Bachelorette Blog: Andi's Engaged!

Congrats to the happy couple!
First, I just wanted to note that I didn't blog about the Men Tell All because it wasn't that exciting; honestly the most exciting part was Ashley and J.P. finding out the sex of their baby. I seriously love them, if they had a reality t.v. show I would watch EVERY episode. Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that I know I didn't blog about it and it was intentional.

Okay on to the big news! Andi and Josh are engaged! Oh man, I am so good at this show. I've had Josh in the top since the first week of dates (with my one exception of when I thought he might go home). Honestly, I wouldn't have been that surprised if she had chosen Nick either but I've just had a feeling about Josh for a little while now. Also, I think it was a giveaway at the beginning when Chris Harrison said that the man Andi rejected has repeatedly tried to contact her since his departure. I honestly don't think Josh would have done that, it's much more in line with Nick's character. Speaking of that, let's just talk a little about Nick before we go in to Andi and Josh and happily ever after.

Yeah, she totally wasn't in to him (sarcasm).
So, Andi and Nick had a great final date and meeting with her parents. I suspected that she would choose Josh and that she would let Nick go before he made any kind of proposal. This is exactly what happened, except I was super confused by Andi's explanation. She said she just didn't feel it with him (essentially) and later at the After the Final Rose show she said she never loved him. I understand why he would find that confusing because she was SO in to him. You don't say stuff like "I've never felt like this with anyone before" or "If I had one word to describe our relationship it would be 'passion'" if you just "aren't feeling it". She should have just told him the truth, that she wanted to be with Josh, not him. Maybe then he would have waited until the After the Final Rose show to talk it out with her rather than try (twice) to get her to see him (the most disturbing was when he tried to see her on her vacation to Mexico... ummm stalker?). For wanting to talk to her so much, he didn't have a lot to say to her when he finally go the chance. Maybe because he had let it all out in the letter he gave her when she refused to see him at the Men Tell All taping. The one thing he did say that I know everyone caught was that "if she didn't love him, why did she make love to him?" And in true Andi form she put the smack down on him and was totally correct in saying that was below the belt. All in all though, Nick said some nice things about Josh and I think he's happy that Andi is happy. He really did care about her.

And that's that. So Andi and Josh are together, and apparently very happy. What I like about this is that they live about 5 minutes from each other in Atlanta so during the time that most Bachelorettes and their final rose winners have to stay apart, they have been secretly dating (and practicing making babies) for the past few months. This bodes well for them, they have actually been together and still are crazy for each other. Hopefully we'll see another Bachelorette wedding next year! Oh and PS that baseball card he made her was too cute.

This shall be his Bachelor promo pic!
Lastly, they didn't make any formal announcements for who the next Bachelor will be, but it was STRONGLY "hinted" that it could be Chris, the Iowa farmer who captured everyone's hearts (that's my predictor for how they will market him). You all know that I'm rooting for this. I'll be watching for a formal announcement!

In the meantime, I can't freaking wait until next Monday and the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise. It's going to be one huge hot mess and I am so excited! Perhaps I'll do some regular commentary on that as well. Stay tuned fellow Bachelorette/Bachelor lovers!

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