Bachelor Blog: Week 4 "Virgin(s)"

Sorry my blog has been a bit delayed today, it's been a long day so let's get right in to it!

This week there were 2 group dates and 1 one-on-one, the cool part about the one-on-one is that Chris' lovely sisters came to town to chat up the girls and decide who should go on the date rather than Chris deciding. This is very exciting because that girl pretty much has a leg up on everyone else since she's pre-approved by the fam! But before we get in to that we have to start with the first date of the night.

Let's Go Natural/The Camping Incident

The first group date of the night took the girls to a lake (in California... seriously why don't you just go to the ocean, it's right there!) where Kelsey had the worst attitude ever and then proved to everyone that she is a huge fake. Kelsey clearly was not having any fun at the lake with it's "dirty water" and was disapproving of all the girls who decided to get partially naked during the date. I have to agree, it was super awkward. Ashley I. (aka Bad Virgin, aka The Worst) decided to dive in to the lake topless and then Kaitlyn (not to be shown up) removed her bottoms and gave the group a little moon. Not the most scandalous things to happen on the Bachelor but you know, risque none the less.

Chris later reveals to the group (much to Kelsey's displeasure) that they are staying the night and camping at the lake! Finally, the tent incident that has been so highly anticipated! Remember how in the season preview it was implied that something MAJOR happens in the tent? Well guess what? Nothing did. Big surprise. The only thing that happened was that Ashely I. attempted (unsuccessfully) to reveal to Chris that she is a virgin. Then she left. That is all.

Even though all the girls thought they deserved the rose, Kaitlyn once again won the group date rose, not because she mooned but because she and Chris have a legit connection. We also found out during their one-on-one time that Chris' Love Language is physical touch, whereas Kaitlyns is words of affirmation. Seriously, they're having legit convos on their alone time, this shit is real.

Meanwhile back at the Mansion

Chris' three sisters arrived to determine who would go on a Cinderella themed date with Chris. Poor Jillian was asleep when they arrived and had sleepy face while they got to know her. We got to see how the girls interacted with the sisters and learned that Britt considers herself the front runner. But to no-one's surprise (I hope, because it was pretty obvious) Jade got the one-on-one date. A little while later her fairy godmother arrived to pretty her up for the big date. All the girls were pretty jealous but none so jealous as Ashley I. Seriously she sucks and is really immature.

Sidebar: Why were all the girls eating corn on the cob? Practice for Iowa?

Prince Farming & Cinderella

One of the cutest things was watching Chris practice his dancing before Jade arrived. Equally as cute was the fact that Chris did not know which girl his sisters chose for him and was very excited to see Jade when she descended a giant stair case (Cinderella style). They enjoyed a nice meal together and some good conversation. We learned about Chris' previous engagement (as well as Jade's - so they have that in common). Chris thinks Jade is basically the girl next door and is super "cute and perfect". Before the night ended (and after he offered her the date rose), there was one last surprise. They got to dance on a platform while a full orchestra serenaded them. Chris recognized that he may have previously overlooked Jade. He won't be making that mistake again.

Wedding Dress Mud & Muck Race

For the second group date the girls competed for an evening one-on-one date by doing a Mud & Muck obstacle course race wearing wedding dresses. Chris and Becca shared some one-on-one time as he helped her through the race, he's a sweet guy and helped the girls that were having the most trouble. Of course, Jillian (The Beast) won the race and was whisked off to a scenic rooftop for an evening date with Chris. Chris surprised us all when he said that based on initial attraction he would have put Jillian in his top 3! That being said, he learned a few things on the group date, well not really because Jillian was talking so fast that he couldn't even process what she was saying and couldn't get a word in edgewise. At one point he said he started thinking about unicorns and dancing fairies... maybe Ashley S. should be the one for him, this was a very Ashley S.-like moment for Chris. Jillian thought things were going pretty well, until she didn't get the rose. Turns out she is the first one to go home during a one-on-one date and her censor bar is going with her.

Cocktail Party 

Just a few things of note from the cocktail party:
1. Megan is really really stupid, you may have thought they were just playing that up before but no, she's straight up dumb. She played a little game with Chris where he could only use 3 of his 5 senses. Taste, smell and "I don't know the other one".
2. Ashley I. felt she was not clear with Chris in the tent, because she wasn't, and cornered him to tell him that she is a virgin. Which he is totally cool with, albeit very surprised. She did however say that it's not something she is "super serious about", so my theory about her virginity is most likely correct. After she told him she proceeded to freak the hell out. All the girls learned that she was a virgin, they were shocked based on her behavior on the show thus far. And then we found out that there is a second virgin in the house! Becca, who is by the way a much better virgin who is one by choice and not just because she's never had a boyfriend before.
3. Britt confronted Chris about girls getting rewarded for being slutty but what really got Chris worked up was that she said "a lot of women felt like going home" after Kaitlyn was rewarded for her mooning with a rose. Which was not the case and Chris put the girls in their place.

Girls Standing Out

Kaitlyn is still high on Chris' radar, Jade is creeping up in the ranks, I still think Becca is going far and I also still like Whitney. I think even though Britt thinks she's the front runner she may not be but I don't think she's at risk for a while either.

Girls Leaving Us This Week

I'm very sad to see Ashley S. go, she once again confused Chris with her nonsense and he's finally over it. But she had no feelings on the matter.
Jillian and her censor bar
Juelia and Nikki... but somehow Samantha is still hanging on....

Quick shout out before we wrap up for the week. Anyone remember JP who won the heart of Bachelorette Ashley? Well he live tweets during the show and it's a crack up! My favorite one of the night was:

Seriously you should follow him, he's hilarious! Follow him here!

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