Bachelor Blog: Week 2 "All the Girls"

I entitled this post "All the Girls" because that seemed to be a theme while I was taking notes last night during the second week of Bachelor shenanigans. It was always "all the girls" gathering round to hear about a date, or "all the girls" freaking out in the back of the limo, etc. This season I'll try to find a common theme in each episode to give title to my blog posts, a new challenge I guess! Anyway, last night was the first night of dates so let's get right down to it!

First of all, if you recall at the end of the first night one of the dismissed ladies returned for a word with Chris. Turns out she didn't feel like she had spoken to him at all and didn't properly represent herself and asked Chris if she could stay. Being the nice guy that he is, he did let her and even invited her on the first date so that he could see if he was right in letting her go or happy to have kept her, more on that when we get to eliminations.

So, the first date was a group date! I think this is out of the ordinary, it seems like they usually start with a one-on-one. Last night, Chris did two group dates and only one individual date. On the first group date, he took Kimberly, Tara, Jade, Mackenzie, Tandra, and Ashley I. to a pool party and then had them compete by "racing" tractors down the street in LA (in bikinis). The first date wasn't that exciting to me, seemed like there was hardly any meaningful interaction. Ashley I. won the tractor race and got a little extra alone time with Chris where they sat on a tractor and chatted. But in the end Chris asked Mackenzie on the evening portion of the date and whisked her off to a bar for a one-on-on. They pretty much sat next to each other and she asked him really weird things, like "Do you believe in aliens?" Until she ultimately told him that she had a son and then they made out while dancing. After her little one-on-one, Mackenzie reported back to "all the girls" every detail of the date including the number of times they kissed. Approximately 6 times, she was keeping count.

Side bar: While Chris was out on his date Jillian and I think Megan snuck in to Chris' house to snoop around. The whole time they were wearing bikini bottoms and the show black boxed out Jillian's front and back "area".... what the hell was going on there? I had an idea about this which I believe was confirmed when drunk Jordan announced that Jillian has the hairiest ass she's ever seen... it is my belief that the black box was to hide excessive hair. There, I said it. 

While the first group date was happening, the next date card for a one-on-one date showed up at the mansion revealing that Megan would get the first one-on-one of the season! However, Megan wasn't getting it and thought it was a cute love note that Chris sent to her until the rest of the girls explained to her how the damn show works. She's not the brightest crayon in the box. That being said, she had a really great date with Chris. She's super cute and sweet (albeit a little ditsy). I'm so jealous of that helicopter ride they took over the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon. The only time I've been in a helicopter it was over Branson, which was still pretty awesome but let's say the view was not as amazing. Chris and Megan seemed to connect well, you can tell he likes her, especially after she told him the story of her father passing just before she was scheduled to leave for the show and her mom telling her to come anyway. She's a keeper and got the date rose!

The next group date was hilarious. I can't even remember everyone that went on that date because there were like 11 girls and that's ridiculous. But I do remember that Britt was on it, Ashley S. was on it and Kaitlyn was on it. First things first, they're all in the limos and suddenly the cars get attacked by zombies and all the girls completely freak the heck out! They are screaming and piling on top of each other when Chris opens the car door and scares the crap out of them. Amazing. So the date is that they are going to use paint ball guns to kill off zombies in this sweet outdoor arena. But the really hilarious part was Ashley S.. Remember Ashley S. from last week with the onion? I thought she was just super drunk when that happened, now I'm not so sure. She might just be crazy. Like legit crazy. She can barely form a coherent thought and just keeps making an ass out of herself. As my husband says "I think she's on pills."

Good news is, Chris has really excellent insights about all the girls in his testimonials. He's pretty spot on about all the girls he's commented on and it's really great! That being said, I think Ashley S. intrigues him, he knows something is seriously off about her but he wants to figure it out and give her the benefit of the doubt, for now. My guess is she'll have a one-on-one next week so he can get to the bottom of her madness. (Spoiler alert: she gets a rose this week).

Chris also spent time with Kaitlyn who ended up getting the date rose, much to the discontent of Britt who spent a nice little chunk of time with Chris and thought she had it in the bag. This always annoys me, there was no question that Britt was going to get a rose, at the rose ceremony, Chris obviously likes her and she should just trust him and wait her turn, let one of the other girlies have a chance to get roses, you can't win all the pre-ceremony roses so just deal.

After all the dates wrapped up for the week we moved on to the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Three things of note that happened at the cocktail party:
1. We learned that Ashley I. has never had a boyfriend, is a virgin, and is a horrible skanky kisser who obviously isn't a virgin by choice, she threw herself at him and wants to make sure he knows that she's going to be a good time. Skank.
2. Jordan is a huge lush. She has been drunk the whole show.
3. Good job to Tara for keeping her shit together and staying sober and classy.

With that, the show progressed to the rose ceremony where the best thing happened. Chris said "Juelia" (yes that's how her name is spelled) but "Jillian" started walking forward so he had to stop her and then she lost her footing and tripped on the carpet and fell. It was amazing. Thankfully, for her, she did end up with a rose or that would have been the most embarrassing thing ever.

Leaving us this week:
Tandra, Tara (sad face), Jordan (apparently Chris doesn't appreciate drunkards), Alissa (also sad, I liked her), and Kimberly (the girl who wouldn't leave on the first night... yeah).

Girls who are standing out (in a good way):
Britt, Kaitlyn, Megan, and Whitney (I just really like Whitney so far).

To see pictures of the entire cast to put faces with names, click here!

Next week we can look forward to some creepy Jimmy Kimmel.... see you all then!

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