Here's what I think: De-Stress from All The Distress

While driving in to work today I was listening to the radio and heard a short snippet of a story that got me thinking. A new study found that the average person stresses out 14 times per day. I work as an event planner (a position which is consistently ranked among the top 5 most stressful careers), so I didn't find this particularly surprising, but I did think that some of the top 10 reasons everyone is stressing were kind of interesting.

Top 10 (According to the study):

1. Feeling over weight
2. Not being able to find your keys, phone, wallet
3. Not being able to fall asleep
4. Arguments with your significant other
5. Generally feeling tired or in some kind of pain
6. Money
7. Being late for work
8. Family Issues
9. Oversleeping and having to catch up
10. Cleaning the house

The majority of these things don't really factor in to my daily stresses. I mean, I might stress a little getting ready in the morning if my clothes don't fit right (feeling over weight) or being late to work; but in general these aren't daily stresses for me, certainly not ones I would consider contribute to feeling stressed at least 14 times per day. This made be consider the top things that stress me out and here's what I've come up with:

Top 5 Daily Stresses for Heather (I couldn't think of 10, I guess that's good right?)

1. Work
2. Being late
3. Miscommunication (aka stupid people)
4. Bad drivers (traffic, commuting)
5. Not being organized, specifically when other people's disorganization effects me (literally this happens daily)

So, what gets you stressed out? Do you align more with the overarching top 10 from the study? Or do you have your own unique set of stressors that set you off? And how can we deal with all this stress? Here a few ideas to help you get through the day:

De-Stressing, Being Happier Each Day:

1. Following a routine - knowing what to expect limits the potential for chaos.
2. Be flexible - even though you have a routine, you have to be flexible enough to go with the flow when things go off course.
3. Adopt a tidying practice - taking 10 minutes before bed to tidy up your living space. Setting aside the things you'll need will help alleviate the hustle of the morning. 
4. Cut yourself and everyone else a little slack.
5. Make happiness a daily choice - click here for more ideas on how to be happier each day!

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