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As you can see I'm a little behind on my blog from last week. I was able to watch on Sunday night but missed Monday due to work and had to wait until it was OnDemand so I didn't end up seeing it until Friday. Then I realized that there is no new episode this week so I thought today would be the perfect day to post in case you all need a Bachelorette fix today to hold you over until next week! So let's get started with what happened last week:


The first one-on-one date of the night went to Nick, who apparently was the most skeptical of the process than any of the other guys this season. I'm sure Andi had a pretty good idea that Nick was skeptical because she gave him a very normal date, and not "normal" in Bachelor terms but a real life normal date. They spent a casual day riding bikes and hiking around Santa Barbara and then of course had a private dinner (and because this is The Bachelorette dinner was held in the clock tower of the Santa Barbara courthouse). Despite his skepticism, Nick is completely falling for Andi and I may go as far as to say he could be the front runner at this point. It also helped that during the cocktail party preceding the rose ceremony he sent Andi flowers because he wanted to do something "he would normally do after a first date". Okay, so that was kind of cute. 

The group date was great because the guys got to sing with Boyz II Men (at a real concert). I was legitimately surprised by how bad ALL of them were. None of them were good singers, with the exception of opera-boy but let's just say his style didn't mesh well with the Boyz. In fact, Bradley really thought he had this date in the bag. However, his over-confidence and lack of any sexual appeal had him going home this week. 

They make a cute old couple.
The best date of the night, went to J.J. It was so hilarious seeing Andi and J.J. dressed up as old people and pretending it was their 50th anniversary. My favorite part was that J.J. kept "stealing" kisses from Andi and she would laugh in his face about how crazy he looked as an old man. Hopefully, if they end up together he doesn't really look like that as an old man because Andi might not ever be able to look at him with a straight face. 

The big "drama" of the night was when J.J. and Josh confronted Andrew about how he bragged about getting a restaurant hostesses phone number after one of the dates. This was pretty stupid and I'm glad that so far this issue has been dropped. Although, I do think Andrew handled it pretty badly and now I don't really respect him. In all honesty, he probably was just flattered that someone flirted with him and it was completely innocent. 

Going home on Sunday were: Bradley, and Brett (whom I don't remember seeing before) - also Ron left for personal reasons (he had a close friend pass away).


Let's face it, Monday's episode was really all about Eric (even though most of this was focused in the last half hour of the show) so I'm probably going to focus most of this discussion on him. Before we get in to that though let's briefly go over what happened on the dates.

Dylan's one-on-one was pretty boring, but I'm happy that he finally got to tell Andi about his past because it was obviously weighing very heavily on him. 

The group date was a basketball date and the winning team got more time with Andi, the losers were really bad losers and the show felt the need to spend entirely too long wallowing in their defeat. Josh especially was a bad loser. Andi is pretty smart though, she could tell that his competitiveness wasn't entirely for her benefit and that he's just a competitive person in general (not the most attractive part of Josh's personality). What a bunch of whiners. 

The second one-on-one date went to Marcus (FINALLY), seriously Andi has a thing for Marcus and it's about time they had a date. I'm a little worried for Marcus though because he's falling pretty hard for her already. He has already told her he's falling in love with her, something that is typically reserved for the final four in the past. 
Seriously, Andi loves Marcus (and Cody can tell)

Now on to Eric and his departure. 

During his one-on-one time with Andi on the group date, Eric made it known that he wasn't too happy with how slowly they were progressing and called Andi out on it. She made it seem like he wasn't opening up to her so they had a good chat and all seemed well. Still, when it came to the cocktail party at the end of the episode Eric was still not satisfied with how things were going and confronted Andi again stating that he really felt like he had been opening up to her but she wasn't opening up to him. Where he really lost her was when he said he came on the show to meet a "real person and not a television actress". It didn't really matter what he said after that, Andi was pissed and pretty much over him. I really think he just chose his words poorly, I don't think he meant to imply that Andi was an "actress" and I completely saw where he was coming from when he said that when she's with all the guys together she has a "poker face". This isn't natural for her and she's probably trying really hard not to show favor toward the guys she likes best in front of everyone else (that being said, in private it's really easy to tell which guys she likes and since she wasn't acting that way with Eric, it's safe to say that he wouldn't have made it to the end). Unfortunately, Eric left before the rose ceremony with Andi angry with him. And that was the last time she saw him.

After that moment, Chris Harrison broke in with a more recently recorded segment in which he and Andi discussed learning of Eric's death and how it had impacted them all. Apparently, the show was still filming and they had just returned from hometown dates. They did not show the rest of the rose ceremony but did let us know that that night Tasos also was sent home. I'm a little surprised and sad that there wasn't more of a tribute or a "moment of silence" for Eric in that segment. I think it would have been nice to see some of the guys saying their favorite moment with him, or some pictures of him. The episode faded out on Chris Harrison, but I wish they would have at least put up a photo of Eric with the hashtag (#LiveLikeEric) that I saw circulating that night. Maybe they did in the "live" airing and I missed out because I watched it later? I just felt pretty disappointed with the episode in general. Maybe they'll have more of a tribute at the Men Tell All. 

So in all, last week the guys who left were Bradley, Brett, Ron, Eric and Tasos.

Here are my picks for front runners so far: Nick, Marcus, J.J. and Josh.

Since there is no Bachelorette this week, I encourage you to spend those two hours enjoying some outside recreation, it is almost officially summer after all and too nice to be indoors! 

Until next week everyone!

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