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Honestly, although there were a lot of crazy moments and really stupid comments but all in all not a lot actually happened this week on The Bachelor in terms of progressing relationships. This week there were two one-on-one dates and one group date which was packed full of drama but the "not a cocktail party" was where it was at this week. Let's dig in!

The Love Guru

This awkward moment.
Finally, Carly gets a one-on-one. I really like Carly but we haven't seen a lot of substantial interaction between her and Chris before this week so I wasn't sure about her potential. For their date, Chris takes Carly to what he thinks is a "Love Guru" for some intimacy meditation. This gets weird real fast as they slowly come to understand that the Love Guru is really a "Sex Guru". This made Carly really uncomfortable and we learned that she has some intimacy issues from past relationships. One in particular where her previous boyfriend didn't want to have anything to do with her physically, which has given her some pretty serious insecurities about her physical appearance which made me so sad because she is super super cute and pretty much awesome, Chris would be lucky to have her as a wife if things work out. Once they got past the awkwardness it was a really good date for them and Carly has some good potential with Chris!

The Return of Jordan

So I forgot to mention that this week the girls and Chris traveled to New Mexico for their dates, which made Megan think she was leaving the country and going to the beach.... yep,  Megan thinks New Mexico is out of the country. What they did instead was go white water rafting in frigid water that Jade almost fell in to. Turns out Jade has a condition which gives her hypothermia from relatively normal temperatures, so falling in the water made her hands and feet go numb but she totally wasn't a baby about it like some of the other girls might have been (i.e. Ashley, Mackenzie or Kelsey).

The evening portion of the date was totally overtaken by the return of Jordan. Remember Jordan? She was the girl that was super drunk all the time and got sent home week 2. Well she lives in Colorado and found out that they would be in New Mexico, so she drove down for a second chance. I actually think Jordan was super mature about everything and just needed to do this for her own peace of mind and the Chris was very nice but in hindsight it was a huge mistake to let her stay around the girls. He should have just had a quick chat with her, let her go before the other girls got all worked up. So basically the whole evening portion of the date was one-on-one time with each of the girls talking about why they thought Jordan should not be allowed to stay.

More drama on the group date was the confrontation between Whitney and Ashley. Ashley is of course super mature and straight up pissed that Jordan is back, whereas Whitney is upset that Jordan came back and that Chris is entertaining the possibility of letting her stay, but she's also nice to Jordan and is friendly which I don't think is a bad thing. Ashley kept saying "We should not be nice to her." Which is a really immature thing to say and do. Just because you're mad at someone doesn't mean you should all gang up on her and be mean. #TeamWhitney.

Apparently Chris saw something again in Whitney this week as well because she got the group date rose which pissed Ashley off even further. Man that girl is a cry baby, she's always boo-hooing about the other girls getting what she wants.

Britt's a Big Phony

Finally, after receiving the first impression rose and going on numerous group dates, Britt gets a one-on-one date. Unfortunately, this spotlight on her reveals some pretty unflattering details of her behavior and attitude (when Chris is not around) and leaves me with a less than favorable opinion of her. First things first, does everyone remember at the premiere when Michelle Money told everyone she heard a rumor that Britt doesn't shower? Guess what? It's true! When Britt gets the date card Carly tells her she's going to need to take a shower, shaver her legs and wash her hair for goodness sake. Um gross, I think at one point Carly said Britt hadn't fully showered in weeks.... she must wear a lot of perfume to cover up that stink when she's around Chris.

For the first part of the date Chris comes to the house to wake up Britt up at 4;30 in the morning. This is awkward for two reasons. One, Britt shares a room with Carly who just came off a one-on-one and was feeling pretty good until Chris come in and basically shushes her so he can mack on Britt. Second, Britt sleeps in full make up. Apparently, she puts make up on before she goes to bed "just in case" they have to go straight in to a date. This has happened in previous seasons where the producers come in and make all the girls get up with no make up on and go on an immediate date. So obviously, Britt is very concerned about her appearance (but not her musk).

During the date, Britt and Chris are hitting it off big time. She seems super cute and Chris is psyched to be hanging out with her. If we couldn't hear the talk from the girls back at the house it might have seemed like the perfect date. Unfortunately, just as Ashley is telling the girls about a conversation she had with Britt where Britt actually told her that she loves being single and is in no hurry to have kids, Britt is telling Chris that she wants to have "like a million" children... okay consider the source, Ashley is not the most reliable but I also totally believed that Britt would say those things based on how completely over the top fake she was with Chris in that moment.

Britt and Chris end the date by taking a nap in his hotel room. Which turned in to "taking a nap" after all the girls heard about it, they did not believe there was just sleeping going on there, and they're probably right, lets hope it was just some smoochies happening behind that closed door.

Now for the true drama of the episode

The face of pure evil.
Before the cocktail party, Kelsey decides she NEEDS to tell Chris that she is a widow. Her motivation was most likely fueled by the fact that she felt vulnerable going in to a rose ceremony and wanted to seal the deal of getting a rose by making him feel sorry for her. Here's the deal. I know her story is true, Reality Steve creepily found the obituary for her husband, so she's not lying about that. But every time she talks about it the story just doesn't ring true at all. Perhaps she hasn't fully dealt with it, he only passed about a year and a half ago. Personally if my husband died I wouldn't be bouncing back that quickly but we're all different. Last night Kelsey stole the title of "The Worst" from Ashley. She is by far the worst person on the show at this point.

When Chris arrived at the cocktail party he addressed all the women regarding his conversation with Kelsey and became so overcome with emotion that he had to excuse himself. Apparently, their discussion talked a lot about time and not wasting it which made Chris uncomfortable with having a cocktail party because he already knows what he wants to do and who he's sending home. When Chris Harrison announces this to the girls, Kelsey's former confidence evaporates and she spirals in to a super fake panic attack. And we are left with a To be Continued.

Seriously, no rose ceremony. Boo. I don't want to wait until next week to see crazy Kelsey go home. This is maddness. She just needs to leave.

So that being said, even though we don't have a departing group of girls, here are the front runners from my perspective: Whitney, Kaitlyn, Jade and Becca. Creeping up in the ranks is Carly, and still capturing the heart of Chris but losing the viewers vote is Britt.

Let's see what happens next week, one thing to note I didn't see a lot of Kelsey or Mackenzie in the previews so my hope is at the beginning of next weeks episode we'll see both of them as well as Samantha (who's Samantha?) leave.

Also I didn't have time for my quotes of the week but all of them were from Megan talking about New Mexico. She's dumb, real dumb.

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