Bachelorette Blog: Narrowing the Field Week 1

Well everyone, The Bachelorette is back and on this first week we got two episodes! As you may have seen or if you remember from that season's Bachelor Blog the show decided to start the season with 2 bachelorettes and let the men decide which one they wanted to stay. So that whole first night was pretty much a waste of time. It was super awkward and shallow and that's about the gist of it. 

Beginning last night's episode, we found out that Kaitlyn won the majority of the votes (in a close race) and Britt was asked to go home. She was actually very mature about it, obviously blind sided because she thought she had it in the bag, but handled herself well and went on her way. Then came the typical Bachelorette first night. What was a little weird was that the guys who voted for Britt stayed and either tried to make a connection with Kaitlyn or didn't and just bitched about how they voted for Britt and now what? Only one of them (Brady) was ballsy enough to say he really felt a connection with Britt and wanted to leave to "go find her" and see what might come of it. 

Then we came to the rose ceremony. It looks like most of the guys who voted for Britt didn't tell Kaitlyn, with the exception of Jared who was very open with her. So Kaitlyn basically has no idea who was there for her and who thought she was second best to Britt, but the guys did and they got progressively more annoyed as she handed out roses, unknowingly picking some men who had voted for Britt. The guys who voted for her would have liked to see all the roses go to them, obviously.

But all in all it turned out ok. There are a couple guys there who were pretty solidly Britt lovers who accepted the rose from Kaitlyn. It seems more out of wanting to stay and be on the show rather than to actually see if they make a good connection with her, so that could go one of a few ways. 1. They don't make it very far. 2. They fake her out and stick around for a while but eventually go in a dramatic way. 3. There's a turf war in the mansion and the Team Kaitlyn men all out resent the remaining Team Britt guys. 4. All hell breaks loose. 

And it seems, based on the "dramatic highlights" of the season, that all hell will indeed break loose, including a first ever acknowledged sex scandal. That's right, Kaitlyn not only has sex with one of the guys (something I'm sure has happened in the past but hasn't been "featured" on the show), but feels so guilty about it that she tells everyone! Apparently, the last season had record low ratings, which surprised me because in Iowa the ratings were probably up given the fact that the Bachelor was from here. I think this is probably why they are being so aggressive in being "controversial". The whole 2 bachelorettes thing didn't sit well with a lot of people, but everyone will probably be over it now that there is only one and it turned out to be the one that everyone wanted. Now, they can't let that momentum go so they have to humiliate Kaitlyn by publicizing a huge mistake that she makes during the filming. A mistake that I'm sure other's have made in the past but they "hushed" up. Not this season, anything for ratings, I guess. 

All that being said, I'm terrible and will totally still watch. Let's face it, they always hype up the dramatic scenes but the majority of the show is not nearly as "controversial" as they  make it out to be. I'm hoping that Kaitlyn is able to rise above the editing, and in the end land herself a great guy. Because that's what the show is all about, finding love. 

So, as usual I don't like to make any predictions on the first week but here are the people who get the "first impression" picks by me: Shawn B., Ben Z., Chris "Cupcake", Jared, and Joshua. Oh and I almost forgot that the Notorious Nick (from Andi's season) is coming back to date Kaitlyn!!! That should make for some excellent drama. 

We're in for it Bachelorette lovers. It's going to be a crazy season, I can tell already! 

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