Oscars Fashion 2014

Well, I missed the Oscars last night because I was on my honeymoon! However, I did catch the very end at the airport and then caught up on YouTube today! Here are my top 3 of the night!
There were some other really nice dresses but overall these were my favorites, I would wear any one of these if given the opportunity and the styling is beautiful!

And, in my googling of the red carpet images (since I missed watching it live) I happened upon this and was horrified, so I'm making it my worst look. Not because the dress is ugly or the styling is off, but because Kelly needs a burger ASAP. Too skinny! Looking at this makes me sad.
Happy Oscars everyone! While I think the movies this season were less spectacular than years past, especially coming off last season which was SO amazing, the fashion hasn't disappointed. Big take away from this season, Lupita Nyong'o is going to be a huge star, and I can't wait to watch what she wears for years to come!

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