Bachelorette Blog: Andi Chooses Her Top 4

I want to take a slightly different approach this week with my blog. Instead of going over each of the dates in order, I really just want to talk about each of the guys left (don't worry we'll talk about the dates too throughout). This week Andi had two one-on-one dates and a small group date. Did anyone else notice that this season skipped the two-on-one date? Not that I'm complaining. I think it's the most awkward date of the bunch, but when they were all talking about how this week is the last group date it made me realize we hadn't seen a two-on-one. Anyway, on to my thoughts on the remaining guys.

NICK - I'm completely confused about Nick. With Andi and to the cameras he seems totally sincere and really in to her. He tells her he wants to marry her and knows that even though she can't tell him he can feel how she feels about him. Seems pretty perfect right? Then why do ALL of the other guys hate him? Seriously, he doesn't even have one friend in the house. The guys were pretty upset that Andi chose to give Nick the only date rose of the week (he received the rose on the group date and then got to stay and have one-on-one time with Andi while the rest of the guys went back to the hotel). Is this maybe just a case of jealousy? Or maybe the producers trying to create drama where there is really nothing? I can't decide. The allegations that the guys charged Nick with were pretty flimsy because they couldn't substantiate them with any examples! If what they say is true, that Nick is all about strategy and doesn't really care about Andi, then maybe he is just a really good actor. I honestly can't tell.

JOSH - Last week Josh was a little defensive and very upset about the lie detector test, which made Andi a little skeptical of him. This week, she took him on a one-on-one in order to root out what he's feeling for her. Josh is also confusing to me. Andi struggle's because he's more guarded and less free with telling her his feelings for her, but he's anything but reserved with his emotions. He's been the most brooding of the bunch. Let me remind you of some examples, when his team lost the basketball game, when he didn't get a rose on the group date, when Nick got to talk to Andi before him at a cocktail party, when he confronted Andrew about something he hadn't even seen happen, the list goes on. So clearly, he's an emotional guy but he's still pretty guarded when it comes to voicing his feelings for Andi. Maybe she's right and he is one of those guys who can't really tell you how he feels? One thing is certain, Andi likes him a lot! She's worried he could break her heart, which means that she's got her sights on him for the long haul (otherwise her heart wouldn't be in jeopardy).

CHRIS - YAY! Iowa home town date next week! Good for Chris for all his romantic antics. He's a good guy, not "the" guy for Andi but a really good one. I would like seeing him as the next Bachelor! He's one of the only guys where I'm worried that Andi hasn't talked to him about where they would live, from the previews it looks like they talk about this next week. Chris is a farmer, he's unlikely to just give up his farm in Iowa and move to Atlanta or wherever they decide to live. Iowa is a great place to live, but Arlington is super small (he said the population is around 700 people)... just for a reference point and to let everyone know that Iowa isn't tiny the population of Des Moines is over 200,000. Andi doesn't strike me as a small town lawyer, and she really loves her job so depending on how close the nearest city is to Arlington I can't see her moving to Iowa. Sorry Chris and sorry Iowa.

MARCUS - Marcus is so in love with Andi, it's almost creepy. He was worried about what he had told her earlier about how he thought about going home and wanted to clarify that it wasn't because he didn't want to be with her. It was because he already liked her so much that he scared himself and thought he might go home rather than risk the heartbreak of her not choosing him. Oh Marcus, when Andi lowers the boom on him he's going to be so devastated. Although, I do think that he'll make it to overnight dates!

So those are our final four, which means Dylan and Brian both left last night. Can't say I'm super surprised, even though after last week's episode I really thought Andi was doubting Josh. Josh has been in my top four from the beginning, I should have stuck with my initial gut reaction with him but no harm done!

I know I said I was going to hold off on any predictions for another week but here's how I think this is going to go down. I'm pretty sure it will come down to Nick and Josh. Those are the guys Andi is most obviously interested in (and remember that Marcus is going to be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer which leads me to believe he's not making it to the end of this season). If it does come down to Nick and Josh, Andi will most likely struggle because she knows that Nick wants to marry her, he's very open with his feelings (if they are sincere); whereas Josh is much more closed off and doesn't offer his emotions as readily so she'll worry that he's not ready for marriage. I'm still not sure who she'll choose, although from the beginning I've though she and Josh make a beautiful couple and would look really good on the cover of a magazine... plus he's from Atlanta so they wouldn't have to worry about where they'll end up living. Just saying.

Until next week....

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