Bachelor Blog: "All the Girls" Reprise

This one is going to be short and sweet. Last night was the Women Tell All where we got to see "all the girls" reunite for an evening of attaching each other with their words. A few highlights from the night:

1. Britt - Britt started crying almost immediately. This was super annoying. Listen, I feel for her. She's a super sweet, very lovely girl but she really needs to thicken her skin. Maybe this experience will help her be a stronger person and not cry every time she thinks someone doesn't like her. I think the show catered a little too much to Britt's side of things and was pretty hard on Carly, which made me very sad because Carly was 100% right about Britt and only looking out for Chris' best interest. I was really glad to hear Chris tell Britt that what Carly had to say about her wasn't the reason he sent her home because she's still operating under the delusion that she would still be with him if it weren't for the other girls, particularly Carly.
Weird how she was crying the hole time, but every picture
I found she looks completely fine. Very weird indeed.

2. Kelsey - Nothing ground breaking here. Same old Kelsey over thinking her every move and sounding completely fake because every word out of her mouth was calculated.

3. Jade - Jade cleared the air with Chris, turns out she read his blog during the airing of these past episodes and was very upset to see that she and he had very different interpretations of the hometown date. Chris admitted that he had some poor choices of words, for example that he was "disturbed" that the girl her family described was so different from the girl he knew, and that looking at her Playboy pictures was "uncomfortable". He actually did a good job of explaining himself, what else is new? And his farmer charm kept everyone loving him. He seriously has the female population (who watch The Bachelor) wrapped tightly around his little finger.

4. Ashley S. - I still love here, she's awesome. The best part was when she said "It's so weird," "We're all on TV," and that she was "So bored." Let's hope she takes Chris Harrison up on the invitation to join Bachelor in Paradise!

5. Bloopers - Bloopers are always the best part of The Bachelor, but there weren't that many and I had already seen most of them. Sad face. Bring back the Bachelor Blooper Show! It seems like Chris had some pretty funny ones!

Surprisingly, we weren't left with a long drawn out preview of what's to come next week, just basically the same thing we've seen before. One thing I'll say is often when the show wants you to believe something the opposite will happen. In the preview we see Chris' dad say he thinks Whitney is a sure thing but that Chris want to be with Becca. This would seem like a slam dunk for Becca right? Especially, since we've seen her beat out the last few girls with the final rose of each week. But the fact that they aired that in the preview makes be believe it will go the other way, I've thought for a while that Whitney would win, but I've been surprised before so don't count Becca out entirely!

So next week I'm traveling THE DAY OF THE FINALE! My flight should get in early enough (don't judge me I kind of planned my itinerary around The Bachelor) but cross your fingers for me that there are no delays! Next week is the big reveal folks, are you excited?!

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