Golden Globes 2015 Fashion Recap

It's hard to believe that awards season is here already! Last night the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards aired on NBC with TV and movie stars alike mingling and celebrating a kind of boring year of film and series (I would say television but more and more shows from Amazon and Netflix are being nominated so I have a feeling the term "television" is going to need a revamp). In general, I was pretty disappointed with both the fashion and the broadcast.

Let me just say that I love Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. I'm very sad that this was their last year hosting, they have done a great job the past two years. Like many thirty-somethings I believe Amy and Tina could be my best friends and I love that their humor runs the gamut of clever and witty, to down right silly. That being said, and having expected to be rolling on the floor in fits of laughter, I was less than impressed. The intro was great, super funny and all that. But the remaining segments with Tina and Amy lacked their typical charm. Their bit with the "Korean journalist" stretched over three segments, and it was not funny. Very sad indeed.

The show lacked comedy in general. The shows and films in the comedy categories could easily be classified as dramedies and even the acceptance speeches, normally sprinkled with jems of sincere humor, primarily pushed social agendas (race, sexuality, gender issues, etc.). For crying out loud the best comedy series was "Transparent" - what happened to all the comedies like Parks and Rec, or Modern Family? Shows that simply make you laugh.

Maybe I was just disappointed because for the most part I don't regularly watch any of the shows nominated (at least in the comedy category). Movies on the other hand do have a slightly better race this season, but again most push a social agenda rather than being pure entertainment. The two best things that happened last night were 1) Kevin Spacey finally won a Golden Globe after eight nominations, and was funny and cursed during his speech; 2)  The Grand Budapest Hotel won for best comedy film - that movie is just wonderful so I was really happy to see it win!

But enough about the show, this blog is really about the fashion! When I look to a red carpet, my best dressed choice has to have these three things in common: the look has to be classic, glamorous, and also a little bit edgy. There were a lot of really beautiful dresses that I liked very much last night, but honestly nothing that I truly loved that was unique but timeless. A good example of something I'm talking about is that amazing Givenchy gown that Cate Blanchett wore to the Oscars.

Even though nothing really made me excited, like I said, there were beautiful gowns. Here are my favorites!


 Julianne Moore - I'm not sure this photographs as well as I'd like, but the material on this dress is really stunning. On film it was gorgeous, I don't love the feathers at the bottom because I'm a little over feathers but if it had just been the silver straight to the ground it might have lost some impact! Side note: Julianne won best actress in a motion picture drama for Still Alice (a movie that hasn't even been released yet... slim pickings I guess).

Jessica Chastain - She looks so beautiful. I picked this because I love the color and the metallic sheen, it looks great with her hair color. Also the fit is super flattering.

Naomi Watts - I love this color on her and what sets it apart is the little belt and the styling. Her snake necklace might have sealed the deal for me.

Allison Williams - This dress was so pretty on film. The only thing I don't love is the heavy eye shadow. Also, my personal preference for her is straight hair. Her face is so pretty, I sort of wish she had pulled it back in a straight pony tail to contrast with the ruffles of the gown and done a cleaner make up look. But the dress is fantastic!


These ladies made my "No" list while I was taking notes, primarily because they were my biggest disappointments fashion wise last night. They usually look so amazing but I sort of hated these dresses.

Kerry Washington - I think this dress makes her look wide. It looks like one of those duct tape prom dresses or like it's made out of gum wrappers (the shiny kind). Hate the neckline, hate the color blocking, hate the volume and hate the length. Sorry Kerry, but you're better than this.

Kierra Knightly - She's pregnant and I was excited to see how this fashionista was going to dress up her bump. This made me sad. The picture isn't actually as bad as I remember it on the carpet. But seriously, bleh!


But the worst of the night for me was the Rosamund Pike. Good for her for being so revealing just 5 weeks after having a baby, and she does look so great post baby! What I don't like about this dress isn't even the side cuts but the top. It makes her boobs look crazy low and almost looks like it could fall off. I was super distracted by the top every time I saw her. That being said, her hair and make up are gorgeous.

Oh dear, I'm afraid this post is quite negative. Hate to start the week out on that kind of vibe so let me just say, that although I was not as happy with the Golden Globes as I usually am, I am very excited for a season of red carpet fashion and also the return Fashion Police tonight on E! Can't wait to see how Kathy does on her first night! She'll kill it, I'm sure!

Happy awards season one and all!

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