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If you remember, last week we were left with a To Be Continued with Kelsey having a fake panic attack and no cocktail party or rose ceremony. So this week started exactly where they left off with Kelsey boo-hooing on the floor and then very quickly turning the tables and laughing and joking with the medics about how she "better get a rose" for all the trauma she's been through. So, the first part of the show wraps with the rose ceremony that we missed last week where Samantha (who?) and Mackenzie are the only girls to leave. Yep, Kelsey sticks around and that super sucks.

Moving on to the substance of this weeks episode, Chris takes the girls to South Dakota for some fun in the black hills and bad lands. I read before this season started that Chris wanted the date locations to be more realistic and not be jet setting around in completely unrealistic situations. I kind of like this, while the dates have occasionally be extravagant, they haven't been completely out of the realm of possibility (with the exception of joining Big & Rich on stage which happened tonight and more than likely couldn't be pulled off without the power of the The Bachelor).

This week there was a single one-on-one date, a group date and the dreaded two-on-one!

Horseback Riding in the Black Hills

Yep, they're pretty cute. (Becca & Chris)
The first date of the night is a one-on-one which finally goes to Becca who has been waiting patiently for her chance! Chris takes Becca horseback riding which he is nervous about because he doesn't want her to feel uneasy (cute). After riding around (and apparently trying out their shooting skills, which isn't shown during the episode but is in the final scenes of the night), they have a bonfire and get down to getting to know each other. This date went really well. Chris called it the "most easy" and "real" date that he's been on so far. Good news for Becca! Chris really likes that she "rolls with the punches" which we've heard him say previously is a trait he's looking for in a wife. They talked about what they are looking for in a relationship as you should when you're dating someone. Apparently they both want big families. We've heard Chris say before that he'll have as many kids as makes sense but last night we learned that he'd be up for 4-6 kids, um holy cow that's a lot. I wonder what Britt's face would have told him if he spelled it out to her last week, don't think she'd be down for that, but Becca sure is! She's from a family of 5 and loves having a big family. Another bonus for her! In general, their date was super natural and they obviously are growing their relationship, so she got a date rose, and a little smooch! She was the only girl who hadn't yet kissed Chris and was waiting for it to feel like the right time and last night was the time!

Meanwhile back at the house

Kelsey is pretty much pissed that she didn't get a one-on-one because she feels she deserves it. Stupid entitlement, it ruins people. I'm not sure why she thinks she has such a connection with Chris because I haven't seen anything close to a strong connection on the show between them. While Becca and Chris were on their date Whitney, Carly and Kaitlyn took the opportunity to confront Kelsey about her episode during the previous cocktail party (or lack of cocktail party). They felt she had been fake and wondered how she could switch attitude so quickly from panic and crying to laughing to composure. Kelsey in return acted very "hurt" and couldn't believe they would think she was fake while she was being super fake right to their faces. Well, at least they tried I guess.

Big & Rich Country Songwriting

"Board up your windows, cause it's about to get bad. Real bad." - Chris on his singing (quote of the night)

The group date took Britt, Carly, Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan, and Whitney on a songwriting journey! They teamed up with Big & Rich to write and perform love songs for Chris. Carly and Megan were pretty excited about this date because 1) Carly is a singer and has experience writing songs; and 2) Megan is from Nashville so she felt she had a one up in the country music department. Poor Jade was incredibly nervous until she was encourage to run down the street yelling her thoughts and feelings as she goes and gains some confidence in her ability to express herself. That is until she comes back and sees Chris' "obvious connection" with Britt in front of everyone. Their little moments throughout the date really got to the other girls and made them feel like crap.

Turns out Chris also performs a little diddy for the girls, which is a very sweet song but he's a straight up terrible singer, which is actually endearing. Of course.

Most of the girls do a pretty good job but Carly's was clearly the best and she and Chris have a sweet little moment together (in front of everyone). The girls were all very supportive of each other which is always nice to see instead of backstabbing and bitchery.

On the evening portion of the date, each girl got a little alone time with Chris and are feeling pretty good about their connections until they witness, once again, Chris and Britt and they all feel like asses again. During the group date, Chris actually takes off with Britt and takes her to a Big & Rich show where he presents her the group date rose on stage. Sounds kind of cute right? Yeah except they don't tell any of the other girls where they are going and just disappear for over an  hour and then turn up rose in hand. This did not go over well. It was pretty much the only dick move I've ever seen from Chris, not sure if it was his idea or the producers but it was not okay. At least give the girls a heads up that you're leaving and don't just let them sit there like chumps. Whitney had a pretty epic bitchface in this moment and I loved it because she's typically very nice to everyone even when she's upset. What's even weirder is that the majority of what will turn out to be the top 4 girls this season were in that group so you know he's got connections with almost all of them and then he does that. Not the finest Bachelor moment for Chris.

And now for what we've all been waiting for....

Kelsey & Ashley's 2-on-1 Date

"I think her strategy is to drive me crazy" - Ashley
So we all knew this was coming due to the previews but it was really exciting none-the-less. Both of these girls are the absolute worst so I was really hoping for a double elimination, which totally HAPPENED! That's right, he sent both these crazy jerks home, as he should! I was skeptical at first thinking there was no way he was going to send them both packing and secretly was rooting for crazy Ashley because she's a lot better than the demon that is Kelsey. I'm pretty sure Kelsey is a sociopath, she's completely mental.

Going in to the date the girls had pretty different strategies. Kelsey's was that she's smart and can make Ashley look stupid by using big words. Which Ashley completely called her out on and it was amazing. Apparently they both have masters degrees (kind of surprising actually) so Ashley is not as dumb as Kelsey wanted to believe. Ashley's strategy was to make out with Chris. And then talk mad smack about Kelsey. Not typically a good strategy, but Chris took what she said to heart and actually confronted Kelsey about what was said. Kesley was pissed! And then Ashley was pissed because Chris told Kelsey what she said. This was your basic high school drama which is very attractive on grown women.

First, Chris sent Ashley home and she was of course completely composed and mature about it. Haha, I'm totally kidding, she lost her shit and ugly cried, snot and all. So the girls at home see Ashley's suitcase leaving and are freaking out because they can't believe Chris would keep someone like Kelsey around. But then, Chris asks Kelsey to go and she was actually very "genuinely" mature about it, except she's not really genuine about anything. Then the girls see Kelsey's bag leaving and the best reaction ever happens! They are so excited and really proud of Chris for not falling for Kelsey and her "story". Kaitlyn announced "Let's get drunk!" and Carly poured champaign for everyone. This legitimately happened. So now the two worst girls are out (soon to be trumped by Britt I think) and the remaining girls are ready to play!

We didn't get a rose ceremony again last night but probably because he had already sent the girls home on the date. Me thinks the remaining group of girls are all coming to Iowa! Next week we get a double feature! I love the 2 episode week, it's amazing. So on Sunday, we have a little heart to heart with Chris, then the girls come to Iowa (Britt is pretty shocked by small town Iowa from the looks of it) and then Monday night we're already to the HOMETOWNS! This season is just flying by!

So here's who's left: Becca, Britt, Carly, Jade, Kaitlyn, Megan,  and Whitney

We'll lose 2 girls on Sunday to leave us with the top 4 for hometowns. Here's who I think will make the cut: Becca, Kaitlyn, and Whitney, the fourth spot will probably be taken by either Jade or Britt depending on what happens on Sunday. Jade has to talk to Chris about her previous Playboy experience and Britt doesn't react well to Iowa so we'll see how that comes out.

Oh man, I can't wait! This show is just too good.

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