Thoughts on The Voice This Season

Full disclosure, I wrote this blog post on notebook paper because my home computer is on the fritz and I left my laptop at work, but I just had to get my thoughts down because let's face it I get a little obsessed.

First things first, poor Pharrell. I really thought he had it this season. All through the blinds and most of the way until the lives rounds, he had the best team. It wasn't until the live shows began that I realized that Adam had sneakily built a freaking all star team. They are amazing and basically all four chair turn contenders. Adam really knows how to work the Battle and Knock Out rounds to craft a perfect team. Interestingly, none of the people remaining on his team were stolen from other teams, so good for him for getting them right from the start!

My notebook paper blog.
Back to Pharrell, I remained in denial because DaNica and Luke were very good. Obviously, since DaNica was the only female left in the top eight. However, going in to last night's elimination I had to admit that it wasn't looking good for Team Pharrell. Seriously, Adam's team killed it and I couldn't imagine any of them going home. Additionally, Taylor John (Team Gwen) was fantastic and I don't think anyone thought Craig (Team Blake) was going anywhere. So that leaves poor little Ryan and all of Team Pharrell on the cutting block. To be honest Damien isn't my favorite so I had hopes that DaNica would beat him out, but no such luck.

So Pharrell is out of the game. For now. There's still the option of the wild card for the finals so maybe he'll have a comeback?

Anyway, Adam's team completely deserves it, they are great! I'm actually pretty happy with the top five, I'm just sad for my new favorite coach. Before I go on to make any predictions I have just a couple more thoughts about how great Pharrell and Gwen have been this season.

I haven't seen many seasons with Christina and Ceelo but I have seen all the seasons with Usher and Shakira and I love those two. I knew Gwen and Pharrell would be fun on the show but I underestimated just how much I would enjoy them. J.Lo better watch out because Gwen just might be my new girl crush (she's too cute and super sweet), and it's no secret (from this blog alone you should be able to tell) that I love Pharrell. He's so genuine and wonderfully positive, I just can't help it.

Okay enough with that. On to my predictions!

My favorite right now is Chris (Team Adam), followed by Taylor John (Team Gwen), which means they'll probably be gone next week.

People are crazy for Matt (Team Adam), who looks like at tatted up Harry Potter and sounds kind of like Chris Carrabba from Dashboard Confessional so it makes total sense why people love him. I think Damien and Craig will easily round out the top three. Of course we do have to consider the wild card, making this season the first ever top four in the finale. I honestly have no idea who will pull that off but regardless, I think Matt will win. I do like Matt, but I have no idea what kind of music he will make. Think about the songs he's done this season. Everything from Coldplay to The Beach Boys. Which is another reason he'll probably win. It seems like the people who perform most like they would after the show don't win. Or maybe I'm just still annoyed by the fact that Josh Kaufman's album sounds nothing like how he performed on the show (sad). Although, we might get a taste of what he'll record when they do originals coming up soon.

Anyway, just felt the need to lament my early predicted victory for Pharrell, but congrats to my other favorite, Adam. Excited to see who makes it through to the finals!

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