Kaitlyn and then questioned her on whether he was the "token black person" which offended her. It was clear she probably wasn't going to give him a rose but said she needed to think on it. Until, she overheard him being a douche with all the guys and asked him to leave at which point he completely lost his shit and we got a To Be Continued.

DANG IT ALL AGAIN! We're already starting the season with a To Be Continued which completely throws off the flow of the episodes and means we have to start next episode with a rose ceremony. This will likely be the format for the rest of the effing season, I think you know how I feel about this, I ranted about it last season.

Anyway we have to wait until next week to see who gets kicked off but what we do know for sure is that Ben Z., JJ and Clint all have roses going in. I still have a good feeling about Joshua and kind of thought Joe made the best impression this week.

Okay, that's all for this week! Happy short holiday week!

Oh wait, I almost forgot! We got an update on Britt and Brady (?), they are now bf/gf. So there's that.

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