Bachelor Blog: The Final Rose and Reactions

I literally just turned off the TV and decided I better start writing my blog, but I'll post in the morning so it's not too much of a spoiler.  I've been traveling for work for the past 6 days (made it home in time for The Bachelor finale) and I'm sure tomorrow will be a busy day back at the office so I need to get writing!

First of all, I honestly was pretty split on which way it would go tonight. I had a feeling it was going to be Whitney and had heard some rumors along the way but I try to avoid spoilers so I wasn't positive going in to tonight's episode that she was the last girl standing. Plus, Chris Harrison announced at the beginning of the show that something that's never happened before was going to happen during the after the final rose show so my husband and I came up with a couple theories:

1. Chris was going to choose Whitney and they were going to get married on the spot.
2. Chris was going to choose Whitney and they were already secretly married and she was pregnant.
3. Chris was going to choose Becca but not propose and pop the question on "after the final rose".

Sadly, none of these things happened but we'll get to that in a moment.

First up, Becca and Whitney both got to meet the family. Whitney was up first and Chris' family freaking loved her so much! She set the bar really really high. Then Becca came in and they were trying really hard to give her a fair chance, but really the only one who really did truly give her a fair chance was Chris' mom. She and Becca had a really good chat and what was advertised as a kind of grilling of Becca was really just Chris' mom trying to get some real answers out of her and helping her to understand her feelings for Chris.

After the family dates, Chris spent time one-on-one with each of the girls. This is probably where he finally decided that Becca wasn't a good choice for him but he was falling in love with her so it was hard for him up until the end to let her go, which he did.

Instead of a tropical island, Chris met with each girl at his family barn, in Iowa, I think this was filmed in like November... anyway it was cold. When he let Becca go it was maybe the least dramatic moment that has ever been on The Bachelor final. She didn't cry, she said she respected him and then she left. So obviously, he made the right choice in letting her go. I'm not saying that everyone on the show has to be crazy in love and ready to get married right at that moment but she was not really broken up about it at all (at least on camera).

The real question was if Chris was going to propose to Whitney, he had let Becca go moments before and even in the lead up he said he wasn't sure he was in the right mindset to propose. But he did and Whitney enthusiastically accepted! Weird part about the "after the final rose", Chris Harrison didn't ask them if they had talked about when they will get married and they didn't re-watch the proposal like normal. Don't get me wrong, I think that's kind of weird when they watch it but they always do it so it was weird that they didn't this time. Another interesting factoid, Whitney hasn't been watching the show as it airs. She was able to watch their dates but has not watched any of the rest of it, which is kind of brilliant. It doesn't really matter what happened on the show, it really only matters how they feel and that they are moving forward.

So, it looks like she'll be moving "at some point" to Arlington. They weren't real clear on that either. Not many questions were answered on this special and it was pretty anticlimactic. One of the best parts was Jimmy Kimmel (again). He asks the best questions and make the best comments. Oh and he gave them a cow named "Juan Pablo" as a present which was hilarious.

It seemed like the cow might be the big "never in Bachelor history" moment of the night because nothing crazy happened and their were only 10 minutes left, until...

They announced the new Bachelorette... or really Bachelorettes! For the first time ever they are having two bachelorettes, due to the basic deadlock that Bachelor Nation and the producers of the show have over Britt vs. Kaitlyn, so they didn't decide! It sounds like the 25 guys on the first night will get to decide who they think will be a better wife (that sounds kind of mean). They didn't elaborate but it makes it sound like it will be the two of them for the first night only, although it would be kind of cool if the guys just had to split in to two camps of Britt or Kaitlyn and then they had both of them the whole season. Just an idea. I think Kaitlyn said it best when she said her first reaction was "Well that's not ideal!"

I guess we'll find out what's going to happen on Monday, May 18th and for those who don't watch I'll blog all the details for you here! Until then, so closes this latest installment of Bachelor Blogs!

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