Bachelor Blog: Juan Pablo Week 7

First, I really wish for just this season The Bachelor would officially change their name to El Bachelor because every week when I go to watch I'm like "It's El Bach-el-or or time!" It's starting to get really good and I can't believe that after this week we're already down to four girls (I just want to note that I predicted all four of the girls getting hometown dates, so I'm either really good or this season is super obvious). Let's get started:

Top 3 Highlights of the Night:
1. Nikki meet's Juan Pablo's family - I think this is a good sign for Nikki, she's the only one who got to meet Camilla at this point and she also met his parents and Camilla's mom. She did pretty well considering how awkward that must have been. I still think that Nikki is a bit stiff and uncomfortable, even when she says she's great there's just an awkwardness to her. In general, I like her, I think she's really normal. But I'm not ready to bet that she'll be the one in the end.
2. Clare get's pissed not to get a rose on the group Bachelor's could watch the show footage as it's being filmed so they can see all sides of each girl. Clare is always so "cute" and "sweet" when she's around Juan Pablo and then as soon as she doesn't get the rose she's a major bitch.
date. So on the group date one girl got a rose and was able to continue to the evening portion of the date. Andi got the rose (and a guaranteed home town visit). Clare's reaction was less than favorable. I wish that the
3. Sharleen sends herself home. It's pretty obvious that the language barrier was an issue for Sharleen. It seemed like she always felt like when they had conversations she had to explain her complex vocabulary. She clearly needs someone who challenges her intellectually. Not saying that Juan Pablo isn't smart, but they had a hard time connecting in any way other than physical chemistry (which I think is a theme this season). In the end, as sad as she was I think she made the right choice. But it's too bad for Juan Pablo because it was plain to see that she would have made it to the end if it were up to him.

Biggest Hot Mess of the Night:
In terms of who cried the most - Sharleen and Andi win this week but this week I'm calling ALL the women hot messes because of this strange cliquey dynamic that is happening with Team Nikki and Team Clare. Clare is the queen bee of the house and has somehow managed to get Chelsea and Renee on her side against the "super negative" and "immature" Nikki. Nikki has one friend in the house, Andi who is on her side. It's all very high school and lame. Luckily Nikki and Clare wont have to interact much in the coming weeks. They do have some amazing quotes regarding each other including "I want to hang out with Nikki like I want to get stung by a jelly fish" and "Clare is like a dog, she peed on him first". As much as I do like Nikki, this was the first week where I thought she came off as more of a bitch than funny and she was acting very immature with the confrontation at the hotel and then refusing to speak at the cocktail party.

Favorite Moment:
Clare and Nikki's stand off of silence. See above, it was immature but hilarious all the same. I think they showed at least a full minute of the Clare and Nikki sitting in awkward silence, refusing to speak or look at each other. The best was when Renee returned and said "What did I miss?" And she missed nothing because the were statues the entire time.

Who's out:
Sharleen sent herself home and Juan Pablo let Chelsea go, which Clare declared a "huge mistake".

Top contenders:
Clearly from the preview of the double feature next week, Andi is making it through hometowns and get's a fantasy suite date. It also looks like Clare will have a fantasy suite date. So that means either Nikki or Renee will go home next week. I honestly have no idea, my gut is telling me it might be Nikki but we'll see. If I were picking favorites I'd have him end up with Renee but somehow I think he may end up with Clare or throw us a curve ball and chose Andi in the end (he is always reassuring her that he wants her there for a reason). I would love to see Andi and Renee in the finale!
Tell me these two don't make a cute couple.

Until next week...

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