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We're down to the final three and you know what that means, Fantasy Suites! Chris, Whitney, Becca and Kaitlyn traveled this week to the beautiful island of Bali to have their long anticipated full day and overnight dates. Here's a little recap of what happened on each of those dates!


Honestly, I missed the first ten minutes of the show and had no idea I would miss basically the entire day time portion of this date. Usually, the beginning of the episode shows a bunch of preview scenes of the night so I thought I'd miss like five minutes but unfortunately, I didn't really see what Kaitlyn and Chris did in Bali. Luckily though, I did make it in time for the evening portion of the date. Coming in to the episode Chris seemed a little reserved with Kaitlyn but as she opened up more to him and told him that she was in love with him, they were very romantic and excited for the night "not to end". After Kaitlyn revealed her feelings to Chris, she became really calm and at ease. You can tell she feels confident in their relationship and the way in which it has progressed.

Side note: Chris is a big rule breaker! He told every single one of the girls that he's falling in love with them. He told Chris Harrison that he doesn't feel comfortable saying he is "in love" with any of them because there are still three left. Which brings me to my theory of the words "falling in love", I think this might just be a softer way to introduce the "I'm in love with you" conversation. Both Kaitlyn and Whitney had told the cameras that they were in love with Chris, but then when first broaching the subject with him they fall back on I'm "falling" in love. Whitney has since progressed well beyond the "falling" but we'll get to that in a minute. 


For the day portion of this date Whitney and Chris went sailing, it got off to a bumpy start when the captain accidentally hit the dock but it was smooth thereafter! Whitney brought up the subject of her sister and how she was disappointed in her reaction to Chris asking for her blessing in proposing to Whitney. It actually was the first time I though Whitney seemed kind of immature. But one thing is certain, Whitney is all in. She says her heart is 100% invested and she "feels very confident that she's going to marry Chris". Going in to the evening, Chris is a little worried about the kind of sacrifice Whitney might have to make leaving her career in Chicago, and because Whitney didn't see Arlington like the other girls did Chris explains to her why he's insecure about it and just how small it really is. Whitney puts Chris' worry to rest by explaining to him that while she has worked hard in her career, she feels like she's still missing a piece of her. She's always known that she was meant to be a wife and a mother and would feel no hesitation in leaving Chicago and her job because she knows that this is the time of her life to start her family. This was definitely good news to Chris, which was evident in the giant smile he had on his face. He said he could definitely see her as his wife and fitting easily in to his life AND that he can see himself proposing to her because he's "falling in love with her".


So this date really centered around Becca being nervous to tell Chris that she is a virgin. They had a really great date and were very romantic with each other. Becca is probably the most honest about the temptation of the fantasy suite and how when you're having such a romantic date and having such feelings of early love it's only natural to think about sex. So she was hoping to tell him before the overnight card was revealed but she hesitated too much and missed her chance because he sprung the card on her earlier on. She accepted the fantasy suite invitation and didn't tell him until they were in the room. Chris was obviously very disappointed, pretty sure he thought some things were going to happen that clearly weren't but he recovered well. It seemed like they were really making progress, Becca told him that she is falling in love with him, and that she's never felt these kind of feeling for someone before.

So we leave that date thinking everything is okay, but the next morning apparently Chris and Becca has some discussions that left Chris really confused about where Becca stands. This is the most emotional Chris has been so far. It's obvious that he really likes Becca but he's worried because she's less experienced and has never been in love so who's to say she even knows if she's truly in love with him, not to mention she has reservations about moving to Iowa. To be fair, I don't think she said that she didn't want to move to Iowa, I think it was more that she's not ready to get engaged and that she wouldn't move until they were married. At least that's what it sounded like to me.

Chris & Chris

So Chris Harrison comes in for a little man to man with Chris. Chris is struggling big time because he legitimately has feelings for all three of the remaining girls. He thought he would have more clarity coming in to the Rose Ceremony day but after his encounter with Becca he's not sure and he's really afraid of making a mistake and regretting his decision.

Rose Ceremony

At the beginning of the rose ceremony, Chris asks to take Becca out to talk. This makes Whitney and Kaitlyn very happy because they think he's just being a nice guy and letting Becca down easy. Katilyn is feeling very confident and safe until she sees Becca coming back with Chris, then after Chris gives Whitney the first rose you could see it on Kaitlyn's face that she knew what was coming. This was not surprising to me because I've seen Kaitlyn in pictures for the Women Tell All taping, so I was pretty sure she was leaving since the top two girls don't go to that. She obviously didn't see it coming and was very upset, a little angry and super confused. Chris explained to her that he was going with his gut and that he knew coming in to this week that he had no absolute right decision but that he's following his heart. I think it's pretty clear that Chris really likes Becca but is nervous because he doesn't trust her feelings for him.

Side note two: Did anyone else find the rooster really distracting? 

So next week we have the Women Tell All, and then Whitney and Becca come back to Iowa for the finale. I really hope they do the "final rose" in a corn field but perhaps not since I think it was pretty cold when they taped that. I've heard rumblings that make me believe Whitney is going to win out in the end but really at this point I think Chris has two really great girls and that either of them would be great. That being said, Whitney is definitely more of a sure thing.

Until next week!

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