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Anyone out there who claims they don't like The Bachelorette, try flipping to ABC on Fantasy Suite night and tell me you don't get sucked in to at least a half hour of sweet television drama! You love it, you know you do! And so do I. This week was the all important Fantasy Suite date night, with just 3 bachelors left vying for Andi's heart. Coming off of the home town dates, Andi has a strong connection with Nick and Josh and a growing fondness we'll say for Chris.

Andi is sad to see Chris go too.
Let's talk a little about Chris before we get in to the final two guys. Yes, that's right, Chris (Mr. Iowa) was eliminated mid-date this week. But not for the "Blame Iowa" excuse. Andi was very clear on that point. It wasn't JUST Iowa that she couldn't see herself living with. When Chris let her know that he loved her, she broke down and lowered the boom on him that she just doesn't love him back. Yes, it is partly because she doesn't know if she could see herself living in Iowa (they bring up Iowa more than any other home town state in the history of this show I think! Jeeze guys it's a state just like any other, get over it). The biggest reason to let Chris go before the Fantasy Suite overnight was that Andi takes the overnight very seriously and didn't want to "disrespect" Chris by spending the night (aka having a one-night-stand) with him and making him wait until a rose ceremony when she knew her heart wasn't in it. Chris was of course very gracious, like the gentleman he is and I think they parted as good friends even though he was obviously heartbroken.

So with my fellow Iowan out of the picture, Andi is now left with only Nick and Josh... who called it? I did! Nick and Josh have been in my front runners list since week two (I don't typically choose front runners the first week) and with only one exception where I had a week of doubting Josh they've been in it the whole time. Hold for a moment while I pat myself on the back. Good job Heather. So what do we think will happen. I'm not entirely sure but here are some reasons I think she could pick either of them:

Andi repeated talks about how Nick just "gets her". They have a very deep and passionate relationship, one like she's never had before. She's never had these kinds of feelings for anyone and they have an emotional and intellectual connection on a "deep level". Of course I'm just paraphrasing what Andi said this week. The thing that stands out most to me is that Andi says that she's never felt a connection like the one she has with Nick before. This makes me think she could choose him because typically when you find "the one" it's not like anything you've felt before. Could bode well for Nick who obviously believes she will be accepting a proposal from him in the near future.


Come on, wouldn't they make beautiful babies?
I still think she'll choose Josh. Yes, he's like a lot of other guys she's dated in the past and I think she'll struggle with that, but when it comes down to it you can see in all their interactions just how much she's falling for him. When he told her this week that he loved her, her entire face lit up and she was on cloud nine. Another reason I think it could lean that direction is because a lot of the promos have been edited to make it seem like some big dramatic thing is going to happen with Josh but it is always editor magic and applies to some other guy, leaving Andi and Josh perfectly happy in the end. Like this week, the teasers throughout the episode lead the viewers to believe Andi's "My head doesn't match my heart" comment was in reference to Josh, and his "As confident as I am, I still get nervous" comment was some prelude to doom, when in fact her heart/brain statement was regarding Chris and his confident/nervous one was just about worrying that she wouldn't give him a rose at the ceremony.

That being said, maybe Andi's head and passionate connection with Nick will win out in the end, at least she would save herself having a really sweaty husband... seriously Josh is one sweaty dude and probably shouldn't have worn a dark blue shirt in that sweltering Dominican Republic heat.

So, next week we have the Men Tell All (one of my favorite episodes of the season) and then in just two short weeks we shall know at long last (if, like me, you don't read the spoilers) who Andi chooses to be her husband - or at least fiance for a while.

Until next week everyone!

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