Bachelorette Blog: Andi Dates a Bunch of Babies

Yesterday was a rough day in the office, as a department we struggled with a case of the Mondays and all I wanted to do was go home and watch The Bachelorette! Unfortunately, there was also some severe weather in the great state of Iowa so my experience was constantly interrupted by weather updates. Mostly I missed large portions of Josh's one-on-one date and the sneak peak of Bachelor in Paradise. But I think I caught most of the important bits of the episode so let's go ahead and get started!

Josh's one-on-one date - okay so I really did miss most of this, between weather updates and cooking dinner I don't even remember what they did. I did catch the jist though. Andi has a strong physical connection with Josh, but she's leery because of her experience with Juan Pablo where she had only chemistry and could never make a relationship work. Josh must have convinced her that there is more to their budding relationship than just chemistry because she offered him the rose and then they danced the night away (and made out, of course).

Group date - Apparently the French take miming pretty seriously. The crowd was not amused by the mime acting of the men (or Andy, who made a kid cry). It was a pretty sad mime attempt but fun none-the-less. The guy who clearly didn't have fun was Nick. He all but refused to mime in public and had a "salty" attitude (as Andi would say). Things came to a head on the evening portion of the group date when two of the nicest guys in the house (Chris and Cody) both expressed to Andi that they had issues with Nick. Andi let Nick have his say as well and he charmed the pants off her, "downplaying" the tension between him and the other men in the house. The other "big" drama of the group date night was when Marquel confronted Andrew about some racist remarks that he was told Andrew had said. First of all, the drama this season is so lame. I think they're really stretching to make up issues. However, I do think that the majority of the guys this season are a bunch of babies and worse than women with their gossip and talking behind each other's backs. Both times that Andrew has been confronted it was by someone who didn't even witness the alleged misstep. Come on guys, stop talking smack and making shit up, especially when it comes to accusing people of racism. Poor Marquel was very hurt by the comment that may or may not have even been said, but he definitely handled the situation very well. Andi was all about the drama on the group date though, asking every single guy in her one-on-one time "what's going on tonight?", essentially forcing each of them to spill on the details. The guys who stood apart for Andi on the group date were J.J. and Marcus (J.J. received the group date rose, which didn't please Nick at all - big baby).

Brian's one-on-one date - Brian and Andi had a great start to their date, they were really natural and just seemed to be like a boyfriend and girlfriend on a date. They saw a movie, went shopping in the market place and took their groceries back to Andi's apartment to cook dinner. This is where it got really weird. Brian hates cooking and you could tell. He barely spoke to Andi while they attempted to cook themselves dinner and when he did respond he was really short with her. The best example was when he told Andi that his mom makes the best mashed potatoes and she asked how she makes them, he said "I don't know how she makes them, I just eat them." The dinner didn't turn out so great, so they bailed and went out for some real food. After the kitchen debacle, Brian loosened up again and they had a good rest of the night. Here's the thing about Brian, he's not an "in the moment" kind of guy, but he does know when he's screwed up, regrets it and tries to make up for it. Same thing happened last week when he didn't kiss Andi, but made up for it later. Not sure how this would work out for her long run.

Andi decided not to have a cocktail party, she was sure about who she wanted to stay and who she wanted to go and made some large cuts, sending three guys home last night. Going in to the rose ceremony Josh, J.J. and Brian already had roses, and she ended up sending Marquel, Patrick, and Andrew home. I'm a little surprised that Cody is still hanging on but my guess is it wont be for too much longer.

So we're down to six guys! And my front runners remain the same: Nick, Marcus, J.J. and Josh. 

Before signing off for the week, let's just take a quick moment to get excited about Bachelor in Paradise. As you know, I didn't get to watch the sneak peak last night because of the weather alerts, but thank goodness for the internet, right?

Cast members include: AshLee Frazier, Ben Scott, Sarah Herron, Marcus Grodd (hmmm, maybe Andi doesn't pick him in the end? - Sad), Daniella McBride, Robert Graham, Clare Crawley, Graham Bunn, Lacy Faddoul, Elise Mosca, Marquel Martin, Michelle Kujawa, Dyan Pettit (probably not winning Andi's heart either), Chris Bukowski.

I highlighted the names of the people who will most likely provide the most storyline and house drama. Also, I wish Chris Bukowski would just go away, he's such a douche and also Michelle Kujawa who is a nightmare.

Until next week!

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