Bachelorette Blog: Andi's First Dates

Before we get in to the details of last night's episode I think there are a couple of key takeaways. Andi needs to stop saying "stop it" and Josh is one of the most obnoxious people I've seen on TV, if he thought that poorly written, half-assed song was going to be enough of an apology for Andi to keep him around he's even stupider than he looks. Okay let's move on!

The first date of the night went to.... Eric. Of course. I'm going to just by-pass my whole issue of how sad it is that he is dead, because it's pretty devastating but if the show can move forward and assuming they got full permission from his family to air the show as they would had he not passed then I don't want to linger too much on it here. Eric's date with Andi was great, or in the words of Andi "Epic". Really, was it epic? Did you totally fly in a helicopter and land on a mountain? Because I think she only said it maybe 5 times in 10 minutes. It was however, pretty cool and I can understand why she was so psyched. It started out with just a fun and pretty laid back beach date, it was just like a normal real life date might be for those sad saps who aren't dating on TV. But then the whole helicopter and landing on a mountain thing happened and they got to switch gears and have a winter date! So it was like they had been dating for 6 months but all in one afternoon, they got to experience both summer and winter! Amazeballs! Eric is obviously someone who is very confident, but also just a great guy to be around. His interaction with Andi was very natural and I don't think anyone was surprised to see him get a rose at the end of the date. I can see him going pretty far, possibly top 5 or 6, probably not hometowns though I think we might have heard more about that if he made it that far, but maybe I'm wrong because the only thing I've heard confirmed from the producers is that he's not in the top 2.

On to the group date. So The Bachelor has now made their own foundation called "Bachelor Gives Back" which basically means they can make anyone on the show do really embarrassing things for money and call it charity fundraising. So the guys had to perform in a male strip show (for charity).This is where I started to
notice how annoying Craig is. He just has a loud and obnoxious personality and then smiles and laughs like it's super cute. It's not cute. He also obviously has a slight man crush on Josh because he couldn't get over how amazing Josh looked without clothes on. The loathsome Craig took his behavior a step further when he got so wasted on the group date that the producers had to send him home, after he jumped in the pool with his clothes on, then got mostly naked and started cursing at the other guys. I actually really liked how Andi didn't make a big scene on the date, and didn't insist that he leave the show right then and there as has been practice in recent seasons. Although, I will say that Andi does tend toward the overreaction. Just from that one incident (with one guy) she questioned the whole process and why she was on the show (again!), she often did this on last season with Juan Pablo. He was constantly trying to reassure her and she would fluctuate so easily between being happy and confused about why she was there. I hope this isn't a trend this season. 

For the second one-on-one of the night Andi chose Chris! Yay Iowa! Not going to lie, Chris does Iowa proud, he's a really nice and genuine guy. I almost think Chris might be a little too nice for Andi, she likes him so far but I'm thinking in the end she'll pick someone a little edgier than him. It was really cute when they were at the horse track talking to that old couple. Old people are so cute, and how nice to show a couple that has been together so long and is still so happy. Very much in the spirit of what this show is supposed to be all about and I liked it!

The guys pulled out all the stops at the cocktail party and did what they could to get their last moments with Andi before the rose ceremony. I will say, even though he didn't have a one-on-one date and they didn't show a lot of them together on the group date, the interaction between Josh and Andi was probably the flirtiest I've seen so far this season. She and Josh have good chemistry. I think he'll make it pretty far. 

So next week we'll get to see two episodes in one week and that's pretty darn exciting! But until then, here are the guys that stood out to me this week:

Josh, Brian, and Marcus

Until Sunday everyone, for the first night of the double feature week!

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