Awards Season: Screen Actors Guild 2015 Red Carpet

I know it sounds crazy but I didn't watch the Screen Actors Guild awards or the red carpet. I know, shocking. To be honest I was a little bored at the Golden Globes and I just wasn't feeling it last night, so instead I binge watched The Mindy Project and decided to review the fashions online today.

Now that I see everyone who attended and what they wore I'm pretty disappointed that I didn't watch! Part of the reason I wasn't that in to the Golden Globes this year is because most of the shows I love weren't nominated and so my go-to favorite red carpet celebs didn't even attend. But at the SAGs, all my favorites from Game of Thrones and Modern Family, etc. were there and looking great! Here are the looks that stood out to me the most:

Lupita, I love you. This dress is amazing and I chose this picture so you can see just how beautiful and flowy it is. She always looks so gorgeous!

So this is a risky look but Emma Stone almost always does make bold choices. I'm actually very interested to see her looks over the entire award season. I think this is really chic and could have been a hot mess but is executed perfectly.

Maisie Williams, I love seeing her look so girly at events like this because her Game of Thrones character never gets to look glamorous. I don't really love her shoes here and the top could fit just a little better but this look is very pretty and age appropriate. Plus I love the fabric and the color!

Sophia Bush is so darn beautiful. Seriously she could wear a bag and I think she would look amazing. I love that she is back on TV and attending these events! But I do really like this color on her and the styling, I don't love the fit of the bottom part of the dress or the slit but the bodice and her accessories make up for it.

Reese, looking perfect as per usual. Not much to say here, look at the pic, she is stunning.

Don't judge me but I sort of love this look on Rosamund Pike, especially given the disaster that she wore to the Golden Globes. I actually really like the shape of this, and I like her styling so... way to pull it out Ros!

I think I've learned my lesson on the skipping red carpets and award shows front. Have no fear, I'll be tuning in to the Grammy's and the Oscars and reporting back with my favorites and perhaps my least favorites if there are some truly hot messes out there! Stay tuned!

Photo creds go to Getty Images courtesy of E! Online. 

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