Bachelor Blog: Week 3 "Amazing"

This week on The Bachelor, Jimmy Kimmel guest "hosted" with Chris Harrison but took his duties very seriously and elaborated on the traditional hostly obligations. One of the best contributions was the new "house rule" in which every time anyone on the show says "Amazing" they have to put a dollar in the "Amazing" jar. Hence the title of this post.

Jimmy also assisted in the planning an execution of the dates this week, starting with Chris' first one-on-one of the week with Kaitlyn. You can tell by his one-on-one choices this week the girls he's interested in. The date card seemed very specific and much less cryptic than usual, mentioning food, drinks and high ceilings. All the girls thought it was going to be a very extravagant date. Turns out they were headed to Costco. Jimmy gave them a list of things to purchase and then asked them to prepare to have him over for dinner. It was a super fun date and Kaitlyn was the perfect choice because she has a great sense of humor. The only weird thing was how often she was compared to a man during the date. Apparently she laughs like a man (whereas Chris laughs like a girl), and she enjoys whiskey and beef. We also learned this week that Kaitlyn has previously dated another farmer who was "legit" with "amnimals" and stuff (she really did say amnimals but corrected herself so I know she's not just an idiot). All in all, it was a good date for Chris and Kaitlyn even with Jimmy being disruptive and bringing up such topics of the fantasy suite and the implications there. But Kaitlyn proved to be super cool about that too (even more evidence that she is manly), saying that she knows the implications and if she ended up with Chris she couldn't be mad at him for sleeping with the other two girls because she signed up for this experience.

The next date took a group of ladies out for a friendly farming competition or "Hoe Down" as Jimmy called it. The competition involved shucking corn, retrieving an egg from a chicken coupe and frying it, milking goats (then drinking the milk), filling and hauling wheel barrels full of manure, and finally wrangling a pig. Jillian was all about this because she is super competitive. In fact, in preparation for the date she and her censor bar did a vigorous workout. Her best moment was when she leaped over the fence in her child size short shorts (censor bar included) to get to the pigs. But Carly won the competition and had the best easy going yet competitive attitude of the group. As a reward, she and Chris got some alone time (sort of because Jimmy was there too) and they took pictures dressed as American Gothic while all the other girls watched.

On the evening portion of the date, Carly stood out again when she took the bold step of asking for the first alone time of the evening and went in for a kiss! But it was Becca who stood out to Chris and won the date rose. Her one-on-one time with Chris was really sweet and they have great chemistry but what truly made Becca stand out is that she didn't kiss Chris (even though he wanted to kiss her). Sometimes on the show girls use this ploy to stand out and eventually revoke the rule (usually in the same episode) because they just can't help themselves. But Becca was more real about it saying that she doesn't want to kiss him just because she can and wants to wait until it's the right moment. Let's hope she sticks to that and the "right" moment doesn't pop up at a cocktail party where she's feeling vulnerable and thinks the kiss will save her.

There is a whole lot of kissing going on this season, but as both Chris and some of the ladies (we heard Amber and Ashley S. discuss it on the group date) have said, he's looking for his wife and you've got to kiss a lot of frogs I guess. I'm not too concerned with Chris kissing all the women, I just wish he would be a little more discreet about it. This came back to bite him a little bit when super mature Mackenzie took him aside on the date and asked him why he was kissing everyone and making her feel less special. She's super weird and I don't think she can control her face very well.

Stealthy camera work for the wedding crashers.
The second one-on-one date went to Whitney who was very sweetly excited because she was starting to feel like maybe he wasn't interested in her since she hadn't been on a date yet. It's pretty clear, that's not the case. For their date,  they went to a winery where surprisingly Jimmy did not join in. While at the winery they spotted a wedding being set up and decided to go get dolled up and crash the reception. This was Whitney's idea and was a pretty smart move on her part but I didn't feel like it was strategic, I think she's just pretty cool. At the wedding she was clearly a lot better at blending in than Chris, she's a pretty good liar. Not sure if that's a good thing but it worked out for this date! Despite her baby voice, Whitney is one of my favorites so far.

Side bar: Is "shoot the shit" an Iowa thing? Because it seemed like Whitney didn't know the saying and I understood it perfectly (and often use it in my day to day conversations). 

It's that time of the season where they forgo a formal cocktail party and have a pool party instead! Always a good time. Here are the top moments from the pool party:
1. Juelia pulled Chris aside to tell him about her husband who had committed suicide. That was super super intense and I felt bad for both of them.
2. Jade was smart and asked for a tour of Chris' house and got some decent one-on-one time with him. She is really cute and very sweet.
3. Jillian saw them go over and decided to wait for them outside in the hot tub to entice Chris in to some alone time. Which she eventually got but it was super weird while she waited the whole time they were inside.
4. Ashley I. is a huge cry baby. She's obviously very immature and is now my least favorite. She's the worst and just needs to get over herself.

So, the biggest surprises of the rose ceremony were Nikki and Samantha who we've barely seen yet, and Ashely I. and Mackenzie who are clearly too immature to marry Chris, they all got roses.

Leading ladies:
Britt - still in there but I'm thinking she's not as much of a front runner as we originally thought. Also, she is too pretty for small town Iowa (again I'm an Iowan so it's okay if I say this).
Kaitlyn & Whitney who got one-on-ones this week, Chris is clearly in to both of these women.
Jade & Becca who both stood out in group situations.

This "amazing" moment.
And leaving us last night: Amber, Trina and a girl I've never seen before who is apparently named Tracy. To see all the girls click here! 

Finally, let's go back to the title of the post and address the "Amazing" jar, it was super funny that they played a little ding when people said "Amazing" and the jar was filling up pretty fast, I wish they would have given us an "Amazing" tally at the end of the episode but maybe they'll continue throughout the season and we'll get a count later? That would be pretty great! Also, I just want to note how great Jimmy Kimmel was, he should make regular appearances!

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