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I just realized I never posted this from last week! Due to some more work travel I missed the Monday night airing of The Bachelorette and had to wait until I could watch it OnDemand (thank heavens for OnDemand, it's really been there for me in these moments of inconvenient work travel)! So, before we have another week of dates on our hands tonight, I just wanted to take a moment to run-down what happened last week!

Bachelorette Andi took the guys to Venice and Verona this week. The first one-on-one date of the night went to NICK, so he's the first guy to get a second one-on-one, always a landmark occasion.

Nick's One-On-One: Andi decided to take Nick on the date because she was feeling a little unsure of him after the group date drama the previous week. While he did own up to being the root of some house drama he definitely down played it and schmoozed her, she was on to him and wanted to make sure he wasn't manipulating her. They spent a romantic day in Venice (Andi's favorite city) and then donned some fanciful attire for a private masquerade. Andi was open with Nick about his "salty attitude" on group dates and his reputation in the house for thinking he's a "front-runner". In the end, she liked what he had to say and is keeping him around a while longer.

Handsome Little Liars - Group Date: Can you tell I'm also a Pretty Little Liars fan, thought I'd just sneak that one in. On the group date, Andi invited the guys to take lie detector tests, and happily agreed to take one herself. It was all in good fun and at the end of that portion of the date, Andi showed the guys how much she trusted them by ripping up the results without reading them. Three main things came out of this:

  1. Josh has something to hide, or just generally has a combative nature because he was incredibly offended that she would make him take a lie detector test after telling him she trusted him on their one-on-one date. He felt the activity was directly pointed at him... this guy is very emotional, all the time, in the wrong way. I think he dropped down a peg this week and I'm officially removing him from my top four front runners. 
  2. The activity was really targeted to find out who the secret admirer was, and even though she didn't read the results she did find out! Chris is the secret admirer and won some major points with Andi. Chris officially takes Josh's place in my top four!
  3. All the guys think "fought" with an Italian accent is "fart" and responded that yes they have "farted in the public" on the lie detector test (hilarious!)
Cody's One-On-One: Finally, Cody got a one-on-one and as the last guy to get one, he was stoked. Like really excited. Like can't stop smiling (or selling yourself) excited. He talked at Andi constantly about how she "was in trouble" and was "going to fall in love with him" if she kept him around. Which eventually became so uncomfortable at the dinner when he kept selling, and selling, and selling while Andi progressively got more upset and started crying before telling him she didn't have feeling for him and wasn't going to give him the rose. Poor Cody. Poor Andi for realizing that it's hard to send guys home from one-on-ones.

Farewell pantsapreneur.
At the cocktail party the guys again were pissed at Nick. A little bit deserving, since he took the opportunity to immediately pull Andi aside for one-on-one time even though he already had a rose. Well, tough nuggets boys, because he won some serious points with Andi for taking initiative. Sour grapes is all I can say. In the end I was a little shocked to see J.J. leave. I really thought it would be Dylan but so it goes!

My new front runner list:
Nick, Marcus, Chris and Brian

This week is the last week before hometown dates, so well see how close I am. I really don't want her to take Josh to a hometown, he's bugging me with all his girly drama. And I just haven't seen that much of a connection between Andi and Dylan yet. We'll see though. I'm almost prepared to pick a winner for the season but I'll give it another couple weeks and see how hometowns go!

Until... well tomorrow I guess!

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