Bachelorette Blog: Oh so many Douches (Week 3)

As you may be able to tell from the title of my blog title there is a lot of douchery going on this week. It all started off with the continuation of last week's Kupah confrontation (PS I spelled Kupah wrong last week, I guess I just had Mario Brothers on the brain). Kaitlyn confronted Kupah who acted nice to her face and then was a complete ass when she went back in the house. Finally, they were done with him and she started the rose ceremony, where she let Cory and Daniel go. Now on to the dates!

Group Date #1 - Sumo Wrestling

Kaitlyn thought it would be fun to have the guys dress up as Sumo Wrestlers and fight in diapers. It was pretty funny but those diapers really were not "sexy" as Kaitlyn called them. There was a lot of blur out happening with 6 guys' exposed bums and other junk hanging loose. Before the date could proceed on to the next phase, Tony freaked out and Kaitlyn had to spend time dealing with that drama instead of hanging out with the guys. Apparently, Tony (aka Douche #1) was very upset about the violence of the competition and he's all about love and peace. The best parts were when he said he wanted to "show her the multiple sides of him" while he was wearing a diaper and his ass was out, and when he said "Why can't we go to the zoo?" True story Tony, why CAN'T you just go to the zoo for a date, I get it, the zoo is fun. But it all turned out to be a bit much for him and he decided to leave the show.

After dealing with Tony's whining, Kaitlyn and the other 5 guys (Chris, Clint, Joe, Shawn, and JJ) had to do the Sumo thing at a public exhibition, which from the looks of it the audience did not enjoy given all the "exposure". Clint became a beast and won the Sumo challenge. Moving forward though, Clint's strategy was way off point. He decided that Kaitlyn should make the effort to take him aside if she wanted time with him so he basically ignored her, which she called him out on in front of everyone. It was pretty great. Also during the group date we got a small glimpse of the Clint/JJ crush... more on that coming up.

Shawn B. ended up with the group date rose and he's probably sticking around for a good long time, she's super in to him. And if we're keeping tabs on the Douches Clint is Douche #2 for the night.

One-On-One date - Ben Z and the Escape Chamber

For the one-on-one this week, Chris Harrison coordinated and picked the guy for Kaitlyn to take. This was pretty fun and super scary. The escape chamber that they went to was really really creepy. Let me give you the gist of what an escape chamber is if you are not familiar. You are locked in a room with several clues that should lead  you to an access code to escape within a time limit. Kaitlyn and Ben had 45 minutes to escape and managed to just in the nick of time. The date was meant to test trust and communication and I think it went really well. There were some pretty hilarious parts too. For example, Kaitlyn is SUPER scared of birds and was freaking out before they even entered the chamber because she could hear a bird in there. Ben was pretty steady, until he saw the bathroom full of HUGE snakes and he freaked out a little (and had to stick his hand in a nasty toilet to get the clue out). Later when Kaitlyn asked him if he was afraid of snakes he tried to pretend like he wasn't and she made fun of him. Generally, these guys have a good connection, I like Ben Z. and hopefully he'll be around for a while.

Group Date #2 - Sex Education

The second group date was made up of Jared, Joshua, Tanner, Ben H., Ryan and Jonathan, and they had to go to a school to deliver lessons on sex education to like 6th graders. Seriously, these kids looked young! Turns out Kaitlyn was playing a prank on them and all the kids were child actors, asking really inappropriate questions. I'm not sure she ever told them it was a prank! I didn't see them show that on camera at least. Most of the guys were hot messes when it came to delivering their lessons. Particularly, Joshua who was tasked with talking about getting your period. Poor guy. The guy who did the best was Ben H. he related really well to the kids, incorporated Kaitlyn in to the lesson, and didn't get all flustered.

On the evening portion of the date Ben H. was the winner again (he also gets the date rose), by being really romantic and making a great impression. The other stand out on the date was Jared, he and Kaitlyn have a little thing going for sure. I'm nervous for my favorite (Joshua) because not only has he told Kaitlyn that he's never been in love before, this week he told her he didn't have his first kiss until college. So, Kaitlyn might think he's a little tame for her.

Clint & JJ - Bromance, or Romance?

Okay so now let's move on to what everyone really should be talking about. First a Douche count: JJ is Douche #3- because he's JJ; and Chris Harrison is Douche #4 - because of that whole bird terror thing at the escape chamber, I  know he knew she was scared of birds, what a dick.

Anyway, from the previews we see that Clint might have a little thing for JJ. Throughout the episode they showed a lot of footage of them chilling in the house together, bro-ing out. (Including talk of a shower they had together where Clint apparently popped JJ's back zits... gross).  I really thought this was just another case of strange editing and trying to make their bromance look like something it wasn't, but now I'm super confused. It looks like Clint might legitimately have feelings for JJ and is now pretending to like Kaitlyn so he can stay in the house and get closer to him.

Meanwhile, I think JJ is COMPLETELY CLUELESS. I'm pretty sure he thinks Clint is his bro and has no romantic interest in him. Clint went as far as to say that he believes in the process of the show and that as far as he's concerned he's a "success story" because he is "in love with JJ."

So, either Clint is unexpectedly falling for JJ, or he's a complete douche making up a story to get attention and publicity. I guess we'll have to wait and find out next week because we were left with another cliff hanger. Joshua tells Kaitlyn that he thinks Clint is essentially not there for the right reasons, to which Kaitlyn says he's not the first one to bring this up and decides to go confront Clint.

Looking forward to seeing how that plays out!

Also, looks like Nick will be back next week! So, I've heard a rumor that Kaitlyn and Nick (from Andi's season) were sort of starting to date before she started the show. I guess he's coming to see if they can date for real in the Bachelorette setting. That should add an element of drama that might not be entirely necessary for this already very dramatic season.

Until next week, who thinks Clint is legit in love with JJ and who thinks he's just a douche? 

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