Bachelor Blog: Prince Farming

It's back! I can't tell you how excited I am that The Bachelor is back and that, Iowa native, Chris Soules is beginning his journey to find his wife and drag her back to the fields of Arlington, IA (as an Iowan I have full authority to talk down upon it or praise it at will). The 3-hour long premiere began with a red carpet countdown "event". If you know me, you know that there are two things I really love to blog about, The Bachelor, and red carpets! But in all honesty, the red carpet was a bit of a let down and a wee bit excessive. We could have cut a whole hour off the show and I could have been in bed by 9:00 if not for that red carpet special.

Let's be honest, it's not like it was the Oscars and the fashion  was lacking. If you're going to have a red carpet, the question should always be "Who are you wearing?" I gotta say, I'd be pretty surprised if anyone on that carpet was wearing a recognizable designer, but I'm sure it was a fun excuse for the Bachelor alums to get dressed up and have a night out. And it's always enjoyable to see my favorites from seasons past.

Finally, the hour long countdown to  the first limo concluded and we got to start seeing what kind of ladies Chris will have to weed through in order to find his wife this season. Chris Harrison threw a little curve ball at Chris when he let him enter the mansion after only 15 women had arrived. You could tell Chris was trying hard not to be disappointed in "only" 15 women and just be grateful for the women that were there, but he was clearly thrown. So after a few hours of mingling with the first group, we find out that there are 15 MORE women, for a total of 30 lovely ladies, which was a bit overwhelming for the Iowa farmer.

The remainder of the night consisted of a lot of vying for Chris' attention by a bunch of girls who by the end of the night were pretty well wasted. Most notably schnockered was Tara who originally showed up in her daisy dukes and cowboy boots (clever girl) but later changed in to a dress because the other wenches in the house were very obviously judging her. Lucky for her, the initial draw Chris had to her from her clearly country, true-to-herself entrance, saved her from getting the boot because of her terrible drunkenness.

Another drunkard who made it through the night, Ashley S., who at one point when doing a confessional/testimonial with the camera argued that a pomegranate (hanging on a nearby plant) was an onion. This was the most hysterical moment of the night and won her a place in my heart. I hope she makes it to near the end.

The other big hype of the night was Chris and Britt. Britt is kind of a hippy, free spirit, who likes to give people free hugs. Her initial hug with Chris was really intense and very awkwardly long. But she is gorgeous and turns out to be a pretty sweet and seemingly genuine person. The story here is that she got the first impression rose, and a short little make out with Chris (already). People are mixed on this one, I wish they would have waited and they are SUPER lucky none of the other girls saw that because it's clear these girls are out for blood when it comes to Chris.

As my husband said, "The crazy eyes are through the roof!"

Looks like we're in for, in Chris Harrison's words, the most dramatic and romantic season ever! I always say the first week is too hard to tell who has a future on the show but here are the people who stood out to me the most:

Britt, for obvious reasons, established above.
Whitney the fertility nurse, she has a cartoon voice but I like her.
Alissa the flight attendant was really funny.
Megan, in her first meeting with Chris, asked him how he was doing and didn't try to sell herself too hard and I liked that.
Jade, last out of the limo, super hot and had good chemistry with Chris during their one-on-one time at the cocktail party.
Tara the drunkard, I still like her.
Ashely S., the other drunkard. It's an ONION, you have to peel the layers back!

So that's it for now, I'm looking forward to blogging another amazing season of The Bachelor! Can't wait to see it all unfold and find out who Chris ends up with!

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