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I'm just jumping right in, no time for a witty intro today so here it is!

The night started with the remainder of the Iowa date. Turns out Becca does get a date in Iowa, it was pretty low key. She and Chris just hung out at the loft Chris was staying at in Des Moines. They didn't really show much from this date but the key here is that when Chris goes on dates with Becca they are "really real" and it feels like a normal date, not part of The Bachelor.

So before the rose ceremony Britt tells the girls that she's packed her bag and she thinks she's going to leave, to which the other girls said "Bull Shit." It's obvious that Britt is used to getting whatever she wants and doesn't like it when things don't go her way. She wants to threaten to leave but isn't really prepared to do it, and she plans to do this at the cocktail party. She's expecting to tell him that she wants to leave and he'll beg her to stay.

Really all the girls had things they wanted to discuss with him at the cocktail party before taking on hometown dates but jokes on them because Chris cancelled the cocktail party AGAIN and they moved right on in to the rose ceremony. This obviously made Britt pretty nervous because she didn't have a chance to try to manipulate him in to keeping her around. So what did she do? She interrupted him before he got a chance to start handing out roses and asked if she could have a moment to talk to him which he agreed to.

Sad Britt.
This was her chance to convince him that she should stay (even though she said she was going to tell him that she was leaving, which never came up). Instead she apologized for being a brat and then he questioned her again for being fake and when she tried to throw Carly under the bus for "having a grudge against" her, Chris put her in her place saying that Carly reacted the way he wants someone who would be his wife to react and Britt did not. So, Britt was sent home before the rose ceremony and cried super loudly (probably hoping Chris would come out to console her, but he didn't). It was really loud guys. The girls inside waiting for the rose ceremony to commence could here her and she was outside!

Unfortunately we also lost Carly during the rose ceremony. I expected her to go but I'm still really sad, because she was heartbroken. I'm sure she will find a great guy, I mean sometimes you gotta kiss a lot of toads but things will work out for her in the long run!

Wow, a lot happened before hometown dates even got started. Here we go with hometown dates (PS did anyone else think they seemed kind of rushed?)

Becca - Shreveport, LA

Chris met Becca at a park in Shreveport where they went row boating with some alligators and she prepared him for who he was meeting and what would happen. One little thing to note is that Becca's dad is also named Chris, as someone who's husband has the same name as her father I think this is kind of good luck! It's a little weird that Becca has never brought at guy home before but mostly because her family is obsessed with that fact. Becca's sister tells Chris that Becca is not an "intimate" person and that she doesn't like PDA. I think this is pretty surprising because Becca has been very comfortable showing affection to Chris even though she is more conservative than the other girls. We also learned that Becca intends to wait until the fantasy suite date to tell Chris that she's a virgin because that's when it matters. Before departing for the next hometown date, Chris sneaks Becca away for a Ferris Wheel ride, which is very cute.

Whitney - Chicago, IL

So we learned on Sunday that Whitney doesn't have a traditional family, in that she doesn't have any parents so her hometown date is a little different. For the first part of the date, Whitney takes Chris to the clinic where she works to "make a baby" taking him through the whole process, including the specimen room where he thinks she's going to analyze his sperm. That little jokester, she wouldn't really do that to him! After they leave the clinic, they head over to visit Whitney's family which consisted of her sister, uncle and some other people who were never addressed. Before entering the party Chris pulled Whitney aside to ask her who he should ask for a marriage blessing. Good sign for Whitney because the show didn't show him doing this for any of the other girls. Unfortunately, Whitney's sister did not give a blessing which kind of threw him off his game. She told him that when Whitney is the only girl in the equation, then he can ask for the blessing. It really bothered Whitney that her sister wouldn't give that blessing because she is in love with Chris, which she told him! She's the first to spill the love beans!

Kaitlyn - Phoenix (what? I thought she was Canadian)

Apparently this Canadian and her family winter in Arizona. So no international travel for Bachelor Chris. To start off the date Kaitlyn took Chris to a recording studio where they wrote and recorded a rap. The writing went well, the rapping did not. Chris "tried his best" but "sucks". Those are his words, and I'm not disagreeing, he was pretty bad. Kaitlyn's family consisted of her dad, his fiance, her mom and her two brothers. I really liked Kaitlyn's family, they remind me of mine divided up in to lots of units but full of love! It's clear Kaitlyn has a little bit of a wall and hasn't been completely open with her feels, so she broadcast them on a billboard that said Kaitlyn (Heart) Chris.

Jade - Gering, NE

Guess what they're looking at?
So Chris really likes Jade because she's from a small town and she seems to exude those small town values that he's looking for. Little does he know she's waiting to drop a bomb on him. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a chance to talk things out with him before they meet her family and feels uncomfortable the whole time worrying that one of them might spill the news before she can tell him. This makes for a bit of a confusing hometown date because Chris continually talks about how sweet and shy and wholesome Jade is and her family keeps telling him that there is another side to her that he hasn't seen. In her brothers words she is a "wild mustang" and a "free spirit". Jade has a little chat with her dad and wants to make sure that she is sharing her true self with Chris because from what he can tell, she hasn't. He's really sweet to her and I just loved him. After leaving her family, Jade and Chris head back to his hotel where she finally tells him that when she moved to LA to start her modeling career, she was approached to pose for Playboy and she did. To make things even more awkward she then whips out the computer to show him. He took this really well but was very obviously uncomfortable.

He's a stand up guy and I've never heard him say anything that could be construed in a negative way on this show. So,  no surprise, he didn't verbally judge her in any way. He says that everyone has something in their past they worry about or maybe regret and that he can't see it having an effect on their relationship. He doesn't consider it a deal breaker and if she turns out to be his soul mate then he'll stand behind her. For real, he's decent.

That being said, I do think that he probably thought hard about it when choosing whether to give her a rose,  which he did not. This was the most emotional Chris has been with letting someone go and it was really sad, but I think outside of the whole Playboy issue he probably does have stronger connections with the other girls.

So we're left with Becca, Kaitlyn and Whitney for the top three going in to Fantasy Suite dates next week! I'm thinking it will probably come down to Becca and Whitney but you never know, regardless pretty sure Whitney has this in the bag.

See you next week!

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