Bachelorette Blog: Andi Goes to Hometowns

Normally, I'm late with my Bachelorette Blog because of work. This week is the exact opposite! I've been having so much fun not working that I completely forgot about it! And now, I'm in the car riding to Wisconsin and posting from my iPhone! So that's a new experience! Hopefully the formatting is good and I don't post too many typos!

Okay, on to talking about hometown dates!

I'll be honest, I wasn't paying close attention to Nick's date, so I don't have much to say. The key take aways I had were that Nick has a huge family, he's a terrible dancer, and he thinks he's Andi's favorite. So the guys were right, Nick believes he is the front runner. 

Chris' hometown brought Andi to Iowa!! Yay Iowa! I think that's the theme of this season for me! Gotta love Iowa! Chris' family is sweet and funny, so you know typical Iowans. Okay, I'll quit with my Iowa love now. The best part was that they all played ghosts in the graveyard on the farm. Andi and Chris talked about what she would do in Iowa and even though he did joke about her being a "homemaker" he was just kidding. They have lawyers in Iowa too you know! 

I didn't realize that Josh was not originally from Atlanta! His hometown date was in Tampa with his parents and siblings and they are clearly a very close knit sports family. Andi asked his mother how she would feel about Josh cutting the cord and starting his own family and his mom said she didn't see him ever truly cutting the cord. If Andi chooses Josh, she just might have a crazy mother-in-law on her hands. Even Josh's little sister recognized that they would probably have marital spats over it. 

Finally, Andi went to Dallas to meet Marcus' family. Even though going in to this week I thought Marcus would probably be safe, I could tell from the  beginning of the date that it wasn't going to end well for him. He is very in love with Andi and she's just not there with him and couldn't catch up no matter how hot she thought he was. And she thought he was really really hot. Especially during his strip tease. Yep, he striped for her... Again. It was weird.

Before they moved on to the rose ceremony this week, Chris Harrison brought them all to his house to break the news of Eric's death. It was pretty heartbreaking and definitely effected the rest of the episode so it was important for them to show it. 

So, Marcus got his little heart broken this week and Nick, Chris and Josh are moving on to overnight dates. I read on one of those tabloid covers that after a particularly passionate fantasy suite night that Andi got pregnant... That is ridiculous! Oh tabloids. But still looking forward to next week! I still think Josh is the front runner, but we'll see what happens. It would be amazing if Chris won, but if not, Chris for Bachelor!!!

Until next week!

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